New Japan pro Wrestling G1 Climax 2019 – Night Ten – 28/07/2019

Hello You!

Back again with some B Block action

Had a bit of an issue with this one due to the internet in rural Wales being a tad unpredictable, but I finally managed to get it to work long enough to take this one in.

Anyway, let’s get rolling and enjoy ourselves some New Japan!

The following matches took place from Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium on the 28th of July 2019

Calling the action are “Rowdy” Kevin Kelley and “The Bodyguard Ace Cowboy” Rocky Romero (Still no Chris Charlton, which makes me a sad panda)

I again managed to catch the tail end of the last tag match, which featured Young Lion Karl Fredericks standing up to EVIL and refusing to break a single leg crab despite getting forearmed. He still ate the pin in the end, courtesy of BUSHI of all people, but that little spot did a good job of making him look like something.

Toru Yano (4 pts) Vs Hirooki Goto (2 pts)

This is a battle between fellow CHAOS members, although I wouldn’t have expected Yano to be ahead of Goto in the table at this stage prior to the tournament beginning, especially as Yano’s two wins thus far have come over Tetsuya Naito and Jay White. Yano actually holds the ropes open for Goto during his entrance and it isn’t some kind of ruse, which makes me think something else is coming later in the match.

Yano offers to swap shirts to begin, but Goto doesn’t want to give up his LA Dojo shirt, so Yano instead requests the crowd chants for CHAOS. Goto is silly enough to play to the crowd on Yano’s advice, which allows Yano to put his shirt over Goto’s head and then roll him up for two. I mean, come on Goto, his nickname is “The Sublime Master Thief”, what were you expecting him to do when you turned your back on him?!?!

Yano gets another school boy for another two, and then bails outside, only to then immediately roll back in when Goto follows him out and then undo a turnbuckle pad. Goto goes into the buckle, but kicks out of the resulting roll up at two, and then catches Yano’s leg on a mule kick attempt. Goto goes to a pinning combination of his own from an Indian Deathlock, and that’s enough to pick up the win in, almost, record time.


I’m not really sure how to rate that, but it was fun stuff whilst it lasted.

Tomohiro Ishii (4 pts) Vs Juice Robinson (6 pts)

Juice has been doing very well in this block and could still genuinely mount a challenge to win the whole thing, whilst Ishii has been having great matches with basically everyone like he always tends to do in the G1. This will be a huge match when it comes to assessing Juice’s capabilities of winning the whole thing, as beating the eternal gatekeeper in Ishii would bode well, considering Juice still needs to wrestle some of the big hitters in the Block such as Jon Moxley and Tetsuya Naito.

Both men charge at one another with shoulder blocks to start, and Juice holds his own admirably, which actually causes Ishii to have a bit of a surprised look on his face. Stiff chops are traded, with Juice once again holding his own and actually forcing Ishii to sink into the corner. Juice makes the mistake of slapping Ishii though, which causes Ishii to start chopping him in the throat, which is what he does to people who get on his nerves. Juice fires up though and takes a fair number of chops before finally going down.

Juice keeps fighting and even throws some head butts, but Ishii shrugs those off and gets one of his own, only to then run into a spine buster. The crowd are behind Juice, as he throws jabs at Ishii, but Ishii shrugs them off and replies with forearms. Juice gets a nice running clothesline and then follows with a big Full Nelson Slam for two. Juice keeps taking the fight to Ishii and sets him up on the top rope for a rana, but Ishii holds on to block it and then comes off the second rope with a knee drop, before following with a Saito Suplex for two. Ishii unloads with forearms and chops in the corner, pulling Juice back to his feet when he sinks to the mat to really make sure he gets his monies worth.

Juice fights back however with chops of his own, but he just can’t match Ishii for firepower and sinks to his knees. Juice finally manages to catch Ishii with a chop to the throat of his own and then hits a pair of clotheslines in the corner before following with a running cannonball. They tease a ref stoppage following that one, but Juice puts Ishii on the top rope and then brings him down with a big superplex. Ishii gets back to his feet from that though and then hits a powerslam. Juice pops right back up from that as well though, and then tries the Juice Box (Fireman’s Carry Gut Buster) but Ishii lands on his feet and then tries a sliding lariat, but Juice is able to dodge that and hit a jumping side kick. Ishii pops up with a German Suplex however and both men then finally collapse for a double down. Wrestling!

Juice throws some forearm strikes following that, but Ishii doesn’t go down and fires back with some of his own, which leads to both men taking it in turns to hit one another. Juice wins that battle and manages to hit the Juice Box, but Ishii is able to kick out at two. Juice goes for Pulp Friction (Tomikaze) but Ishii fights out of it. Juice hits a stiff clothesline not soon after though and then follows with a big powerbomb for two. Is Ishii playing Mustafa in the next Austin Powers movie or something? Ishii manages to hit a lariat of his own, but Juice pops right back up and tries the Juice Box again, but Ishii is able to slip out of that and hit another lariat.

Both men trade head butts next, a battle that Ishii wins and then follows up with by hitting a lariat for two. Ishii goes for a brain buster, but Juice counters to a Jackhammer and then misses with two big left hand punches. A right hand punch does connect, but Ishii blocks Pulp Friction with a Tiger Suplex and then a sliding lariat for two. Brian buster comes next though and that’s enough for Ishii to pick up the win.

RATING: ****1/4

What a great match this was! Juice continues to seemingly get better in every match he has and Ishii continues to be one of the most consistently great in ring performers in the world. This needs to be on everyone’s “must watch” from this year’s G1 tournament.

Taichi (4 pts) w/ Mioh Abe Vs Jeff Cobb (2 pts)

Taichi actually defeated Cobb earlier in the year for the NEVER Openweight Title, so Cobb will be looking for payback here. Cobb has been more competitive with each match in this tournament thus far, so there’s every chance he could still pick up some wins before it ends and Taichi is someone who wouldn’t lose any steam from losing to him.

Yoshinobu Kanemaru comes down to ringside before the match starts, which shows that Suzuki-gun are definitely taking Cobb seriously here. Taichi actually extends a hand to start, and Cobb reciprocates. Hmm, let’s see how long that lasts considering Taichi’s penchant for being a slimy jerk. And indeed, Taichi uses Abe as a distraction and then jumps Cobb from behind like the slippery heel he is. Cobb replies with a shoulder tackle and a dropkick though, which sends Taichi rolling outside. Cobb continues the fight out there, by throwing Taichi into the railings. Taichi uses Abe as a distraction again however and then drops Cobb with his microphone stand. Abe actually looked unhappy about that, but it could all be a ruse on her part, you never know. Taichi adds a shot with a chair, as both men brawl all over the English commentary table.

Taichi chokes away on Cobb back inside the ring, as Abe helps the English commentators put their desk back together in an apologetic manner. Cobb fights back with a forearm, but Taichi goes to the eyes and then throws some Kawada Kicks. This causes Cobb to unleash his inner Matanza however, as he bulls Taichi into the corner and unloads with a vicious flurry of strikes. Samoan Drop sets up a standing moonsault for Cobb, but Taichi moves out of the way. Cobb is undeterred however and delivers a vertical suplex for two. Cobb tries a German Suplex, but Taichi fights that off and hits a pair of enziguri’s to floor Cobb. Taichi catches Cobb with a Tajiri like buzz saw kick, but Cobb kicks out at two, so Taichi rips off his pleather trousers and goes for another kick.

Cobb dodges that and goes for Tour of the Islands (Reverse-spin scoop powerslam) but Taichi slips out and gets a clothesline. Taichi sets up for Black Mephisto (Over the shoulder back-to-belly piledriver) but Cobb blocks it and then delivers a pair of gut wrench suplexes before dropping Taichi with a piledriver. Tour of the Islands looks incoming, but Taichi blocks it again, so Cobb muscles him into a back suplex and tries Tour of the Islands again, only for Taichi to counter it into a small package for two. Axe Bomber clothesline and another ‘guri from Taichi sets up a thrust kick attempt, but Cobb pulls the trigger with one of his own. Taichi tries throwing the referee in Cobb’s way, but Cobb avoids his low blow attempt and then turns him inside out with a clothesline and then follows with a standing moonsault. Tour of the Islands finally hits next and that’s another 2 points on the board for Cobb.


RATING: ***1/2

I enjoyed that, as it told a good story of Cobb overcoming Taichi’s heel shenanigans to win clean and avenge his prior defeat to Taichi. Cobb has Shingo Takagi next, and that should be one heck of an interesting match.

Jay White (2 pts) w/ Gedo Vs Shingo Takagi (4 pts)

White lost his first three matches, but finally picked up a win in the last round of fixtures against Jeff Cobb and can still possibly win the Block if he goes on to win all of his remaining matches. Shingo lost to Jox Moxley in the previous round of fixtures when Moxley targeted his leg and actually managed to submit him in a Texas Cloverleaf. White has used a leg submission in the past, so that might come into play if Shingo’s leg isn’t fully healthy yet.

White follows his usual MO of bailing to the outside of the ring before making contact with Shingo, so Shingo sits down in the ring to entice him to come inside, but White refuses. Shingo eventually goes outside, where White jumps him, but Shingo mows him down back inside with a shoulder tackle and then clotheslines White over the top rope to the outside again. Shingo actually takes a page out of White’s book, by ramming White back first into the apron. Shingo tries for a move off the apron, but Gedo causes a distraction, which allows White to get out. Shingo gets back on top of things again, but Gedo distracts again, which allows White to drop Shingo with a DDT out on the floor.

White now runs Shingo between the ring apron and guardrails, which Shingo sells brilliantly. I love that spot, it’s so simple yet so brutal at the same time. Red Shoes Uno refuses to count the pin back inside when White rolls him in following that, so White goes to a chin lock instead and then delivers a neck breaker. White continues to target the neck and head of Shingo. Shingo fights back however and both men trade chops, a battle White concedes by yanking Shingo down by his hair. Shingo keeps coming however, and floors White with a double handed chop before running wild with strikes and slams. Shingo delivers a DDT of his own, but the resulting cover only nets him a two from the referee.

Shingo heads up top for a Tenryu styled elbow drop, but White rolls away and then suplexes Shingo into the corner. Spinning vertical suplex gets two for White and he tries for a uranage, but Shingo fights that off. Both men trade Saito Suplexes, but when Shingo tries a lariat White counters it to the Complete Shot, German Suplex and then a uranage slam. Kiwi Krusher (Ki Krusher) looks to end things, but Shingo is able to kick out at two. Shingo hits White with a head butt, punch and then a lariat in response however, but he can’t make the sequence count and the two men trade strikes again. Shingo wins that battle and floors White. Shingo continues to bring the pain to White, but White collapses so that Shingo can’t lariat him. Shingo outthinks him however, by hurking him up into a German Suplex.

White is able to counter a sliding lariat by catching Shingo and going for The Blade Runner (Sister Abigail’s Kiss) but Shingo fights that off and the two men then battle over a backslide. Shingo comes out the victor there, as he manages to deliver a Gory Bomb to White and then goes for a big lariat, only for Gedo to grab his leg to stop that. Shingo won’t be denied though and hits three clotheslines for a near fall. Shingo goes to a fireman’s carry, but White gets out of that by grabbing the referee. Whilst the referee is distracted, Gedo comes into the ring, but Shingo cuts him off before he can do anything. White tries for The Blade Runner, but Shingo fights him off and delivers Made in Japan (Half-Nelson Pumphandle into a sit out Powerbomb) for two. Both men counter the others big moves and White is able to hit Shingo with a pair of sleeper suplexes before getting a brain buster and The Blade Runner for the winning pin.

RATING: ***1/2

Good work from both men here, although the result was never really in doubt as a loss will all but officially take White out of the running at this stage. This was a good effort from Shingo though and he didn’t lose any of his lustre in defeat.

Jon Moxley (8 pts) w/ Shota Umino Vs Tetsuya Naito (4 pts)

Moxley currently has a perfect record in this years G1, but you have to think that 0 is going to have to go at some point, and Naito would make sense as the man to do it considering a win for him would keep him in contention for winning the Block as well.

This one already has the “big match feel” to it even just during the entrances. Naito makes Moxley wait to start, by taking his time removing his entrance attire, all with the goal of riling The Mox up. Moxley can finally take no more and the slug fest is on. Naito throws Moxley outside and then taunts in the ring, which gets a big pop from the crowd. Naito stalls outside the ring next, which leads to Moxley offering him a free shot, but Naito lures him outside and then rolls inside to mock him. Eventually the fight starts up properly outside the ring, where both men brawl into the crowd. Moxley flings Naito through one of the railings and then mocks his “Tranquillo” pose before dropping the railing on top of him. In a funny moment, Moxley apologises to Red Shoes Uno for the brawling and then drags Naito back to ring side, where he throws him into the ring post and then poses in the ring to cheers from the crowd.

Moxley works Naito over back inside the ring, once again highlighting the fact that he can wrestle as well as brawl. Naito is defiant and spits in Moxley’s face, so Moxley adds some spit of his own and talks some smack to him. Moxley gets a uranage slam and then heads outside to grab a pair of chairs. He wraps one chair around the leg of Naito and then grabs the other one to Moxifize it, but Red Shoes takes that chair away and Naito gets a Van Daminator with the other one. Naito adds a DDT onto a chair on the floor and then sits Moxley on the chair before dropkicking Moxley off it after running down the ramp. Naito gets a missile dropkick back inside and then follows up with a dropkick in the corner and a neck breaker for two.

Naito adds more spit, but gets bulled into the corner by Moxley, who then unloads with strikes to the LIJ leader. Moxley gets a top rope butterly suplex and makes the cover, but Naito is able to will himself to kikc out at two. Moxley goes for a running knee, but Naito ducks it and hits a Tornado DDT for two. Both men trade forearm strikes next, which leads to straight right hand punches from Moxley to bring Naito to his knees. Moxley swats away an enziguri attempt and bites Naito, but Naito replies with a flying forearm and then a rana from the top rope. Destino (Sattelite DDT) looks to be coming next, but Moxley blocks with with a lariat and then gets a headlock driver for two.

Moxley hits a big William Regal inspired Knee Trembler, but Naito is able to kick out. Moxley goes for the Death Rider (Dirty Deeds) but Naito fights out of that and both men trade bites. Naito gets a ‘guri and then follows up with the Destino for two. Naito simply goes for it again however, but Moxley actually counters it this time into the Death Rider for two, in another example of him doing his homework, as Naito always goes straight back to the move after the two count. In a nice bit of irony, Moxley just hits Naito with another Death Rider, and that’s enough to pick up the win.

RATING: ****

Moxley just keeps bringing the goods this year in G1, as he seemingly has the perfect strategy to beat everyone that he faces. He does have Toru Yano next though, and it wouldn’t amaze me if Yano somehow conspired to be the first guy to beat him.

So with that blistering round of action in the bag, the standings are as follows;

Jon Moxley is in the lead with 10 points, whilst Tomohiro Ishii and Juice Robinson are still trying to catch him up with 6 points. Meanwhile, the rest of the Block are all sitting on 4 points.

In Conclusion

Every match was good here, even Yano’s in its own wacky way, Ishii/Juice and Moxley/Naito were both excellent and well worth watching. I’ll hopefully see you all on Tuesday, internet connection willing.