Wrestler/Manager pairings that felt “off”

To piggyback off of the discussion of certain wrestlers looking strange with certain championships, were there any wrestler/manager pairings that felt like an odd fit during the 80's and 90's, when you had guys like Bobby Heenan, Jimmy Hart, Mr. Fuji, Slick, and many others managing multiple superstars?  Like, the wrestler might be a better fit with a different manager?

For me, Haku and Barbarian always seemed like they would be a more appropriate match with Jimmy Hart, who seemed to manage more outlandish characters. The Heenan Family, to me, always seemed like more legitimate athletes and threats.

Yeah there were some really weird ones during that time.  Slick managing the Bolsheviks.  Heenan with fur-clad Barbarian.  Coach Tolos and Perfect were a TERRIBLE fit.  Dibiase with nearly anyone once you get into the 90s.  I always thought it was weird that Muraco and Orton were turned into a tag team as a result of Jimmy Hart's shenanigans, but then somehow ended up with Fuji as a manager instead.  Plus Captain Lou Albano and the Bulldogs?  What even is that?