WWF Superstars – March 5th, 1994

March 5, 1994

From the Westchester County Center in White Plains, NY

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Johnny Polo


Lex Luger vs. Reno Riggins

Vince hypes up Luger as Polo says Luger doesn’t have a snowballs chance in hell of becoming champion at WrestleMania. Polo says that Riggins was a National roller skating champion at age 14 then tells us to watch out for the Reno-plex. Luger uses a few hip tosses and arm drags but Riggins rakes the eyes. Riggins hammers away in the corner as Polo says he’s setting up for the Reno-plex. We get some USA chants as that’s supposed to rile up the American Riggins. Luger catches Riggins with a clothesline then runs wild before using the torture rack for the win (2:31). Vince talks about Luger building momentum with WrestleMania just over two weeks away.

Thoughts: Vince really talked up Luger here even though Riggins got in a lot of offense. Speaking of Riggins, he threw a good worked punch. Anyway, with Bret/Owen being the most focused on feud now Luger has really dropped by the wayside and despite Vince’s endorsement on commentary he feels ice cold. And that is due not just because of Bret/Owen but the simple fact Luger is not over.


The announcers run down the show with Diesel, The Bushwhackers, Jeff Jarrett, and Doink the Clown in action. Also, Owen Hart will be on the “Funeral Parlor.” Polo was pretty funny here even though Vince gives him little to work with.


WWF Update with Gorilla Monsoon. He plugs the Fan Fest and all the activities involved before saying cameras will be in the Paramount Theater and even some WWF Superstars as 5,000 tickets have been released for this opportunity.


A WrestleMania Moment shows The Undertaker’s entrance at WrestleMania IX.


Jeff Jarrett vs. Dan Dubiel

Jarrett yells at Nikolai Volkoff, who is still in the front row wearing the same suit. Polo points this out and wants Volkoff to wear something else. Jarrett is shown in an insert promo calling himself the greatest wrestler ever and how he’ll be at WrestleMania. Jarrett cheap shots Dubiel after being taken down with an arm drag. Dubiel catches Jarrett with a slam but whiffs on a dropkick attempt then ducks his head and gets hit with a jumping DDT as Jarrett gets the win (1:11).

Thoughts: An easy win for Jarrett, who ended up not wrestling at the PPV for reasons we will learn about soon.


The announcers plug the newest edition of “WWF Magazine” and an article on Jarrett. The cover features Luger, Bret, and Yokozuna.


Doink the Clown w/ Dink vs. Brooklyn Brawler

Brawler cheap shots Doink in the corner as Polo makes fun of Doink’s gear. Doink comes back with a hip toss then a dropkick as Brawler rolls out onto the apron. Vince plugs the Doink & Dink dunk tank at the Fan Fest then we hear from Bam Bam Bigelow & Luna Vachon in an insert promo saying Doink & Dink will go down at WrestleMania. Brawler fights back and mocks Doink before biting the forehead. Vince plugs Earthquake vs. Booger next week as we get that dream matchup for a second time. Brawler ducks his head and gets nailed with a knee lift then Doink climbs up for the sit-down splash and the win (3:09).

Thoughts: They hyped up the mixed tag and next week we get the Earthquake vs. Booger rematch which sounds like a barnburner. And more mentions of the Fan Fest.


Sy Sperling, President of the Hair Club For Men, shows us how Doink & Dink might look with hair as we see a graphic of that. Sperling’s delivery was awful and nothing about this was funny.


Diesel w/ Shawn Michaels vs. Rich Myers

Vince plugs the 3/21 show (RAW tapings) in Poughkeepsie, NY as Diesel beats down Myers. The announcers talk about the ladder match at WrestleMania then Diesel plants Myers with what Polo says is called the “Jackknife” for the win but he wants to call “Pop Goes the Diesel” (1:23).

Thoughts: The focus was on the ladder match but this is also notable for Diesel debuting the Jackknife powerbomb as his finisher. It looked great and it seems he is in line for a post-Mania push.


WrestleMania X Report with Todd Pettengill.


The Bushwhackers vs. Corey Student & Mike Khoury

Polo runs down The Bushwhackers while Vince plugs Radio WWF. Khoury lands a shot on Butch in the corner but Butch fights back. Polo complains about having to see The Bushwhackers here, on the show “Family Matters,” and now on Radio WWF while The Bushwhackers stay in control. Vince then plugs the WrestleMania Hotline as Student tags in and gets beat down until The Bushwhackers use the Battering Ram for the win (2:29).

Thoughts: A segment for the announcers to plug several things.


An ad for the Fan Fest airs.


Funeral Parlor with guest Owen Hart. We hear Owen say that he is the real winner because of the fact he faces his brother Bret at WrestleMania. Bearer wants to know why Owen wants to stand in Bret’s way of becoming champion again.  Owen says Bret is the one standing in his way and will win at WrestleMania then says he’s been watching Bret’s matches to let him know he’s watching every move. Owen then gets pissed over people blaming him for family problems then gloats about how great it felt to kick Bret when he was down and says after he’s done with Bret at WrestleMania, he’ll never get to become champion. Strong interview here with Owen as he does remain justified in some of his anger which of course enhances the angle.


We get an ad for the “March to WrestleMania” that has Yokozuna vs. Tatanka, Lex Luger vs. Jimmy Del Ray, and Bret Hart vs. Crush. This is a two-hour special that will air next week.


Todd Mata vs. Crush w/ Mr. Fuji

Crush yanked a Randy Savage foam hand from a fan and ripped it apart as Polo makes fun of this while Vince is not impressed. Crush hammers away then drills Mata with a thrust kick. We hear from Savage in an insert promo as he talks about beating Crush at WrestleMania then Crush press slams Mata before using the head vice for the win (1:30). The timekeeper appeared to miss his cue. After the match, Crush waves the Japanese flag.

Thoughts: More hype for Crush/Savage at WrestleMania with the Falls Count Anywhere stipulation stressed on commentary.


Next week in action are Men on a Mission, Owen Hart, Tatanka, and the featured match of Earthquake vs. Bastion Booger. Plus, an interview with Lex Luger & Bret Hart.


Final Thoughts: Honestly, it seemed like most of the focus was hyping the Fan Fest, but they did showcase the top angles and matches on the PPV and we actually get a featured match for next week plus learn of three matches to take place on the “March to WrestleMania X” special as the PPV is just over two weeks away.