R.I.P Harley Race

The Handsome man with the big left hand has died at the age of 76. He was an 8-time World Champion according to the NWA.


He pretty much retired from public life a few months back as he had been dealing with an assortment of pain and had to cancel a lot of his appearances on the autograph circuit.

As for matches…There are a ton of them to choose from. There are two or three amazing matches with Ric Flair on the Network. Even his later stuff in the WWF was fine. He had an entertaining run with Hogan and there are several matches between them on the Network and they had very good chemistry.

He didn’t seem to be capable of a bad match, even later in his career when ring wear had clearly taken a toll. He had a very good, understated match with Haku at the 1989 Royal Rumble in a battle of men you would happily walk down a dark alley with and look for a fight. Even later he and Tommy Rich had a cool little throwback match to their past history at the 1990 Great American Bash.

As for promos. He wasn’t smooth, he didn’t have a lot of one liners, but damn if they weren’t believable.