What the World Was Watching: WCW Saturday Night – September 9, 1995

Tony Schiavone and Bobby Heenan are in the booth and they are concluding the August 9 tapings at Center Stage in Atlanta, Georgia.

Opening Handicap Match:  Vader defeats Bobby Starr & Scott D’Amore after pinning D’Amore after a moonsault at 1:51:

This would be Vader’s last appearance on WCW programming as the company would release him a month later following his dressing room altercation with Paul Orndorff on August 30.  Vader ends his run in dominating fashion, giving D’Amore a moonsault to excite the fans who did not have to pay for their tickets.

Cobra (3-0) pins the Grappler after a Cobra clutch slam at 1:00:

Cobra wrestles his best match yet, using a backdrop and Cobra clutch slam to dispatch the Grappler in a mere sixty seconds.

Gene Okerlund interviews Cobra.  Cobra reminds Sergeant Craig Pittman that he broke the code and will have to pay.  Pittman crashes the interview, saying that Cobra broke the code.  They spar back and forth about the code like elementary kids, and then Cobra says that Pittman left him in the jungle.  However, this feud is predicated on Cobra being left behind in the Gulf War so what jungle in Iraq is he talking about?

Diamond Dallas Page (13-0-2) pins Eddie Jackie after the Diamond Cutter in 50 seconds:

Page is a master at doing the little things to get over as a heel.  Case in point is his pushing Wildcat Willie out of the way during his entrance so he can hog the cameraman’s attention.  Page wrestles without the Diamond Doll or Maxx Muscle in his corner and he tells the camera that the Doll is at home scrubbing toilets.  Page makes quick work of Jackie as Schiavone announces that Page will face Alex Wright on WCW Main Event, with the winner facing Sabu on Monday Nitro.

Okerlund interviews Page, who says he does not care that Jimmy Hart is in the Renegade’s corner.  He says the Renegade might on a roll, but he is on a winning streak of his own and that will continue at Fall Brawl.

In the Dungeon of Doom, the Master hypes the faction’s warriors that will compete at WarGames.  Kevin Sullivan repeats his prior promo that Hulk Hogan’s allies all have agendas against him.  The highlight of the segment is John Tenta chomping his teeth in a vain attempt to get the Shark gimmick over.

Kamala, the Shark & the Zodiac (w/Kevin Sullivan) defeat Ron Thompson & Two Jobbers when the Zodiac pins Thompson after a kneeling facebuster in 48 seconds:

Sullivan can talk about how united the Dungeon of Doom are, but Meng seemingly cannot be bothered to wrestle with his teammates.  WCW is building him as a special attraction, but the audience has seen Meng wrestle thirty times this year.  It is also interesting that Meng is being built as a killing machine and a monster for WarGames two years running.  He did not compete in the match in 1994, but his presence was a big part of the Stud Stable’s battles with the Rhodes family in the leadup to that year’s WarGames.  Kamala, the Shark, and the Zodiac swarm their opponents before they are introduced, and they squash them in less than a minute.

WCW reminds fans what the official rules are for WarGames.

Call 1-900-909-9900 to hear the inside story of how Lex Luger came to WCW!

Johnny B. Badd (33-4-2) beats Dick Slater (w/Colonel Robert Parker) (1-1) after Harlem Heat interference at 3:54:

The Sister Sherri-Parker romance storyline interrupts yet another match as Sherri hobbles to ringside on crutches and pushes Slater’s feet off the ropes when he tries a Flair pin.  As the referee sorts that out, Bunkhouse Buck appears and stun guns Badd, allowing Slater to get a visual pin before Harlem Heat run out and nail Slater, allowing Badd to maintain his winning streak.  This was an unnecessary, convoluted mess.  Rating:  ½*

After the match, the Heat pick up Sherri and carry her to the locker room.

A video package hypes the Disco Inferno, who will debut on next week’s show.  Disco shows off his moves and says Randy Savage says “Oh no!” when he sees his dancing.

Brian Pillman (32-4) defeats Barry Houston after a tornado DDT in 51 seconds:

Houston tries to match Pillman’s intensity but ends up getting caught with a tornado DDT and is dead to rights after that.  For those counting at home, Pillman is on a fourteen-match winning streak in singles competition, while Badd’s total is at twelve.

Pillman is interviewed by Okerlund.  He says that Badd is a good competitor but he has experience facing lots of high flyers and is prepared for Fall Brawl.

Sting & Randy Savage (2-0-1) beat the Blue Bloods (22-3-2) when Savage pins Earl Robert Eaton after the flying elbow smash at 6:04:

Sting and Savage have not teamed up since March, when they defeated Avalanche and Big Bubba Rogers on WCW Main Event.  Both men decide to have fun for today’s match, with Sting wearing some of Savage’s entrance gear and Savage wearing Sting’s face paint.  This is merely some television filler on the road to Fall Brawl, which is bad news for the Blue Bloods as they are sacrificed to a pair of main eventers.  However, it is an exciting match that would have gone up a few pegs with more time, and it makes longtime fans wish for a Savage-Lord Steven Regal match.  And Sting gets the “WCW Saturday Sweep” by winning this match and does so in impressive fashion, winning three feature matches in three Saturday shows in the same week.  Rating:  **½

Okerlund interviews Kevin Sullivan, who begs off from Savage and Sting and asks them if they can trust Vader.  Vader walks up behind Sullivan, causing Savage and Sting to demand a statement of allegiance.  Vader does not take kindly to this interrogation and says that he hates the Dungeon and will be on Savage and Sting’s side at Fall Brawl.  While all this goes on, Sullivan walks toward the Giant who is near the entrance.

The Last Word:  With Vader leaving the company, the last segment was a good, albeit completely unintentional, way to write him out as his loyalty has been continually questioned in this feud.  So it would make sense for him to decide not to be part of Hulk Hogan’s team at Fall Brawl.  Also, the Sister Sherri-Colonel Robert Parker storyline, at least in its present form, is completely played out and needs to go in a new direction.  That is one of the problems of having a big Clash show in early August and then not running a pay-per-view for another six weeks.

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