Who tried to kill Roman

Everyone's pointing to Bryan, or Rowan vis Bryan (because let's be real…), But I think everyone is going too Occam's razor with this. So I've narrowed down the suspects:

1. It was Vince, Roman. It was Vince all along.

2. Whoever moved the briefcase away from Austin in the KOTR ladder match.

3. Rikishi, who did it for The Rock.

4. Owens, who also did it for The Rock.

5. Whoever attacked Hideo Itami in the parking lot.

There. Now that's out of our systems…

*Serious guess from me is they abort mission on Seth's failed face turn here.

Apparently it was supposed to be Bryan, leading to a Summerslam match, but they've come to their senses and decided to stretch it out until the next PPV instead of rushing it onto an already crammed show with a week of build.  Go figure.