WWF Monday Night RAW – February 28th, 1994

February 28, 1994

From the Fernwood Resort in Bushkill, PA

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Harvey Whippleman

The show starts off with a video package hyping tonight’s World Heavyweight Title match between Yokozuna and Randy Savage. They did a great job with this in positioning Savage as a major threat to win the title and how he could even change the plans at WrestleMania. Hell, they started this off with the ending to the Rumble and Tunney’s ruling, which was a great touch. And Vince as the narrator selling the shit out of all this was the cherry on top.


WWF World Heavyweight Title Match: “Macho Man” Randy Savage vs. Yokozuna w/ Mr. Fuji

The announcers wonder why Cornette is not present for this match. Savage attacks Yokozuna from behind but ends up running into an elbow smash. Savage rolls away from a senton then drops Yokozuna after a few clotheslines and gets a two count. Yokozuna still has his robe on then takes it off after punching Savage. Yokozuna hammers away as the crowd starts up with USA chants. Savage fights back and uses a mat slam but Yokozuna knocks him down with a headbutt from his knees. Yokozuna misses a splash then Savage sends Yokozuna through the ropes with a high knee. Savage knocks Fuji off of the apron then flies out with a double axe handle to attack Yokozuna as Cornette runs down the aisle. We go to the break and return with Savage trying to get Yokozuna back into the ring as Vince said Savage keeps going in and out of the ring because he cannot win the title via count out. Savage then tries to go after Cornette but the ref goes out and steps in between and that allows Yokozuna to attack from behind. Yokozuna rolls Savage back inside after roughing him up then they slug it out and that ends with Savage coming off of the top with another flying double axe handle. Savage gets two with a flying clothesline then almost rolls up Yokozuna for the win. Vince, who has been screaming for the past few minutes to sell the shit out of this match, talks about Savage doing whatever he can to win and head into WrestleMania as the champion. Yokozuna chokes out Savage in the corner then drags him to the middle of the ring. Yokozuna takes instruction from Fuji and tries for a leg drop but Savage rolls away. Cornette now jumps up onto the apron to distract the ref as Fuji gives Yokozuna the salt bucket. Savage fights back and whacks Yokozuna with the bucket as both men are down with Vince begging Savage to roll over and cover Yokozuna. Savage covers but only gets two then heads up top after decking Cornette and hits the flying elbow drop but Crush runs out to break up the pin and the match ends in a DQ (11:41 shown) **1/2. After the match, Bret Hart then Lex Luger run out for the save.

Thoughts: Once again, Vince on commentary selling this as an epic encounter was fantastic. I know he gets shit for the “whatamaneuver” stuff but he could sell a match on commentary. The story of the match was good too even if they had to include spots so Yokozuna could rest. Yokozuna’s cardio was horrific at this time. I also loved the story of Savage doing whatever he could to win the title for the third time until Crush screwed him over. And Bret & Luger running out makes sense as they are both fighting for the title and have history with Yokozuna. This match was also featured on the “Macho Madness: The Ultimate Randy Savage Collection” and “The Best of RAW: Seasons 1 & 2” DVD’s.


We see a replay of Crush’s interference costing Savage the title then how Bret & Luger came out for the save.


Bam Bam Bigelow w/ Luna Vachon vs. Mike Khoury

Luna comes out wearing a Doink shirt with Doink’s face crossed out. Bigelow hammers away to start as the announcers talk about the celebrities appearing at WrestleMania. Khoury tries to fight back but gets caught in a powerslam. Bigelow taunts the crowd then we see Luna goes nuts on the outside as Vince says Bigelow and Doink can only be in the ring with each other for the mixed tag match at WrestleMania. Bigelow stays in control then uses an enziguiri for the win (2:34).

Thoughts: They kept referring to Bigelow & Luna vs. Doink & Dink as a “mixed tag” match and that might have been the first time I’ve heard that term used on WWF TV. However, the feud really isn’t over. And we got more plugs for the celebrities that are appearing at WrestleMania.


Earthquake vs. Black Phantom

Earthquake runs over Phantom then hits an elbow drop as the announcers tell us that Ludvig Borga is still hurt and will not be appearing at WrestleMania and has been replaced by Adam Bomb. Earthquake then hits a dropkick and a powerslam as Whippleman talks trash about Earthquake then Earthquake uses a sit-down splash for the win (1:45).

Thoughts: Big news here is learning that Borga was still hurt and now being replaced by Bomb at WrestleMania. Borga never did come back. And again, smiling babyface Earthquake did not fit at all.


The “WWF Unbelievable” ad where the guy blows off his hot girlfriend to watch RAW airs.


Kwang w/ Harvey Whippleman vs. John Crystal

Whippleman left the booth to be with Kwang. The Hair Club for Men’s Sy Sperling is on the phone. Vince says that Sperling will be giving Howard Finkel a makeover at WrestleMania as Kwang beats on Crystal. Vince laughs about Finkel getting hair as Kwang catches Crystal with a thrust kick for the win (1:31).

Thoughts: An easy win for Kwang but he still is not over whatsoever and the Sperling stuff was really lame as we learn Finkel might get some hair.


Stan Lane goes into Shawn Michael’s dressing room for an interview. Shawn, wearing a towel, and Diesel kick out Lane until Shawn is ready. We return to see Shawn now wearing his Intercontinental Title belt around his waist as Shawn says that no one will pin him and is the best Intercontinental champion of all-time. Shawn then gloats over interfering in Razor’s matches then Shawn takes off his glasses and said when everything his said and done he will be climbing the eight foot ladder of success and be known as the undisputed champion. Shawn then has Diesel kick Lane out. The point of the interview seemed to be making Shawn a sex symbol but what Shawn said about the match was good and he really did come off like a star here. So, the goal was achieved.


We get a video hyping up next week’s Owen Hart & Crush vs. Smoking Gunns match.


Men on a Mission w/ Oscar vs. Brooklyn Brawler & Steve Smith

Whippleman is back on commentary. Vince talks about MoM and how they could put on a performance at the Grammy’s. Mo beats on Smith as Whippleman welcomes Robert Conrad a happy birthday and points out that he was at WrestleMania 2. Mabel tags and beats on Brawler as Vince says that Savage is irate in the locker room over what happened tonight. MoM stay in control then Mo bulldogs Mabel on top of Smith for the win (3:15).

Thoughts: Some hype for the WrestleMania Tag Title match and the featured match for next week.


Next week, we will have a report on an Undertaker sighting. Also next week is Jeff Jarrett vs. Virgil, a special presentation to Tatanka from the Lumbee Tribe, along with Owen & Crush vs. The Gunns.


Final Thoughts: Enjoyable show this week. The title match and stuff that followed was strong and Shawn coming off like a star were the highlights here. The other matches were basically filler so the announcers could push WrestleMania but that is to be expected as we get closer to the PPV.