Rebooking WM 11

I’ve long argued that Mania 11 is the worst WM because at least 9 is car-crash bad with some fun matches at the beginning of the card. Plus the Vegas/Caesars venue was great for comedy is nothing else.

Mania 11 is the worst kind of forgettable/boring for a big show. The celebrity main event killed off BBB. The good diesel/Shawn match was marred by the wrong guy winning and Shawn sandbagging the finish and the rest of the card was bland and awful.

What should’ve gone there? Bret/Owen one last time? Bret/Bulldog/Luger vs. Owen/Backlund/Lawler? What could’ve spiced that card up, if anything?

I think in retrospect Shawn should have won.   That might have helped to at least make it memorable.  Bret vs Owen would have helped, or Bret/Bulldog vs Owen/Lawler, yeah.  Maybe Jarrett defending against 123 Kid instead of Razor?  I dunno, it’s a tough nut to crack.