New Japan Pro Wrestling G1 Climax 2019 – Night Fourteen – 04/08/2019

Hello You!

Back again with some action from the B Block!

Night Thirteen produced a match that I personally gave the full ***** to in the form of Kazuchika Okada Vs SANADA. Not everyone agreed of course, and that’s absolutely fine. This is all subjective at the end of the day, but it tickled me just right and I decided to go for the full allocation of stars as consequence.

Hopefully we have some more great matches and I can dish out some more stars, wouldn’t that be nice eh?

The following matches all took place at the Osaka Prefectuarl Gym in Osaka, Japan on the 4th of August 2019

Calling the action are “The Nature Boy” Kevin Kelly, “The Enforcer” Rocky  Romero and Chris “The Total Package” Charlton

Toru Yano (6 pts) Vs Tomohiro Ishii (6 pts)

Yano managed to score a huge upset over Jon Moxley in the previous round of fixtures and is now still genuinely in contention to win the Block here, provided that he can keep winning and other people can take points off Moxley. He’ll need a perfect run from here on out though, and considering how tough Ishii is that might not be a possibility. I’m sure Yano will cheat, err I mean “try”, his hardest to get there though.

Ishii attacks right away before Yano can remove both turnbuckle pads, but Yano is able to overcome that and pulls Ishii’s shirt over his head for a pair of roll ups, which get two. Yano sends Ishii into an unprotected buckle next and gets an amateur styled roll up, but Ishii is able to kick out once again. Yano bails after that and begs off before grabbing a chair and then challenging Ishii to join him on the entrance ramp. Ishii stands firm in the ring however and the referee starts counting him out. Yano eventually has to run back in, where Ishii is waiting for him and chops away.

After taking many chops in the corner, Yano sidesteps an Ishii charge and then whips him into the unprotected buckle, before making the mistake of letting Ishii up and challenging him to a trading of strikes. Ishii of course no sells those and fires off a big powerslam. Yano actually fires up however and trades forearms with Ishii, and actually manages to rock him with a forearm before knocking him down with another one! Check my boy Yano bringing the Strong Style yo!

Ishii doesn’t see the funny side however, and flings Yano into the air with a release German Suplex, only for Yano to take him down with a pair of pinning holds for two. Both men take trips into the buckles, with Ishii’s being second, and Yano gets a school boy roll up for two off that. Watching all these pinning holds has got me thinking, has there even been a Yano Vs Yoshinari Ogawa match? I’d be up for seeing The Sublime Master Theif taking on The Rat Boy. Book it for the Tokyo Dome New Japan!

Yano manages to take Ishii down with a lariat and gets a lovely belly to belly suplex for two. Yano tries to muscle Ishii up for a powerbomb, but Ishii slips out and knocks Yano down with a big head butt. Lariat comes next from Ishii, but Yano is able to kick out at two. Ishii goes for the brain buster, but Yano counters it and both men go for low blows, only for both their efforts to be blocked.

Ishii knocks Yano down with a head butt and goes for a sliding lariat, but Yano is able to counter it into another pinning combination for two. I was buying that near fall right there! Ishii counters an inside cradle to one of his own for two and then takes Yano down with an enziguri. Sliding lariat follows, but Yano is able to will himself to kick out. Brain buster looks to be coming next, and indeed Ishii delivers it to pick up the win after a fantastic effort from Yano.

RATING: ***1/4

This was an actual wrestling match and everything, and it was hugely enjoyable. I’m disappointed that Yano didn’t win but at the same time I don’t think they could have realistically put him in a G1 Final. He showed here that he can work, but it isn’t G1 Climax Winner level work, whereas Ishii definitely can work to that level so him winning made more sense. Still though, this was lots of fun and I really enjoyed it.

Taichi (4 pts) w/ Mioh Abe Vs Juice Robinson (6 pts)

Taichi is basically out of the running here but doesn’t want to get relegated and Juice has lost some steam following a hot start to his G1 campaign, so both are highly motivated to win, especially as Juice still has Jon Moxley and Jay White to wrestle and thus could still have a shot at winning the Block.

Taichi’s Suzuki-gun stablemate Yoshinobu Kanemaru attacks Juice on the way to the ring whilst Taichi and Abe have the referee distracted. Taichi gets a buzzsaw kick back inside, but Juice is able to kick out at two. Taichi works Juice over and goes for a clothesline, but Juice counters it into a Full Nelson Slam. Juice goes to fire off some jabs, but Taichi bails outside, so Juice follows him out there. Both Kanemaru and Abe provide distractions out there, which allows Taichi to jump Juice. Abe even adds a slap for good measure, before Taichi drags Juice into the Japanese commentary area and does a number on him with a chair.

Juice manages to make it back inside, where Taichi just outright chokes him and then even bites him for good measure. Juice fires up however and throws a couple of forearms, so Taichi goes to the eyes to put a stop to that and adds a clothesline in the corner. Juice is able to counter another clothesline though and manages to get a big spine buster to put himself back on equal terms. Juice fires off some jabs, whilst Taichi replies with kicks, and both men trade strikes. Juice blocks Taichi’s strikes, but Taichi replies with an enziguri to the back of the head and then rips of his pleather pants to reveal his snazzy trunks. Juice manages to catch Taichi with a jumping side kick and then follows up with a clothesline in the corner.

Juice gets the cannonball in the corner and goes for Pulp Friction (Tomikaze) but Taichi counters to a back suplex and then adds an enziguri for good measure. Taichi turns Juice inside out with a clothesline, but Juice is able to kick out at two. Juice slips out of a Last Ride powerbomb and delivers the Juice Box (Fireman’s carry into a gut buster) for a double down. Juice gets a powerbomb and then transitions to a modified Boston Crab when Taichi kicks out. Kanemaru provides another distraction however and that allows Taichi to use the referee as a shield to block the left handed punch from Juice.

Both men counter the others big moves, which leads to Kanemaru getting up on the apron so that he can spit whiskey in Juice’s face. Juice sees this coming however and punches Kanemaru in the face, causing Kanemaru to spray the whiskey up into the air in a neat visual. Juice follows with a dive out on to Kanemaru and yells at Abe to stay out of things. Taichi however uses the ref as a shield again back inside the ring and then spits some whiskey of his own in Juice’s face before going to the Gedo Clutch, but Juice manages to kick out at two. Taichi throws a big thrust kick and then delivers Black Mephisto (Air Raid Crash) and that’s enough to keep Juice down and essentially take him out of the tournament.

RATING: ***1/4

A few too many shenanigans for my liking, but the match told a good story and the finish at least keeps Taichi looking like an evil mastermind. In my opinion having Juice overcome all the cheating to win would have given him a real boost, but they can always rematch them down the line at some stage I guess.

Jeff Cobb (6 pts) Vs Hirooki Goto (6 pts)

Cobb has dropped the tie breaker to Jon Moxley, which makes me think any chance he has of winning the Block has evaporated baring him getting help from elsewhere. Goto doesn’t feel like he can win the G1 at this current moment in time, but hey, as long as he’s alive in the Block I guess anything can happen. It would be a bit out of left field, but Goto does hold a tie breaker over both Jay White and Tomohiro Ishii, and he also still has to wrestle Moxley as well, so he’s in a good position should he be able to defeat Cobb here.

Cobb wins the battle of the bulls early on by taking Goto down with a shoulder tackle and then adds a dropkick to send Goto outside. Cobb gets some chops out there and then brings Goto back inside for a running powerslam attempt, but Goto slips out of that and then delivers a clothesline. Goto goes for a back suplex, but Cobb fights that off, so Goto goes to a spin wheel kick in the corner and then gets the suplex on his second attempt for two. Both men trade big clotheslines, which leads to Cobb delivering a big spinning back suplex to Goto. I like how Cobb’s primary innovation is to add spinning to normal moves, it’s so simple but it helps make a standard move look fresh and different.

Cobb gets a running uppercut in the corner and then delivers a Samoan Drop, followed by a standing moonsault for two. Cobb sets Goto up on the top rope and goes for a superplex, but Goto fights him off for all he’s worth. However, Cobb won’t be denied and ends up suplexing Goto down to the mat for two. Tour of the Islands (Spinning Front Powerslam) looks to be inbound but Goto is able to block it and deliver the Ushigoroshi (Fireman’s carry onto the knee) and that leads to a double down.

Both men fight to their feet trading strikes with one another, which leads to Goto throwing some stiff kicks and getting the reverse GTR (Knee buster to the chest). Goto goes for the normal GTR (Knee buster to the back) but Cobb fights out of that and goes for an overhead belly to belly, but Goto counters to one of his own for two. Cobb catches a Goto kick however and gets a snap release German Suplex before going for Tour of the Islands, but Goto counters that into a modfied Death Valley Driver and then delivers the GTR to pick up the win.

RATING: ***1/2

Fun match there between two men who like to throw both suplexes and strikes. Goto winning was the more interesting result as he can still possibly win the Block and this will add intrigue to his match with Jox Moxley.

Jay White (6 pts) w/ Gedo Vs Jon Moxley (10 pts) w/ Shota Umino

This one definitely has a big feel to it, and I’m hopeful that they’ll have a good match as well. White essentially needs to win here to have any chance of winning the Block, but will they want to have Moxley do back to back losses? I guess we’ll find out.

Moxley wastes no time taking the fight right to White, stomping away at him in the corner and throwing chops, which is another example of how good he is at messing with wrestler’s game plans, as every White match so far has started with him stalling so that he can set the pace. Moxley pummels White around ringside and brings a table out from under the ring for added measure. However, Gedo comes over to take the table away and then flees up the ramp with it. This distraction allows White to stomp away on Moxley back inside, but Moxley no sells this and fires off some strikes of his own. White manages a desperation move to snapping Moxley’s head over the top rope and then delivers a pair of DDT’s, before raining down punches from the mount.

Spinning vertical suplex gets two for White, and he follows that up by throwing Moxley outside the ring and sending him into the railings and then the ring post. White works Moxley over back inside, but Moxley fires back with a running dropkick to send White scurrying outside, where he follows with a suicide dive. Moxley takes the fight into the crowd next, where the spotlight focuses on them like it’s a prison yard brawl. Moxley brings White back to ringside, where he rams White’s legs into the ring post and then goes to Bret Hart’s old ring post Figure Four spot. Moxley goes to a Texas Cloverleaf back inside the ring, but White able to make it to the ropes to break the hold.

White pulls Referee Uno in the way to buy himself a moment, and then suplexes Moxley into the corner before getting a snap German Suplex. Moxley pops up from that, so White delivers a Complete Shot and a dead lift German Suplex before firing off a uranage slam for two. White goes for the Kiwi Krusher (Ki Krusher) but Moxley is able to fight that off and throws some stiff slaps before getting a modified vertical suplex for two. Moxley keeps slugging White down and delivers his own uranage before pulling down his knee pad and going for William Regal’s running Knee Trembler. White drops down to counter that, but Moxley ends up getting a DDT instead for two.

Moxley goes for the Death Rider (Double Arm DDT) but White grabs the ref to block it, knocking him down in the process. This brings Gedo in for a brass knuckles punch, but Moxley is able to kick out at two. White goes for Blade Runner (Sister Abigail) but Moxley counters that to a roll up for two and then hits the knee for another near fall. Death Rider looks to come next, but Gedo provides a distraction and White is able to hit a sleeper suplex. Both men counter the others big moves and White gets another sleeper suplex, before getting a spiked DDT and the Blade Runner to pick up the win.

RATING: ***3/4

And that’s Jon Moxley’s first pin fall loss in New Japan, as White looks like he can still win the Block, especially now he has the tiebreaker win over Moxley. This was a fun brawl, with Moxley having White on the ropes for large parts until White was eventually able to out heel him, like he did with Taichi in the last round of fixtures. This could also set up a Moxley Vs White feud over the US Title, which they could even add Juice Robinson to if he can get wins over both men in his next two fixtures.

Shingo Takagi (4 pts) Vs Tetsuya Naito (6 pts)

Both these men are members of the Los Ingobernables stable, with Naito being the leader of that group. Naito really needs to win here to still have a shot at winning the Block, but having Shingo win would give him a huge rub and could also lead to some potentially interesting storyline directions, so I’ll be hoping that Shingo pulls this one out.

The commentary team do their usual good job of giving the backstory here, as both men have history from training with Animal Hamaguchi and Naito apparently wants to see a hungry Shingo challenge him. Naito works a head lock early on, but Shingo gets out of that and we get a fantastic sequence where they dodge each other’s attacks leading into a standoff. Naito wants to fist bump following that, but Shingo attacks him instead, so Naito throws Shingo outside and taunts inside the ring. This leads to Shingo throwing a chair into the ring, so Naito instead sits on it and taunts some more. Shingo rushes in to get Naito, but ends up taking the Raven drop toe hold onto the chair.

Naito gets a reverse DDT to the knee and then goes to a head scissors, but Shingo is able to make it to the ropes. Naito tries a dropkick in the corner, but Shingo blocks that, so the two men trade forearms next, with Naito going to the eyes, so Shingo pulls his hair in reply and Naito spits at him following that, as this is starting to get more heated. Shingo floors Naito with a lariat and then clotheslines Naito over the top rope to the outside. Shingo sends Naito into the railings a couple of times and then flings him into the ring post for good measure. Shingo DDT’s Naito on the floor and then throws him back inside for a springboard knee drop. Shingo mows Naito down with an impressive shoulder block and gets a nice vertical suplex following that.

Shingo allows Naito to get back to his feet, and that proves to be a mistake as Naito gets an inverted atomic drop and then follows with a rana. Naito runs wild on Shingo and gets the dropkick in the corner before delivering a neck breaker for two. Shingo blocks a Tornado DDT and delivers a big Death Valley Driver. Shingo gets a big Kenta Kobashi like knee to the gut and then drops Naito rib first onto the top rope before following with a Tenryu like back elbow from the top rope for two. Shingo goes for a sliding lariat, but Naito dodges it and then hits a dropkick before getting a neck breaker from the second rope. Naito goes for a top rope rana, but Shingo stops that and delivers a Gory Bomb.

Shingo preps for the Pumping Bomber Lariat, but Naito blocks that and gets a Tornado DDT. Naito goes for Gloria (Pumphandle into a Side Slam) but Shingo blocks it, so Naito gets a flying forearm and then connects with Gloria on the second attempt. Naito goes for Destino (Satellite Reverse DDT) but Shingo counters it into a powerbomb and then gets a wheelbarrow suplex into the corner. That looked ugly for Naito there. Shingo adds a pair of clotheslines in the corner, as he’s really taken the lions share in this one, which makes me think it’s all being set up for a Naito win, with Shingo getting the “rub” from having so much control during the bout itself. Shingo goes to a fireman’s carry on the second rope, but Naito fights off whatever Shingo had planned and goes for a rana up there, but Shingo catches him and then tries to muscle him up into a powerbomb. Naito counters that in mid air to a rana though and gets a reverse rana for good measure, only to then run into a Shingo lariat for the double down.

Shingo hits another big standing lariat when both men get up, and then throws another one. When he tries it a third time however, Naito ducks it, only to get caught with another lariat and a Saito Suplex. Naito replies with a Dragon Suplex and adds an enziguri, but Shingo catches his forearm attempt and turns it into Made in Japan (Half Nelson into a flip powerbomb) before turning Naito inside out with a Pumping Bomber for two. Shingo lifts Naito into a fireman’s carry, but Naito is able to counter that into a reverse DDT and both men are down once again.

The crowd seems to be behind Naito here, which hasn’t always been the case in Osaka. Both men fight up from their knees, with neither wanting to back down to the other. Naito spits on Shingo, which serves only to annoy him and both men trade stiff forearms. Naito fires off a stiff slap, but gets head butted down by Shingo, who tries a suplex but Naito is able to counter it into a brain buster for two. Naito goes for Destino, but Shingo blocks it and then creams Naito with a big lariat and then hurks Naito into a fireman’s carry again, only for Naito to slip out into a Canadian Destroyer and then deliver Destino for a near fall. Naito picks Shingo up and goes to Destino again, and that’s enough to pick up the hard fought win.

RATING: ****3/4

This was an astoundingly great match. The only thing keeping it from a perfect score for me personally was the fact that they didn’t go all the way and have Shingo win it. I won’t argue if you want to go higher or lower than me, but something in ****+ range seems fair by my own watch. Regardless, I highly recommend watching this one, as it was outstanding.

So let’s have a look at the standings following that;

Jon Moxley is still leading on 10 points, but his lead is reducing due to Tetsuya Naito, Jay White, Tomohiro Ishii and Hirooki Goto all having 8 points. The rest of the field are on 6 points whilst Shingo is last, but not least, on 4 points.

In Conclusion

An absolutely stunning main event on this one that you should go out of your way to see. The rest of the card never reached the highs of the main event, but all of the matches were ***+ in my eyes and you can’t really complain about that can you? Watch the main event though, it’s superb!