Friday Night Party Thread: August 2, 2019

We made it!  And now, bear with me for a story:

27 years ago today, I went with my dad and we watched what we thought was just a WCW Live Event in Baltimore, Maryland.  Sting and Vader was going to be the main event.  Dad, who loved to joke about my love of wrestling, reminded me that nothing big would happen at this show.  Yeah, yeah, Dad, I know.  But still, I’d never seen Sting and Vader live before.  For that matter, since we tended to watch the WWF B-tour, I’d never seen a world title match live before.

When Jake Roberts attacked Sting, I was upset — there went the advertised main event, right?  But Dad said he’d be back by the end of the night to gut it out, because that’s how wrestling is.  Around this time I pointed out something to Dad — a camera.  Dad explained it by saying that they wanted footage to show on TV of Jake and Sting beating each other up.  Okay, that made sense…

Later that night, Sting was not cleared to face Vader, so they picked someone at random.  The person they picked was a good power wrestler who had a great following in former Florida State All-American defensive lineman Ron Simmons.  Mindful of the camera from earlier, I said to Dad, “Wouldn’t it be something if Ron won?”

Dad, who ‘knew’, told me that he’d win, but probably by DQ or something.  You know, so we’d all be happy but nothing big would happen.  I hated to admit he was probably right, this being a house show and all.

And then THIS happened:

No, I didn’t make the broadcast — trust me, I’ve looked.  But that’s the story of how I saw Ron Simmons break the color barrier and become the first official African American world champion.

Anyway, enjoy the weekend!