WWF Superstars – March 19th, 1994

March 19, 1994

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Johnny Polo, who are in New York on top of the Empire State Building as this is not a traditional show but rather a hype show for WrestleMania X without any matches.


Todd Pettengill narrates a video package on the World Heavyweight Title picture dating back to WrestleMania IX.


Back to the hosts as they talk about the PPV then Vince whispers into Polo’s ear who he thinks will be the guest referees at WrestleMania X.


Rhonda Shear then plugs her appearance at WrestleMania X.


The hosts are now at the Harley Davidson Cafe as they now talk about the ladder match at WrestleMania as Pettengill narrates a video package about this feud. Vince then says it will be one of the most exciting WrestleMania matches of all-time as Vince then says they should go over to Broadway.


Pettengill now does his own rap set to the Men on a Mission theme song then hypes the The Quebecers vs. Men on a Mission at WrestleMania for the Tag Team Titles.


We now see the hosts in Times Square as Vince says there will be a ticker tape parade on Monday for when Men on a Mission win the Titles and delivers it in a way only he can as he capped it off by saying “yo!”


Sy Sperling shows us Mr. Fuji with hair.


Now, Pettengill narrates a video package on the Crush/Savage feud.


The hosts are now on a horse carriage ride through Central Park


The WrestleMania Report with Todd Pettengill airs.


A video package for the Bret/Owen Hart feud airs. This is also narrated by Pettengill.


Little Richard tells us that he’s coming to WrestleMania.


The announces plug the PPV and the shows ends with the WrestleMania X rap by Men on a Mission.


Final Thoughts: Not much of an episode but they did a good job hitting the key points of the top WrestleMania matches. Challenge was pretty much the same thing with Gorilla & Lane as the hosts and I will not be reviewing that as a result.


Next week I’m on vacation so I likely will not have many reviews, if any at all posted, but will try to get WM X up on Monday.