AEW and the PPV Model

Hey Scott,

Hope all is well. I went to B/R Live to watch the replays of the last two AEW shows that were streamed for free. It was still charging $50 to watch Double or Nothing, which leads to my question.

We're now more than five years into WWE Network with fans subbing for $10 and getting access to all live PPVs. Do you see AEW getting hurt by the 'traditional' model of asking fans to fork over $50 to a three-hour show? Do you see them doing a PPV once a month? I know this can be asking a little too early since the show has not even debuted, but just something that crossed my mind.


I think they've already said they're doing quarterly PPVs.  At the same time, WWE still runs traditional PPV because big chunks of the country don't have good enough internet access to get the Network.  So the market is still there, which Double of Nothing demonstrated as well.