What the World Was Watching: WCW Worldwide – September 2, 1995

Note:  My apologies for not having the column up yesterday.  I was in the process of moving with the new Misses in 100+ degree heat so I was too tired to get online.  But hey, WCW Worldwide was just the C or D-show, right?

Tony Schiavone and Bobby Heenan are in the booth and they are taped from Orlando, Florida.

Opening Contest:  Arn Anderson (20-10-2) pins Ricky Santana after a DDT at 4:28:

Santana has been wrestling with Fidel Sierra as Los Especialistas for months, but they were also known as the Cuban Connection and the Barrio Brothers without the masks.  Santana tries a springboard arm drag but has trouble getting off the apron.  He does throw a good enzuigiri, though, and gets a chant from the crowd as Anderson works his arm.  That plays into the finish as Santana cannot do an Irish whip and Anderson pounces with the DDT.  Rating:  *½

Harlem Heat (w/Sister Sherri) (40-6-2) defeat Rick Garcia & Mike Legacy when Stevie Ray pins Legacy after the Big Apple Bomb at 1:22:

Sherri tells the camera that the Elvis ring she has in her possession is a pre-engagement ring.  She is also heavily preoccupied with it throughout the match, continuing her streak of being distracted when her team wrestles.  It matters little as the Heat roll to a quick victory.

Gene Okerlund interviews Cobra.  Cobra claims that Sergeant Craig Pittman deserted his entire unit and left him for dead.  One would never know it based on how unemotional he is during the promo.

The Shark, the Zodiac & Kamala (w/Kevin Sullivan & Meng) defeat Barry Houston, Terry Morgan & Johnny Boone when the Shark pins Morgan after the Shark Attack at 2:01:

Boone’s uncle Dean Peters was best known as Battle Kat in the WWF during the 1980s.  The Shark is flummoxed by his partners throughout the match as Kamala refuses to tag in because he does not understand tag team matches and the Zodiac keeps saying “no” when the Shark says it is his time to tag in.  When Kamala and the Zodiac beat up the other jobbers after the bell, the Shark hilariously shrugs his shoulders to referee Randy Anderson in a “What do you expect me to do?” kind of way.  The Zodiac also gets close to the camera so fans at home know he is the former Butcher.

Randy Savage (13-1) pins Paul Orndorff (13-6) after a flying elbow smash at 8:24:

Orndorff has been used sparingly since July, doing a pair of jobs for the Renegade and then jobbing to Sting the previous month on Worldwide.  Unlike those matches, Orndorff brings his working boots to this one, trading counters with Savage while keeping the crowd riled up with some quick stalling and taunting.  And it helps that Savage avoids his lazy “Let me get beat up before hitting my trademark moves” pattern.  Savage backdrops out of Orndorff’s piledriver and then counters a headlock with a side suplex, with Orndorff rolling onto his back as Savage launches himself off the top for his seventh straight win in singles competition.  Rating:  **½

Okerlund interviews Sergeant Craig Pittman, who makes a rattlesnake analogy for how he feels about Cobra.  He refuses to discuss what Cobra’s Morse Code message means despite Okerlund’s prodding.

Okerlund interviews Arn Anderson in front of the studio audience.  Anderson says he never asked for a handout from Ric Flair and is insulted that the Nature Boy believed that is what he was doing for Anderson over the course of their friendship.  It appears that this interview ran longer at the taping as it is abruptly cut off when the show ends.

The Last Word:            Much of this show was pedestrian, recycling old footage in between squash matches but the surprising Randy Savage-Paul Orndorff match stole the show.  WCW Worldwide will be moving further down the company pecking order with the debut of Monday Nitro so it will be interesting how the show is structured moving forward.

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