What the World Was Watching: WCW Pro – August 26, 1995

WCW Prime on August 21 featured a new bout.  Chris Cruise and Dusty Rhodes were on the call.

-Prime “MOOO” WCW Tag Team Championship Match of the Week:  Dick Slater & Bunkhouse Buck (Champions w/Colonel Robert Parker) (19-9) defeat Los Especialistas when Buck pins Especialista #2 after a double fist at 3:29:

This match was taped at WCW Worldwide in early May before ring announcer Gary Michael Cappetta was released.  WCW Prime is also well behind existing WCW storylines because the Especialistas were unmasked at The Clash of the Champions and are back under the masks on this show.  Slater and Buck take some token offense from the jobbers in the early going before cheating, allowing them to seize the advantage and capture their twentieth win of the year.  The tag team champions have also won six matches in a row if one excludes their Clash of the Champions loss in a five-man and one-woman tag.

WCW Pro had the regular crew of Cruise, Dusty, and Larry Zbyszko on commentary.   This show concluded the tapings in Dalton, Georgia from July 25.

Opening Contest:  Brian Pillman (25-4) defeats Steve Armstrong (0-1) after Air Pillman at 5:53:

During the match, Johnny B. Badd cuts a promo in the split screen where he says that their friendship will be set aside when they collide at Fall Brawl.  Armstrong wrestled a fun match against Badd on WCW Saturday Night and this one is close to that level, but is bedeviled by some sloppiness as Armstrong takes a weird bump from a flying bulldog and Pillman takes an awkward bump from a sit out powerbomb.  Rating:  *¾

Kevin Sullivan & the Shark defeat Two Unnamed Jobbers when the Shark pins one of the jobbers after the Shark Attack at 1:30:

Sullivan and the Shark wrestled together three times earlier in the year when the Shark was Avalanche but that pairing no longer counts since WCW has purged Avalanche from existence.  This squash is quick, with the Shark working quickly, biting both jobbers, and giving them both Shark Attacks.

Gene Okerlund does the updated Fall Brawl Control Center, saying that a new stipulation for the WarGames match has been added where if Hulk Hogan’s team wins then Hogan will get to face off with Kevin Sullivan after the bout.  Also, a television title match has been added to the card as the Renegade will face off against Diamond Dallas Page.  Other matches added include Ric Flair against Arn Anderson and Sergeant Craig Pittman against Cobra.

Arn Anderson (18-10-2) pins Tim Horner (0-11) after a spinebuster at 3:36:

Anderson and Horner go through some of the basics on the mat after doing some token brawling on the arena floor.  Horner thinks he has Anderson on the ropes when he escapes an inverted atomic drop, but Anderson catches him with a spinebuster out of nowhere to win.  Rating:  ½*

Cruise interviews Anderson, who cuts a great promo that says that Ric Flair lost focus because of his obsession with Hulk Hogan, failed business ventures, and problems at home.  He said he never minded doing the dirty work to keep Flair at WCW champion, including nearly dying in England in 1993 because of an argument over him, but his roles with Flair kept growing with little appreciation or worth and it is time to put him in his place at Fall Brawl.

A video package hypes the Fall Brawl main event.  It is largely a rehash of the previous week’s video where the Hulkamaniacs run away from an explosion that does not explode but this time the audience sees Vader moonsaulting away from the supposed explosion.

Sergeant Craig Pittman (29-3) beats the Italian Stallion via submission to the Code Red at 2:56:

The Stallion was a former worker in Jim Crockett Promotions and WCW during the 1980s, competing in all three Crockett Cup tournaments.  He is also known as the man responsible for getting the Hardy Boys some of their early WWF appearances as enhancement talents during the 1990s.  Pittman runs through his usual offense on the long-time veteran, getting yet another submission win.

After the bell, Morse Code plays over the arena’s loudspeakers, causing Pittman’s eyes to become afraid of his surroundings.

Big Bubba Rogers (21-6-1) defeats Hacksaw Jim Duggan (31-4-1) via Flair pin at 5:44:

Duggan and Rogers wrestled in the feature match on WCW Pro on June 3, with Duggan winning via disqualification.  Today’s bout is an average brawl, but it does feature some fun spots.  For example, Duggan blasts Rogers in the face when Rogers tries to do his traditional “slide out of the ring and uppercut the opponent who is laying over the ropes” spot and Rogers uses his suspenders to choke Duggan when Duggan tries to use them to escape a chinlock.  Duggan’s comeback is cut short when Rogers pushes him off the second rope when Duggan does some second rope punches and he gets the pin with the help of the ropes.  Rating:  *½

After the bell, Dave Sullivan tries to explain to referee Randy Anderson what Rogers did.  This causes Rogers to break out in hives because he is allergic to Dave’s rabbit.  While this is going on, Duggan puts duct tape around his fist and blasts Rogers, knocking him out.

Cruise interviews Duggan, who says that he is tired of being Mr. Nice Guy.  He tells Nick Bockwinkel to get the fine book ready because he is going back to his heritage as his great-great grandmother was a taped fist champion in Ireland.  Evidently, she knocked out his great-great grandfather and was a real piece of work!

The Last Word:  This was an unusual episode because a lot of storyline developments took place that are usually absent from WCW Pro.  Hacksaw Jim Duggan will now start doing a taped fist gimmick, something that will become goofier with time and Arn Anderson did some great mic work to build his match with Ric Flair for Fall Brawl.  Overall, this was one of the best episodes of WCW Pro of 1995.

Up Next:  WCW Worldwide for August 26!