The “over the top rope” rule

Every time you answer one of my questions, another one immediately springs to mind, so let's dance once again.

The "intentional throw over the top rope is a DQ" rule was (in)famously the catalyst for many a fuck finish in the NWA/AWA.  But for as long as I can remember (back to the Hulkamania era), that was never a thing in the WWF.  Was there ever a point (say,
when Vince Sr. was in charge) when that was different?  Similarly, Jack Tunney always parroted the "referee's decision is final and can't be overturned" line to avoid "reversed decision" screw-jobs (in favor of crooked refs and outside interference screw-jobs). 
Were those differences specifically implemented by the WWF to distinguish themselves from the other territories?

Well they did a lousy job distinguishing themselves, because the shows were filled with as many stupid screwjob finishes as anyone else.  It's just that Hulk typically beat his challengers clean whereas Dusty booked the main events of Crockett shows with a million cheap finishes, so it was more noticeable on the Crockett side. 
As for the top rope DQ specifically, I'm not sure why that never migrated to the WWWF, because I certainly can't remember them ever using it.  Perhaps some of those who are older and grumpier than myself might remember a time that Bruno threw someone over the top to get DQ'd, but I suspect that Vince Sr. decided not to use that rule in particular.