The SmarK Rant for Mid-South Wrestling–04.20.85

The SmarK Rant for Mid-South Wrestling – 04.20.85

The Network 2.0 update is out, and thankfully the Windows 10 app is still working. For now. I am, however, willing to give the browser version a chance again because I’ve heard good things about it, should things go south for my beloved Windows app. Notably, all the new video is now presented in full 1080p, so it’ll look great on Baconman’s 192” 14K TV.

Taped from Shreveport, LA

Your hosts are Jim Ross & Joel Watts

Kamala v. The Masked Marvel

Skandor Akbar now has new control over Kamala after a business trip to Haiti, so perhaps he was studying voodoo or something. I’m not a scientist. Kamala beats on the bodysuited jobber and shakes him with a bearhug, then finishes with the big splash at 0:50. Akbar wants more destruction, but Jim Duggan comes out and stands his ground to chase off the heels.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan v. Thor

So building off that first match, Akbar now offers Thor some cash in exchange for giving Duggan the business. I don’t like his chances. So he attacks and pounds away on ol’ Hacksaw, but even Joel Watts is diplomatically noting that Thor isn’t exactly on Duggan’s level. And indeed, Duggan shrugs him off for a clothesline and drops the knee, then finishes with a hiptoss and three point stance at 1:25. And then Akbar wisely runs for his life while Duggan throws furniture at him.

Previously, the Rock N Roll Express face Barbarian & Snake, but Morton hangs himself in the ring ropes and it turns into a donnybrook, with Gibson taking a DDT and the Dirty White Boys attacking everyone.

Nord the Barbarian v. Stoney Montana

Barbarian hurls Montana around the ring to start and yells a lot, then facelocks the guy like Hulk Hogan on Richard Belzer. Big boot and an elbow set up the full nelson at 1:52.

The Dirty White Boys v. Brickhouse Brown & Rocky Montana

Not sure why you’d use a pushed guy like Brickhouse in this kind of role. He gets some shine on the Boys with a double bodypress and fights them both off, then takes Anthony down with an armbar and tags in Montana. For those keeping track, that would be the fatal error if you’re breaking down the story of the match. NEVER TAG IN THE JOBBER. Anthony immediately destroys Montana and Denton beats him down with forearms. They double-team Montana in the corner and Denton gets the samoan drop finish for two…but then picks him up and orders him to tag Brickhouse again. So Brickhouse hits them with dropkicks and slams Denton, and the Boys collide into a Brown headbutt for the pin at 3:49! WHOA! OK, so that was actually a pretty cool little match where the heels got cocky and paid the price, completely subverting my expectations. I approve of this!

TV title tournament: Jake Roberts v. Steve Casey

Casey takes Jake down with a crucifix and the Snake slithers out of the ring to escape. Back in, Jake tries a cheapshot on the ropes, but Casey gets away with a cartwheel, so Jake throws him out of the ring. Casey slides back in and surprises Jakes with some dropkicks to send Jake running again. Back in, Casey headlocks him, but Jake gets to the ropes. So Casey grabs another one and won’t let Jake near the ropes this time. Jake tries to suplex out but Casey tenaciously holds on, and finally Casey tries a monkey flip and Jake grabs the ropes to block and then leverages him into the turnbuckles to take over. So now Jake goes to a facelock on the mat and follows with the short clothesline, but he tries the kneelift and Casey sidesteps him. Casey makes the comeback with a legdrop, but misses a bodypress and lands on the floor. Back in, BAM, DDT at 9:40. This has gotta be building either to Jake getting the title or getting screwed out of it in epic fashion, and unfortunately the collection currently ends before the finals.

Dirty Dutch Mantel v. Tim Horner

Dutch works the arm with an armbar and a handful of tights at various points, and he kind of counters a bulldog with a slam of sorts, for two. That looked like a communication problem. Horner fights back with forearms in the corner, but runs into an elbow from Dutch. Gourdbuster finishes at 4:02.

Eddie Gilbert & The Nightmare v. Private Terry Daniels & Steve Brinson

Gilbert beats on the Private and elbows him down to start, and then it’s over to the Nightmare for a powerslam. Eddie rubs his face in the mat, but Daniels manages to tag Brinson. That goes nowhere as Nightmare quickly drops elbows on him and finishes with the piledriver at 1:55.

Next time: We wrap up the Mid-South collection on the Network thus far and then circle back to 1984 again!