Big Johnny

Greets Scott,

I've been rewatching the Summer of Punk on the Network, which saw the rise of Johnny Ace, Big Johnny, Mr. John Laurinitis, Executive VP of Talent Relations as an on-screen authority figure. And watching it again now with the vantage point of some years, it struck me that…he's awful. Like, really really bad. Any insight into who exactly thought that he was a good idea on TV? Was he intentionally being that awful, or was he just the black hole of charisma that he seemed to be at the time and now to me?

Cheers as always!

No, he was really that awful, but it was the kind of awful where it amused Vince, so they kept putting him on TV.  But I will say, Big Johnny is a case where they found the peak of the character and then got him off TV at exactly the right time, before they were able to run it into the ground.