WWF Monday Night RAW – March 7th, 1994

March 6, 1994

From the Mid-Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie, NY

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Ted DiBiase

The show starts off with a video package hyping Crush & Owen Hart vs. Smoking Gunns as Vince also talked about last week when Crush screwed Randy Savage out of a title win over Yokozuna.

Tonight, we will have a special presentation to Tatanka. Also in action are IRS, Doink the Clown, and Virgil vs. Jeff Jarrett.


Smoking Gunns vs. “The Rocket” Owen Hart & Crush w/ Mr. Fuji

The crowd starts a USA chant then we see Nikolai Volkoff back in the crowd wearing the same suit chanting along as DiBiase laughs. Vince then wants to know who has been whispering in Owen’s hear and suggests it could be Jerry Lawler or even DiBiase. Bart works over Owen’s arm to start. Owen pokes the eye then tags out as Crush hammers away on Bart. Crush misses a charge then Bart runs wild and almost gets the win with a flying body press. Billy tags in and after a struggle gets a two with a sunset flip but Crush hammers away immediately afterwards. Crush now hammers away in the corner but Billy fights back and hits a flying bulldog but instead of covering decides to work the arm. Crush rakes the eyes and tags out but Billy takes Owen down after a pair of arm drags. Owen then catches Billy with a spinning heel kick after an Irish whip sequence and mocks his brother Bret. Owen follows a snap suplex with a leg drop as Owen & Crush now cut the ring in half. The crowd chants for Bret as DiBiase replies “so does Owen” and follows with his trademark laugh. We go to break then return with Bart tagging in and running wild. Crush gets knocked outside but returns to break up a pin attempt. The match breaks down and the Gunns try to set up for the Revolver but Crush breaks that up then tosses Billy outside as Owen puts Bart in the Sharpshooter for the win (6:58 shown) **. Vince then plugs Crush vs. Bret Hart on the “March to WrestleMania X.”

Thoughts: Solid match but the real news is the first mention of Lawler on WWF TV since November as the rape charges against him was dropped. Lawler also appeared on Radio WWF on 3/5 and according to the Newsletters was saying how Owen Hart was the only member of his family that had any sense. And with Vince hinting someone was whispering in Owen’s ear to turn on his family it seemed like it was going to be added to the Owen/Bret storyline but that never happened.


Vince interviews Crush & Owen at ringside. Owen asks Crush to take it easy on Bret so Bret has no excuses for why he loses at WrestleMania. Crush then calls out Bret for always having an excuse then promises to take Bret apart before saying that Owen has the best Sharpshooter in the WWF. Owen says he will beat Bret.


WrestleMania X Report with Todd Pettengill. We finally learn of Alundra Blayze’s opponent and its none other than Leilani Kai, a former WWF Women’s Champion and Women’s Tag Team Champion. Kai’s photo also appeared to have been from 1984.


Jeff Jarrett vs. Virgil

DiBiase rags on Virgil as we get a shoving match in the ring. Jarrett stalls now as DiBiase says Virgil has been going downhill since leaving him then we now see Virgil work a hammerlock. Virgil continues to work the hammerlock then Vince says he was just handed a note that Rhonda Shear from USA’s “Up All Night” will be appearing at WrestleMania with Vince also telling us she dumped Shawn Michaels six month ago. Virgil continues to work the arm then says that Jarrett complains more than George Stephanopoulos as they do a bit where they cannot correctly pronounce the name. Vince now plugs the “March to WrestleMania” this coming Sunday as Virgil is still working the arm. We then get a reversal sequence that ends when Virgil drops his head and Jarrett hits a jumping DDT for the win (4:45) 1/2*.

Thoughts: The match sucked, most of it featured Virgil using basic arm holds, but it was a background or the announcers to plug various things including Shear being part of WrestleMania. At the time, Shear was hosting “Up All Night” on the USA Network.


A video package hyping Yokozuna vs. Tatanka at March to WrestleMania X.


We get another Sy Sperling add as we get a picture of Mr. Fuji with hair after joining Hair Club for Men. Vince plugs the makeover of Howard Finkel at WrestleMania. These are still terrible but somehow not as bad as the Bucky & Vinny segments.


Doink the Clown w/ Dink vs. Iron Mike Sharpe

Sharpe gets squirted then fails to capture Dink. Sharpe ducks out on the apron and yells at the fans before returning then becomes frustrated when Doink takes him down. Sharpe takes control and chokes out Doink before hammering away. Sharpe then misses a charge in the corner and after that Doink uses a flying sit-down splash for the win (2:33).

Thoughts: Quick match with some basic hype for the WrestleMania mixed tag match.


Vince McMahon is now in the ring. We have Chief Ray Little Turtle of the Lumbee Nation and wrestlers Chief Jay Strongbow and Chief Wahoo McDaniel  also in the ring as they bring out Tatanka. DiBiase hopes this goes better than Nancy Kerrigan’s presentation in her hometown of Stoneham, MA. Chief Ray Little Turtle gives Tatanka special feathers. Tatanka talks about being a young kid on the reservation and saw these feathers hanging in the lodge then thinks about how this was passed down many generations. Tatanka also talks about Strongbow & McDaniel being two of the greatest Native Americans to ever step foot in the squared circle. Tatanka keeps referring to Wahoo as “Wahoo McDaniels” as he talks about teaming with him when he first started. Tatanka also puts over Strongbow for helping him out then has Strongbow help him put on the headdress and dances around the ring to end the segment. DiBiase says that Tatanka cried just like Nancy Kerrigan. It ran a little long but Tatanka did a fine job with his character for this segment and it came off better than expected. Although, expect the headdress to be involved in an angle and much sooner than you think.


IRS vs. Mark Thomas

IRS mocks Tatanka’s ceremony and that he owes a gift tax on that headdress and guarantees Tatanka will pay every cent he owes. Thomas is as ripped as ever for this match. We have a sign featuring IRS that reads “I Really Stink” as both men are in the ring trading arm wringers. The announcers talk about Marge Schott returning from a year long suspension by the MLB as IRS takes control. IRS holds the ropes for leverage while applying an abdominal stretch then soon after that uses the Write Off Clothesline for the win (3:40).

Thoughts: And we see that the Tatanka ceremony is now a way to play into a feud against IRS. Both guys have nothing to do since IRS wrapped up his feud against Razor Ramon and Ludvig Borga got hurt which left Tatanka with nothing to do besides put over Yokozuna around the house show circuit.


We get a video package hyping up the Lex Luger vs. Jimmy Del Ray match at the March to WrestleMania X special.


Jim Cornette & The Heavenly Bodies head down to the ring. Cornette talks about the last car he bought that was Made in the USA it fell apart and now has a reliable Japanese car. Cornette said that Del Ray’s role is to make sure Luger is hurting heading into WrestleMania then promises Luger’s last match will happen at WrestleMania.


Final Thoughts: The big angle involved Tatanka while the rest of the show hyped up WrestleMania and the March to WrestleMania special. With next week’s RAW being a condensed version of the March to WrestleMania special the next first run RAW will occur the day after the PPV.