The SmarK Rant for Ring of Honor Wrestling–07.29.19

The SmarK Rant for Ring of Honor – 07.29.19

Taped from Philly

Yours are Ian Riccaboni & Caprice Coleman

Josh Woods v. Silas Young

Silas bails right away and stops to cut a promo about how Woods has done nothing in the two years he’s been around and no one respects him. So does he want golf claps and cute girls hooting at him? And then he kicks Woods in the nuts and pins him, technically at 2:45 but the entire match was Young’s promo.

Last week, Flip Gordon joins Villain Enterprises and then Lifeblood beats them in a street fight.

Meanwhile, Jay Lethal is still really bummed about losing the ROH title to Matt Taven at the MSG show. Yeah, him and everyone else watching.

Shinobi Shadow Squad (Ryan Nova, Eli Isom & Cheeseburger) v. Brian Johnson, Joe Keys & Dante Caballero

No graphics for this one so apologies to the midcard geeks if I get any names wrong. Cheeseburger gets some shine on Keys but the heels cut him off and Johnson drops elbows on Mr. Burger. Heel miscommunication and Eli Isom gets a hot tag and superkicks everyone. Death valley driver on Keys gets two, but Keys comes back and then accidentally hits his own partner with a missile dropkick, allowing the Shadow Squad to finish with a triple team in the corner at 5:45. Just a fun little six-man match. **1/2

Sumie Sakai v. Karissa Rivera

Sumie runs out all excited and slapping hands but the crowd doesn’t seem to realize that she was gone. Sumie works the arm to start, but Rivera takes her down with a headscissors and gets a pair of rollups for two. And we take a break to learn about the wonders of annuities. Back with Sumie offering a handshake and getting a rollup for two, and a northern lights suplex gets two. Catapult into a Boston crab, but Rivera makes the ropes. Sakai works the back and goes to an abdominal stretch, but Rivera escapes and comes back with chops and a big boot for two. Sakai with a neckbreaker for two. She goes up with a missile dropkick, which gets two. Rivera comes back with a spinebuster for two, but Sakai gets a kind of Perfect necksnap and a backdrop suplex for two. Rivera tries a DVD and Sakai reverses to a sunset flip, but Rivera sits down on her for the pin at 8:41. This was a pretty sloppy match and kind of a drag. They play it up like a big upset, but Sakai isn’t exactly a top level worker or star as it is. **

Meanwhile, security holds back Josh Woods while Silas Young tells him that he needs a mentor. And Silas is just that mentor!

The Briscoes v. Rush & Dragon Lee

We get a disclaimer during the entrance noting that “aspects of the match have been edited and censored for broadcast” and we can see the full match via the Honor Club. Uncool. Either show the match or don’t. Rush comes out swinging right away and we get a crazy sequence with all four guys trading big moves, but Rush tries a dive on the Briscoes and gets suplexed into the railing as we take a break. Back with Jay working on Lee in the ring, and Mark comes in with a suplex to set up Jay’s big boot in the corner. Mark with a gutwrench on Lee and Jay gets a legdrop, but Lee escapes a double press slam and fights back with a mule kick on Mark in the corner. Over to Rush, who runs wild on the Briscoes and they brawl on the floor. Both Briscoes get run into the railings and Lee goes to work on Jay in the ring with a corner clothesline into a double dropkick. Mark comes back in, busted open from the floor shenanigans, and the Munoz brothers toss him and tease a double dive before stopping for a pose. And we take a break and return with the Briscoes double-teaming Rush with a powerbomb into a legdrop for two. Jay with a lariat for two. Jay throws a chair into the ring and Mark launches off it with a dive onto the luchadors. Back in, Mark with the froggy elbow on Rush for two as his face is blurred like someone on Live PD. Come to think of it, I’m pretty sure both Briscoes have been on Live PD. Lee with a sick reverse rana on Mark and Rush snaps off a german suplex on Jay. Mark and Rush trade chops and Mark hits him with a uranage, but Rush escapes the Jay Driller and superkicks Jay into the corner. And then Lee takes Mark off the apron with an insane rana, and LANDS ON HIS FEET, which leaves Jay alone in the ring, as Rush finishes him with the shotgun dropkick in the corner at 11:32 aired. This was an insanely great TV main event and well worth going out of your way to check out. ****1/2 Whereas the women were slow and sloppy, these guys were going 100 miles an hour and hitting everything with perfect timing.

Very enjoyable show this week thanks to the main event.