WWF Wrestling Challenge – March 13th, 1994

March 13, 1994

From the Paul Gerry Fieldhouse in Loch Sheldrake, NY

Your hosts are Gorilla Monsoon and Stan Lane

The show starts off with Vince McMahon interviewing Lex Luger and Bret Hart from this week’s “Superstars.”

This week in action are Randy Savage, Razor Ramon, The Quebecers, and Bam Bam Bigelow.


“The Rocket” Owen Hart vs. Jason Headings

Owen grounds Headings then slaps him across the face. Owen hits a few European uppercuts then calls out for Bret after connecting with a dropkick. Owen now hits a snap suplex then puts Headings away with a Sharpshooter (1:32). The announcers then play up Bret vs. Owen as the Battle of the Sharpshooters.

Thoughts: A quick win for Owen as the story on commentary being that Owen believes he has perfected the Sharpshooter.


An ad for WrestleMania X airs.


We come back to see Owen celebrating in the ring as the crowd boos.


Now, an ad hyping the “March to WrestleMania X” special airs.


Razor Ramon vs. Reno Riggins

The announcers talk about the ladder match rules then Razor shoves Riggins back. We now hear from Shawn Michaels with Diesel as Shawn says when everything is said and done, Razor will be looking up from his back to see him win the match. Razor places Riggins across the top turnbuckle and boots him a few times then signals for the Razor’s Edge and hits that for the win (2:18).

Thoughts: Some more hype for the ladder match at WrestleMania.


The Quebecers w/ Johnny Polo vs. Rich Myers & Steve Smith

The announcers hype up the Tag Team Title match at WrestleMania then Gorilla tells us that Men on a Mission have prepared a special WrestleMania rap. Pierre sticks a “kick me” sign on the back of Smith and beats him up. We now hear from MoM in an insert promo talking about how they will be victorious at WrestleMania. The crowd starts up a “USA” chant as Gorilla is sure that Nikolai Volkoff will make an appearance at the Paramount Theater. The Quebecers now beat down Myers then put him away with the Boston Crab/flying leg drop combo (2:52).

Thoughts: The “kick me” sign bit was amusing as they also hyped up the Tag Team Title match for the PPV.


We see Savage enter the arena as he tells us we will see him do his thing in the ring later on in the show.


Bam Bam Bigelow w/ Luna Vachon vs. Tom Alton

Alton works the arm after avoiding an elbow drop. Bigelow comes back with a clothesline as Luna yells at the fans then continues to beat Alton down until he uses a falling headbutt for the win (1:25).

Thoughts: A quick win for Bigelow heading into his mixed tag match at WrestleMania.


We see a replay of Tatanka being presented the sacred headdress from the chief of the Lumbee tribe. After that we see a promo from IRS. He says that with “tears in his eyes,” Tatanka was presented a headdress and sarcastically says it was touching before vowing to make him pay his gift tax.


“Macho Man” Randy Savage vs. ???

I couldn’t make out the opponents name. thehistoryofwwe.com lists it as Ben Jordan but it was certainly not the same Ben Jordan who worked against Owen on Superstars. We hear from Crush with Mr. Fuji in an insert promo as he tells Savage there will be nowhere to hide at WrestleMania. Savage frustrates his opponent then drops him throat-first across of the top rope. Savage then hits a slam and goes up top for the flying elbow drop and the win (1:44).

Thoughts: Savage was the most over guy on the show and this wound up being his last match on WWF syndicated TV. It was also played up as a rare treat that he even wrestled on the show. His feud against Crush was pushed as was the Falls Count Anywhere stipulations.


Next week’s show will take place from New York City as Gorilla plugs the “March to WrestleMania X” special.


Final Thoughts: The big thing on this show was Savage wrestling. Other than that the key segments were recycled from other shows as Challenge remains a show without much focus, mostly due to the fact it was getting dropped from a lot of syndication markets.