WWE 205 Live #139 and #140

Hello You!

A combination of other commitments and going on holiday meant I couldn’t watch last week’s 205 Live, so you get a two for one this week so I can catch up. Lucky you eh?

205 Live #139 – 23 07 2019

The event is emanating from Miami, Florida

Calling the action are Vic Joseph and Aiden English

We open up with a recap of the previous weeks promo segment between Mike Kanellis and Drake Maverick, where Maverick responded to Kanellis’ continued taunts by attacking him.

Following the video package we get a promo from Maverick, where he says that he will be giving Kanellis a match with him next week, where if Kanellis wins he’ll earn a Title shot. He adds that the match with be unsanctioned.

Show Intro

Opening Match
Lucha House Party Vs Humberto Carrillo and Raul Mendoza

The theme tonight is apparently 205 Live Vs NXT, hence why Menzoda is tagging with Carrillo. We actually get a video package on Mendoza prior to the match, which shows us that he has been in the ring with all the top NXT stars. Lucha House Party are going with Kalisto and Gran Metalik as their representatives in this one. Both Mendoza and Kalisto start out, with neither gaining a clear advantage, thus meaning it ends in a Central American Standoff.

Metalik and Carrillo go next, which leads to some more quick paced counter wrestling and another standoff, as ripples of applause go through the crowd. Eventually Metalik cheap shots Carrillo during a handshake, which allows the House Party to work him over. Nothing especially exciting happens, but the work all looks good. Carrillo eventually manages to knee Kalisto in the gut and tags in Mendoza for a double team wheelbarrow styled splash for two.

Kalisto now gets worked over, with similar stuff that the House Party was doing as a way to highlight the parity between the two teams. Kalisto is able to fight his way to his corner to tag in Metalik though, and he dropkicks Carrillo for two before transitioning to a Kimura.

There has been no real heat segment here, with neither side particularly working as the heels, and it’s kind of caused it to meander narrative wise, even though the actual wrestling itself has been fine. Eventually there’s a double down with Metalik and Carrillo, which leads to them both making tags to their partners. Mendoza runs wild on Kalisto and gets a missile dropkick for two.

All four men end up in the ring hitting moves, which ends with Mendoza getting the Disaster Kick on Kalisto for two. Metalik and Carrillo both get tags, which leads to both men trading enziguri’s. Metalik tries heading up top, but Carrillo stops him, only to get brought down from the second rope with a rana from Metalik. Mendoza saves on two however.

Following that, he then dives onto Kalisto to take him out of proceedings. Meanwhile, back inside Carrillo gets his feet up to block a moonsault from Metalik and then heads up for a corkscrew splash for the win.


I just wasn’t feeling this one. The work was absolutely fine, but the match was really just a display of moves and didn’t really enchant the crowd that much, although there were periods where they liked the Lucha House Party.

We see that Sunil and Samir Singh are backstage, where they are complaining about their award statues that The Brian Kendrick and Akira Tozawa stole from them last week. They challenge them for next week. Consider me meh on that.

We get a video package on Isaiah “Swerve” Scott (The former Shane Strickland). He’s very confident and uses that confidence to prosper in the ring.

We see clips of last week, where Chad Gable defeated Jack Gallagher in an excellent bout. Twitter comments from Jack say that the best is yet to come.

Match Two
Oney Lorcan w/ his brilliant entrance music Vs Tony Isner

We get a quick Summer Slam advert prior to this one starting, and it’s kind of amazing that they’ve been using the same orange colour scheme for that event since something like 2009. Surely it’s time to go with something new? Heck, go back to the old Green and Blue colour scheme they used to have. I personally think that looked better anyway. It’s just another example of the overall staleness of the WWE product these days, where it feels like it’s looked the same way forever.

Anyway, to the match, where Isner gets a few shots in, but that only serves to anger Lorcan, who throws some stiff chops and then crushers Isner in the corner with some running back elbows. Lorcan pumps his hands like The Ultimate Warrior and delivers a Half Nelson Suplex to pick up the win.


Good strong win for Lorcan there.

We get a to camera promo from WWE Cruiserweight Champ Drew Gulak, where he says that someone from NXT had to step up and challenge him this week. Gulak says he trained Swerve, but that he’s changed since then and that, even though he admires his courage, Swerve has a lot more to learn tonight.

Main Event
Isaiah “Swerve” Scott Vs Drew Gulak

That name really doesn’t roll off the tongue for Scott, although I’m sure with a nickname like that Vince Russo is already a fan of his. Gulak comes raring out of the blocks with a dropkick, but Swerve fights back, as we get some faint “NXT” chants from the crowd. Swerve evades Gulak and few times and then delivers a dropkick to send the Champ out of the ring. Gulak tries to respond by throwing Swerve out of the ring, but he hands on his feet and then delivers a cartwheel splash back inside.

Swerve gives Gulak some of his own medicine by doing some joint manipulation and then floors Gulak with a big punch for two. Swerve keeps up the pressure on Gulak, as we actually get some duelling chants from parts of the crowd. Gulak eventually has enough of Swerve’s insolence and attacks the wrist of Swerve and then throwing him into the barricades outside the ring. Gulak gets Swerve up in a Splash Mountain position and then flings him into the ring post in a brutal looking spot, though I’m sure he took care of him. Gulak goes to a modified single leg crap back inside the ring, but Swerve manages to fight his way out of it.

Gulak comes coming though and gets a nice looking second rope clothesline for two. Swerve sold that one perfectly. Swerve keeps trying to get back into things, but Gulak sets him up on the top rope and goes back to the Splash Mountain. Swerve is able to slip out of that though and gets a flying uppercut from the second rope for two. Gulak heads up to the second rope, but Swerve rana’s him down and then hits a big running enziguri for a great near fall. A lot of people in the crowd were buying that one. Swerve tries a submission hold, but Gulak counters that into a Dragon Sleeper (The Gulock) but Swerve is able to make the ropes and break the hold. There’s an audible chant for Swerve now, as he super kicks Gulak so that his upper body is hanging out of the ring and then follows with a double stomp before getting another inside the ring for two.

Wow, some of these near falls have been fantastic, and what crowd there is are getting into them. Gulak catches Swerve with a roll up for two, but ends up getting caught in an arm scissors from Swerve. Swerve’s arm is still hurt from earlier though, which allows Gulak to fight his way out of the hold and hit a back suplex. Torture Wrack into a neck breaker is enough for Gulak to pick up the win.

RATING: ***3/4

A great main event there that made Swerve look like a genuine contender whilst also making Gulak look like a strong Champion. You can’t really ask for more when it comes to a televised non-Title match like that.

Gulak taunts Swerve with his Title following the bout.

In Conclusion

Great main event here that was well worth a watch



205 Live #140 – 30 07 2019

The event is emanating from Memphis, Tennessee

Calling the action are Vic Joseph, Aiden English and Nigel McGuinness

We open up with a video package recapping the storyline between Drake Maverick and Mike Kanellis. Kanellis has been angered due to Maverick not giving him another Title opportunities on 205 Live, but Maverick has maintained that this has been because Kanellis’ won/loss record hasn’t been good enough. Meanwhile, Mike’s wife Maria has been verbally torturing him for weeks, which has only served to make him angrier. Tonight it’s going to be a non-sanctioned match between the two, where Kanellis will get a Title shot if he can defeat Maverick. I do like how in Vince McMahon’s world a person who tries to be a bigger man and avoid a fight is classed as a “coward”. That’s that man’s mind set in a nutshell.

Opening Match
Akira Tozawa and The Brian Kendrick Vs The Singh Brothers

Tozawa and Kendrick have statues that they stole from The Singh’s, which I’m afraid isn’t particularly succeeding in making me care about this particular rivalry. Tozawa and Kendrick shine on The Singh’s to start, doing some nice tag stuff. Sunil trips up Tozawa for the cut off however, and he gets worked over in the heel corner for a bit. I really find Nigel’s Indian food puns for The Singh’s to be very laboured and forced. I don’t mind stuff like that so long as it’s genuinely funny, but otherwise it’s just pure cringe.

Tozawa eventually makes the tag to Kendrick, who does a nice straight forward hot tag segment on The Singh’s and covers Sunil for two. Sunil tries to hit Kendrick with one of the statues whilst Samir holds him, but he ends up hitting his brother by accident. Kendrick pounces on Sunil with The Kendrick and then tags in Tozawa for a top rope back senton splash for the winning pin.


Standard tag stuff here, but it was fine for what it was. I like Kendrick and Tozawa as a team, but The Singh’s are only just one step above being ice cold and aren’t the best opponents for them to be working with.

We get a video package for Humberto Carrillo. He’s working every single day to try and become the WWE CruiserWeight Champion. He wants a shot against Drew Gulak.

The Lucha House Party are backstage. Sarah the interviewer comes over to ask about the Hispanic influence in 205 Live. Lince Dorado seems to think he is better than Humberto Carrillo.

Match Two
Ariya Daivari Vs Lince Dorado

We get some chain wrestling to start, which ends with Lince seemingly going for the Lethal Injection (Handspring Cutter) but Daivari bails outside to counter it. Lince follows with a moonsault off the apron and gets a springboard splash back inside for two. Daivari begs off and asks for a time out, which Lince sees an obvious act of treachery and blocks the cheap shot that comes from it. Lince heads up top, but Daivari shoves him off the top rope to the floor, and that would appear to be the cut off. Daivari is a decent enough heel, but there’s just something of the generic about him.

Daivari gets a nice reverse DDT back inside for two and then sets Lince up on the top rope. Lince fights off a Daivari suplex attempt from out there and then comes off the top rope with a cross body block for two. Daivari is able to spike him with a DDT in reply however, but that only gets him a two count. Daivari talks smack to the ref and then heads up to the second rope for a fist drop to mock Memphis legend Jerry Lawler, but Lince gets his foot up to stop that and then makes a comeback.

Lince sends Daivari outside and then follows with a big dive. Back inside, Lince heads up top, but Daivari pulls him back down to the apron. Lince fends him off and then comes off the top, but Daivari sees it coming and is able to catch him with a super kick on the way down for two. Daivari talks some trash to Lince, which allows Lince to fight back, but he gets caught in a Cobra Clutch. Lince counters that to a roll up for two, but Daivari replies straight back with a uranage slam for a two of his own. Daivari gets Lince in a fireman’s carry, but Lince slips out and then gets a roll up to pick up the three count.


Good match there. They were given time to tell a story and the work on display was tight and well executed. No complaints from me whatsoever. I’ll take a good, decent length match with a satisfying clean finish every week.

We get a promo to camera from WWE Cruiserweight Champion Drew Gulak. He wonders who his opponent at Summer Slam will be

Main Event
Unsanctioned Match – Mike Kanellis gets a Title shot if he wins
Mike Kanellis Vs Drake Maverick

Kanellis jumps Maverick during his entrance and lays a beating on him. They tease that Maverick is going to have to forfeit due to the pre-match attack, but Maverick refuses and drags himself into the ring so that the match can take place. Kanellis stomps away on Maverick and then throws him out of the ring. We see that Maris is watching, and somehow she won the 24/7 Title despite being pregnant. A quick trip to Wikipedia reveals that poor Mike won the belt on Raw and then had to lie down for her. That’s a selfless loving husband right there. Kanellis destroys Maverick around ringside and talks smack to him whilst doing so. Maverick sells it all fantastically of course, rag dolling all over the place in classic Spike Dudley style.

Kanellis takes the fight back inside and continues to hammer away on Maverick, as this has probably gone on for too long now and they need some sort of a hope spot to make the crowd think Maverick might actually have some kind of a chance here. Kanellis takes Maverick down with a big clothesline and that should be that, but he takes off Maverick’s belt and whips him with it instead. I’m hoping this is all building to a surprise Maverick victory, but it could just easily be a Kanellis win because WWE. Kanellis locks in a sleeper and tries to put Maverick out, but he keeps fighting and manages to run Kanellis’ face into the turnbuckle to break.

Before he can mount any sort of a comeback however, Kanellis grabs Maverick in a wheelbarrow and then flings him into the barricade in a brutal looking spot. Kanellis grabs one of Maverick’s 24/7 posters and tries to shove it down Maverick’s gob. This fires Maverick up however and he starts Spudding Up, Brother! Maverick dropkicks Kanellis and then hits a dropkick in the corner. Maverick grabs his belt and starts whipping away at Kanellis in payback for earlier. Kanellie flees the ring, but Maverick follows with a suicide dive and then hits a DDT on the commentary table. The crowd is very into Maverick, which is a testament to how hard he’s worked to get himself over and grab that brass ring.

Maverick leaps off the barricade with an elbow drop onto the table, but Kanellis moves and Maverick finds nothing but table waiting for him. He sells his elbow big following that, as Kanellis throws him back into the ring and goes for the Roll of the Dice. However, he puts Maverick up on the top rope instead and tries to bring him down with a Splash Mountain, but Maverick turns that into a rana and then gets the Acid Drop for the win.


Exceptional sell job from Maverick there, although I would have liked to see a bit more back and forth in the match itself. I like how they are just openly making Drake into the new Spike Dudley, complete with giving him the Acid Drop as a finisher. Hey, he’s a good enough underdog babyface to pull it off, so why not?

In Conclusion

Definitely worth watching the show this week, as the last two matches were fun. Maverick and Kanellis did very well playing their respective roles in the Main Event and it was a strong close to the show. It does make me wonder who will challenge Gulak at Summer Slam though.