New Japan Pro Wrestling G1 Climax 2019 – Night Eight (24/07/2019)

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Back again with some B Block action

Apologies for the delay for this one, but I was at the football last night watching a thrilling 0-0 draw between Wigan and Everton, so sadly I could only get around to it today. Good as Tom Davies and Mason Holgate were in that contest, I doubt their performances will match some of the one’s we’ll get here.

I’m actually off to Wales for a holiday next week, but the cottage I’m staying at supposedly has Wi-Fi, so I’ll try and get some G1 done whilst I’m there. Anything I can’t get done will be mopped up when I get back. Hopefully I can get next week’s Hardcore TV done before I go and will schedule it for Wednesday as usual. I’ll catch up on 205 Live when I get back as well.

Anyway, that’s all the housekeeping done with, let’s watch some chuffing wrestling!

All of these matches took place at Hiroshima Sun Plaza Hall on the 24th of July 2019

Calling the action are “The Big Man” Kevin Kelley and “The Medium Sized Man” Rocky Romero

Toru Yano (4 pts) Vs Juice Robinson (4 pts)

Yano has shockingly already defeated Tetsuya Naito and Jay White this year; whilst Juice had a 2-0 start before losing to B Block also ran Jeff Cobb last time out. Juice will be the favourite here just because of the new edge he’s been showing since his match with Jox Moxley earlier in the year, but Yano is always liable to shock you if you take him lightly.

Yano wants a handshake to start, and of course turns it into a school boy for two. Yano goes for the turnbuckle pad next and then uses it to block a Juice punch and then gets another roll up for two. Juice charges at Yano, but he dodges it and Juice ends up going shoulder first into the ring post. Yano tries taping Juice to the railings at ringside, but Juice disarms him. Both men race it back inside to break the count, and then back inside the ref removes more tape from Yano. Yano gets the ref to check Juice in return, which of course sets him up for another roll up for two.

Both men avoid going into the unprotected buckle, but Yano eventually drop toe holds Juice into the middle buckle and gets a roll up for two. Yano tries using the referee as a shield next and then tries a low blow, but Juice blocks it. Juice finally manages to get the big left handed punch and then delivers the Pulp Friction (Tommy Rogers/Little Guido’s Tomikaze) for the win.


Yano isn’t here to have technical classics but to do good character work and possibly play spoiler, so this match achieved its purpose, as Juice was able to overcome the chicanery to pick up the win.

Taichi (2 pts) w/ Mioh Abe Vs Hirooki Goto (2 pts)

Taichi got a big win over Tetsuya Naito in Round 2, but dropped points in the last round of fixtures against Shingo Takagi. Goto got a big win in Round 1 over Jay White, but he’s not won since. Both men really need to win here if they’re going to have much of a chance of being in the running, especially as the likes of Juice and Moxley are already on 6 points.

Taichi attacks LA Dojo Young Lion Karl Fredericks before the match starts, as Goto has been training at that Dojo with head trainer Katsuyori Shibata ahead of the G1, and stomps on his LA Dojo shirt. This fires Goto up and he attacks right from the off with strikes. A spinning wheel kick sends Taichi outside, where Goto sends him into the railings surrounding the ring. Taichi throws Abe in the way as a distraction, which allows Taichi to throw Fredericks into Goto and then send Goto face first into the ringpost.

Into the commentary area we go, where Taichi hits Goto with some form of box, possibly one that would hold microphones. Taichi rolls back in and tries to take the count out win, but Goto is able to pull himself back in to break the count. Taichi straight up chokes Goto back in the ring and then works him over with general heel techniques like eye gouges. Goto fights back up to his feet and throws some open hand chops, which causes Taichi to reply with some Kawada Kicks. Goto tries Ushigoroshi (Fireman’s Carry to the knee), but Taichi goes to the eyes to get out of it and then tries for a lariat, but Goto is able to hit a clothesline of his own first.

Goto gets a spin kick in the corner and follows with a Saito Suplex for two. Both men counter big moves from the other and then trade strikes, which ends with Taichi getting the enziguri. Taichi gets another ‘guri to the back of the head and then adds stiff Tajiri buzz saw kick for two. Taichi now rips off his pleathers and preps for a big thrust kick, but Goto catches it and finally gets The Ushigoroshi. Both men throw lariats, with neither going down, bit Goto finally manages to floor Taichi with one for two.

Goto unloads with some kicks, so Taichi throws some of his own and tries another ‘guri, but Goto blocks it by head butting it and then gets a Reverse GTR (Knee Crusher to the chest) for two. Goto tries the standard GTR (Knee Crusher to the back) next but Taichi grabs a hand full of hair to block it and then throws the referee into Goto before hitting a big back suplex. Taichi tries to attack Goto with the microphone stand he uses in his entrance, but Goto disarms him and throws the mic stand outside the ring before delivering a stiff kick to Taichi’s mid-section. GTR looks to end, but Taichi pulls the ref in the way, which allows him to catch Goto with a low blow and cheeky pinning hold (The Gedo Clutch) to pick up the win.


This was absolutely fine but never really kicked into a higher hear. Good heel shenanigans from Taichi though.

Shingo Takagi (4 pts) Vs Jon Moxley (6 pts) w/ Shota Umino

One of the many examples of how good the New Japan announce team is that they actually mention here that Shingo and Moxley used to be part of the same stable in DragonGate, something I honestly wouldn’t have known unless they’d mentioned it. Little things like that really add to the matches and it’s a credit to Kelley, Romero and Chris Charlton when he’s at the desk that they make sure you know these things and throw them in naturally without them sounding forced.

Moxley has a perfect record thus far and it would be a huge statement from Shingo if he could manage to beat him here. The fight is on right from the off, as they trade strikes and Moxley bites Shingo right in the face. Shingo fights back however with some chops and punches. Moxley wins the shoulder tackle battle and then clotheslines Shingo outside before following with a suicide dive, but Shingo catches him and hits a Death Valley Driver on the floor. Moxley replies by whipping Shingo into the railings and then into the ring post, before mugging for the camera.

Moxley pulls a table out from under the ring and tries to put Shingo through it with a powerbomb off the apron, but Shingo fights this off, only for Moxley to catch his leg between the ropes and then dropkick it. Moxley works the leg now, going to the figure four leg lock to try and wear Shingo down. Shingo manages to make the ropes to break though, but Moxley takes him time releasing the hold. Moxley tries the Death Rider (Dirty Deeds) but Shingo fights it off and then hits a vertical suplex for two. Shingo couldn’t cover right away though due to his leg hurting following the suplex.

Shingo tries a sliding lariat, but Moxley catches it and then goes back to Shingo’s leg with a dropkick. Moxley wraps the leg of Shingo around the ring post next and goes to Bret Hart’s old figure four around the post, which the referee breaks up due to how highly illegal it is. Moxley gets a clothesline in the corner next, but Shingo no sells it and hits a snap release German Suplex. Moxley pops up with one of his own, but Shingo gets up from that and then lariats Moxley for a double down. Both men fight to their feet with strikes, which leads to Moxley getting a Dragon Screw and trying for the figure four again, but Shingo counters to an inside cradle for two. Moxley tries a cloverleaf next, but then hits a sliding lariat instead for two when Shingo fights it off.

Moxley keeps going after the leg, showing that he’s not just a wild brawler but also a good tactical wrestler too, and then trees the Knee Trembler (William Regal’s Running Knee strike), but Shingo counters with a Gory Bomb and then hits two big lariats for a near fall. Sweat literally flew on that second clothesline, outstanding stuff! Shingo tries for a fireman’s carry move, but his leg goes out and Moxley hits a nice DDT for two. Shingo’s sell job of this leg injury has been nothing short of sensational. Moxley tries the Death Rider again, but Shingo blocks it again and both men spill outside, where Moxley drops Shingo leg first onto the table from earlier.

Moxley lives out what is probably a lifelong dream by Pillmanising Shingo on the outside. Maybe we should rename it “Moxifying” someone just for the craic?  Moxley is happy to take a count out win following that, but Shingo manages to pull himself inside, where he finds the Knee Trembler wait for him. Moxley tries the Death Rider again next, but Shingo once again fights it off and then gets the Wonderwhirl (Half-Nelson Pumphandle into a sit out Powerbomb) for two. Shingo calls that “Made In Japan”, but I’m a fan of British wrestler Jonny Storm and he was doing it first, so I’ll use his name for it. Moxley goes back to the leg again and hits a pair Knee Tremblers for two, only to transition to a Texas Cloverleaf. Shingo actually taps out from that, paying off the leg (I guess you could argue the cloverleaf works the back more than the legs, but it certainly can’t be pleasant on the legs either so I’ll allow it)

RATING: ****

I can’t see how Moxley isn’t winning this block right now based on his strongly he’s being booked. This match was fantastic, with a huge amount of credit needing to go to Shingo for just how wonderfully he sold his leg throughout it. Selling a body part is almost a lost art these days, and Shingo was sublime at it. Moxley was good as well though and I like how his character isn’t just an unthinking brute but is actually quite a good tactician as well. It’s amazing how it’s almost like he’s a completely different wrestler in New Japan. It really makes me wonder how many other WWE guys that people find to be a bit “meh” could be this effective if they worked in New Japan instead

Jay White (0 pts) w/ Gedo Vs Jeff Cobb (2 pts)

Cobb managed to get a win against Juice Robinson last time out, but I can’t see him beating White here. For better or worse, Cobb is the junior member of this block and that means he’s mostly there to get whomped by the stars. I’ll guffaw mightily if White loses again however, as it’s always fun to see a heel get foiled.

White stalls to start, as has been his usual MO in this year’s G1 thus far. White is hilarious when he gets shoulder blocked down by Cobb and rolls outside saying “That didn’t work how I wanted it to”. White gets a cheap shot back inside, but Cobb follows up with a dropkick and then beels White across the ring, who then “slithers” outside (Kelley’s line, not mine, and a great one at that). Gedo helps White outside the ring, which leads to Cobb throwing him into the ring and threatening pain. White is able to jump him before that happens though and then chokes Cobb with the skirt of the apron and then delivering a neck breaker to the floor.

I love it when guys successfully draw heel heat in Japan like White does, because it really means you have to go the extra mile. White works Cobb over back inside the ring, with Red Shoes refusing to count pins when White does something nefarious. Cobb manages a Samoan Drop for a double down, but when he tries to kip up, White sees it coming and pulls him back down by his hair. White as the evil mastermind is great stuff; I honestly can’t wait to see him match up with Moxley, that should be a fantastic mental battle between the two. Cobb manages an overhead belly to belly suplex and tries a German next, but White is able to fight him off, so Cobb throws chops instead.

Cobb gets a big back body drop and follows up with a bigger gut wrench suplex. Cobb gets a running elbow in the corner and a hanging vertical suplex, following by a standing moonsault for two. Cobb’s athletic ability is kind of crazy for a guy his size. Tour of the Islands (Inverted Powerslam) looks to be on its way, but White uses the ropes to block it and then drops Cobb throat first over the top rope and then follows up with a quick DDT to buy himself some time. White gets a Complete Shot next and then tries a German Suplex, but Cobb blocks that, only to then run in to another Complete Shot. White gets a Saito Suplex next and then follows up with a uranage slam for two. Kiwi Krusher (Ki Krusher) looks to be next but Cobb fights that off and then unloads with some stiff shots to White. White counters a back suplex by going to the eyes, but can’t block a Blockbuster Slam.

Cobb no sells some boots from White and then crushes him with a clothesline in the corner before yanking him out of the corner into a back suplex in a great spot. Cobb sets White up on the top rope and then tries for a big superplex, but Gedo grabs Whites leg to stop it. White tries to get away, but Cobb pulls him back and dead lift superplexes him back into the ring in another outstanding spot. White is only just able to kick out, and even that is done by him barely bridging up one of his shoulders.

Tour of the Islands looks to be next, but White fights that off with elbow strikes and goes for a half nelson suplex. Cobb shoves him off, but this leads to the ref goingf down, which brings in Gedo with brass knux. Cobb takes care of him, but the distraction is enough for White to get a low blow and a Half-Nelson suplex. Blade Runner (Sister Abigail’s Kiss) looks to be the end, but Cobb counters it into a snap release German Suplex  and then goes for Tour of the Islands again. White is able to counter that into the Blade Runner however and that’s enough for the win.

RATING: ***3/4

So Jay White is finally off the mark in this year’s G1 Climax. This was a very enjoyable match, with White bringing his awesome heel schtick and Cobb stealing the show with some of his amazing power wrestling. Definitely this is more the Cobb I was expecting coming into the G1.

Tesuya Naito (2 pts) Vs Tomohiro Ishii (4 pts)

Hiroshima is Naito’s adopted hometown due to his support of the local baseball team, which probably telegraphs the finish, especially as he’s going to need to keep up the pace with Moxley by getting a win here. Ishii and Moxley had an amazing match in the last round, and Ishii just generally has good matches, so there’s every chance that this could be a fun outing. Naito goes straight at Ishii from the bell, which ends with him taking a shoulder tackle and a kick to the back. Both men trade strikes, with Ishii getting the better of that, only for Naito to follow with a hip toss and a dropkick. Naito keeps the pressure on by going to a cravat next and then stomping away.

Ishii fights back up to his feet however and demands more before throwing some chops. Ishii gets a lovely looking powerslam before throwing some more chops and talking some trash to Naito. Naito fights off a back suplex and manages to get an inverted atomic drop and a running front dropkick. Naito gets a rana next and then a combination of strikes that ends with a dropkick in the corner. Naito tries a rana from the top, but Ishii slips out of that and tries a powerbomb, but Naito fends that off and slaps him before adding some spit. Ishii floors Naito with a big forearm in response and and then unloads with chops and forearms in the corner. Note to self, do not spit at Tomohiro Ishii, it won’t end well.

Ishii gets a back suplex and makes a cover, but Naito is out at two, though he looks to be in pain following that all-out assault from Ishii. Ishii tries a powerbomb, but Naito rana’s out of it. This leads to a great sequence of counters that ends with Naito planting Ishii with a big Tornado DDT. The crowd are firmly behind Naito here, though there are some shouts for Ishii as well. Naito heads up top, but Ishii stops him and then tries to bring Naito down with a superplex. Naito manages to fight him off however and then hits a high angle neck breaker before folllowing with a rana off the second rope for two. Naito gets a flying forearm next and hits Gloria (Pumphandle into a side slam) but Ishii is able to kick out at two. Naito goes for the Destino (Side headscissors into a reverse DDT) but Ishii blocks it and then no sells a German Suplex.

Naito replies to that with a reverse rana, but ends up getting lariated by Ishii for a double down. Ishii is very much on the ropes here. In fact, he tries to grab the ropes to support himself and can barely manage it! Naito gets a ‘guri, but Ishii sets him up on the top rope and smacks him with a big head butt. Naito is understandably dazed following that, and is unable to fight off Ishii’s superplex, which gets Ishii a count of two. Ishii preps for another lariat, and after Naito blocks it at first he gets it on the second attempt for two. Naito manages to his Destinooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo out of nowhere in response though, for two.

Naito usually just hits it again and then wins in these sort of scenario’s, so Ishii needs to be wary that it might be coming his way again. Naito does indeed go for it again, but Ishii is able to block it and tries brain buster, only for Naito to turn that into a DDT. Ishii just won’t stay down however, and pops up from that DDT with a sliding lariat for two. Ishii tries the brain buster again, but Naito fights it off and eventually manages to hit a Northern Lights Bomber for two. Destino is delivered again following that however and that’s enough for the win.

RATING: ***3/4

Good match, but I never bought that Ishii was going to win due to the match being in Hiroshima and Naito really having to win to have any chance to stay alive in the tournament, so that hindered my enjoyment of it a little bit. It wasn’t like the Ishii match with White, where I was second guessing everything and was on the edge of my seat with all the near falls as I honestly didn’t know who was going to win.

So following Round 4 of fixtures in B Block, the standings are as follows;

Jon Moxley leads the way on 8 points, whilst Juice Robinson is nipping at his heels with 6 points. Tetsuya Naito, Tomohiro Ishii, Taichi, Shingo Takagi and Toru Yano all have 4 points, whilst Jay White, Jeff Cobb and Hirooki Goto are at the bottom of the table with 2 points.

In Conclusion

Solid night of G1 action there, with Moxley Vs Shingo being my pick of the bunch. Worth watching the final three matches. I’ll hopefully see you all again on Saturday or Sunday depending on internet connections and travel arrangements.