Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

Hope everyone had a nice weekend! It’s another Monday night and another live episode of RAW. Apparently they are hyping some sort of Dolph Ziggler/Seth Rollins match which should surely get everyone fired up. I mean if Baron Corbin can’t move the needle why not give them Dolph Ziggler right? Sometimes I wonder how this company clears a billion dollars. On the bright side there’s actually a match for the 24/7 title which might be entertaining because R-Truth and Drake Maverick have been making chicken salad out of that gimmick for a while.

Plus there are other matches and an actual tag team match that the Usos will probably get buried in. Entertain me Paul Heyman!

As for other stuff on the Tube. I think there’s another episode of the Bachelorette…that show has fallen off a cliff for me. There are seven baseball games tonight. Maybe the Mets will make more trades.

Keep it clean!