What the World Was Watching: WCW Worldwide – September 9, 1995

Tony Schiavone and Bobby Heenan are doing commentary and they are taped from Orlando, Florida.  They hype next week’s Fall Brawl pay-per-view.

Opening Contest:  Cobra (2-0) pins Bobby Starr after a Cobra clutch slam at 2:21:

Heenan does his best to put over Cobra’s skills, saying he knows all kinds of moves that rookies should not know.  However, when Cobra is doing simple armbars and strikes it is tough to understand what Heenan is talking about.  Cobra continues his undefeated streak for Fall Brawl here, although he seems to lack the same killer instinct of his opponent, Sergeant Craig Pittman.

A video package recaps Hulk Hogan’s growing problems with the Giant.

Vader (17-3) beats Johnny Boone after a powerbomb at 1:41:

Vader outweighs Boone by over 300 pounds, so he tosses the jobber around like a toy.  Poor Boone endures a Vader Bomb and a nasty powerbomb where he comes down on his forearm before eating the pin.  The latter seemed to be Boone’s problem because he had a hard time bumping on his back.

Kevin Sullivan delivers a taped promo where he tells Hulk Hogan that he has no reason to be afraid at Fall Brawl.  He also says that Hogan’s team is divided because he has had issues in the past with Randy Savage and Vader.

Sergeant Craig Pittman (32-3) defeats Rick Garcia via submission to the Code Red at 3:29:

Garcia stuns Pittman with some right hands at the start but this soon turns into another slow squash where Pittman works the arm until locking in the Code Red for his fifth straight win.

After the bell, Morse Code rings out in the arena and Pittman acts anxious again.  Why he still needs to act like this, though, makes no sense because Cobra has debuted, and Pittman now knows he is alive.

Gene Okerlund interviews Johnny B. Badd, who says that he looks forward to wrestling Brian Pillman at Fall Brawl and getting a future title shot against Sting.  He promises an outrageous match next week.

Non-Title Match:  Sting (United States Champion) (24-2) defeats the Shark (w/Kevin Sullivan) (3-0) via disqualification when the Dungeon of Doom interferes at 4:32:

Sting won two previous matches against Avalanche, the Shark’s previous persona, but Avalanche does not exist anymore, so fans are supposed to forget those matches ever happened for today’s broadcast.  Heenan makes a lot of fish jokes as Avalanche slowly pounds on Sting before he can make a comeback and then have the Dungeon of Doom awkwardly interfere to draw a disqualification.  There was not much here to rate.  Rating:  ½*

After the bell, Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, and Vader hit the ring and drive off the Dungeon of Doom.

The Last Word:  The final segment shows how telegraphed the outcome to the Fall Brawl main event is.  Nevermind the fact that Hulk Hogan’s team features a dream team of titleholders, but the Dungeon of Doom has not been able to get a hand on Hogan’s team in the build to the show.  Hogan singlehandedly fought them off on Nitro – although Lex Luger did provide some brief assistance – and in the main event the Dungeon ran away without putting up much of a fight.

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