Mike Reviews: ECW Hardcore TV #326 – 24/07/2019

Hello You!

So here we are, back with another episode of Hardcore TV as we mop up the fallout from Heatwave 99 (Of which you can read the review of by clicking right HERE). Usually with these post-Pay Per View shows ECW mostly recaps what happened at the previous event, kind of like how NXT does it. Hopefully there’ll be something on here though with a bit more bite to it than the usual clip fests these episodes are.

Just a quick note about New Japan’s Wednesday G1 show, it won’t be up till Thursday, mainly because I’m out this Wednesday (I’m actually writing this earlier in the week). English Football’s pre-season is now in full swing and I’ll be off to watch my side Everton take on Wigan in a friendly on Wednesday, so I won’t have time for G1 until after work on Thursday. Hopefully I’ll have it up by a reasonable time on that day. Please feel free to check my archives if you want to see what I’ve thought of this year’s G1 thus far.

So, without further ado, let’s amp ourselves up with our favourite caffeine based drink of choice and take it to The Extreme!!!

Calling the action is calling Joey Styles

We open up with clips from Heatwave 99, where Tommy Dreamer and Francine are in the ring. Amazingly Tommy Dreamer was only 28 when this show happened and his body was already thrashed after years competing in Extreme matches. Dreamer grabs a mic and takes shots at King of the Ring 99 and Bash at the Beach 99 (Which admittedly were awful shows) and also puts over the TNN debut. He then acts like he’s going to retire, but before he can finish his announcement, Steve Corino interrupts. Didn’t we do this exact angle with Shane Douglas earlier in the year? Corino says that Dreamer should go out on his back and let Corino pin him here and now. He even offers to hook the leg as a sign of respect. Dreamer refuses however, so Corino jumps him and peppers him with punches. Dreamer no sells them however and clocks Corino with a clothesline. Francine adds a bronco buster and then a DDT before pinning Corino. I remember watching a Corino shoot interview where he said Taz was furious about this as he was supposed to be working with Corino and Corino was out there getting beaten up by a manager, but apparently Dreamer was insistent it happen because he wanted to appease Francine, thus meaning Corino was stuck in the middle of it all and just doing what he could to keep his push. Anyway, following that “match”, Tajiri comes out to assault both Dreamer and Francine, which leads to Taz coming down for his match with Tajiri, at which point the action freezes.

We get a video package narrated by Paul Heyman, where he hypes up the events from Heatwave, saying all the fans questions about the show will be answered tonight.

Show Intro. Today’s tagline; “No Politicians, No Basketball Players, Just Hardcore Extreme Wrestlers”

Joey Styles is in front of the ECW Banner, where he explains that tonight’s show will be recapping the events from Heatwave 99.

We get still pictures of The Dudley Boyz Vs Spike Dudley and Balls Mahoney match from Heatwave 99. After a seemingly never ending promo segment from The Dudleyz, Spikey-Balls ended up winning with inside cradles to claim the ECW Tag Team Titles. Following the bout, The Dudleyz busted out the flaming tables again, but eventually the new Champs were rescued by a returning New Jack.


Back from the break, we get a backstage promo from Spikey-Balls, the new ECW Tag Champs. Balls has a neck brace on and says that winning the tag belts was better than watching TV with two lesbian strippers.

Up next, we get still pictures of Yoshihiro Tajiri’s challenge of Taz for the ECW World Title at Heatwave 99. After a decent back and forth match, Taz eventually snapped and choked Tajiri out with some barbed wire to pick up the win. On Heatwave we didn’t actually get to see a close up on the finish due to the fact that some TV executives were there to view the show and got skittish following The Dudley promo, so we got a wide camera angle instead. Here we see that Tajiri actually bled quite badly from the attack, possibly even doing the old trick of biting down on a condom to make it look like blood was coming out of his mouth. Heyman says that match was thrown out, and that ECW don’t like to do things like that, but Taz went so far that they had no choice.


Back from the break, we get still pictures of the Heatwave main event, which featured The Impact Players of Justin Credible and Lance Storm taking on Jerry Lynn and Rob Van Dam. Lynn and RVD eventually prevailed, but the match saw interference from Sabu, which led to a three way brawl between RVD, Lynn and Sabu at the events close as the two winners were not happy about him getting involved.


Back from the break, we get a promo from Jerry Lynn, who looks like the world’s most extreme science teacher in his John Lennon styled glasses, where he addresses both his opponents and partner from Heatwave. He calls Justin Credible a coward, Storm a waste of talent and says that he reckons Rob Van Dam is annoyed that Lynn was the one who scored the winning pin.

We head back to Joey Styles, who throws to clips from the post-match brawl following the main event at Heatwave. This is followed by a promo from The Impact Players, where they brag that even though they lost they caused a rift between the three babyfaces, which will make it easier for them to take over ECW.


Back from the break, we get a promo from Rob Van Dam and Bill Alfonso in the empty arena following the Pay Per View. RVD brags about how big a star he’ll be on TNN, and says he’s willing to put his ECW TV Title on the line against Sabu following what happened after the main event. He says he thinks Sabu is jealous and acts like a bit of a jerk in all honesty.

Following that promo, we head back to the ECW Banner, where someone tells Joey that they’re towing his car away. Joey flees to check this is true, which gives a new bearded Joel Gertner the opportunity to walk on to the set. Gertner says he will help The Dudley Boyz regain the ECW Tag Team Titles and then addresses the media coverage surrounding John F. Kennedy Jr’s death, doing a lot of sexual gags in the process. JFK Jr had died on the 16th of July in a plane crash, which gives Gertner the chance to make a lot of lewd comments about the “cockpit” and whatnot. This felt like they had TV time to fill and just shoved Gertner out there to talk about something. It really had no relation to professional wrestling and didn’t help advance anything on the show.


We get promo time from ECW World Champ Taz. Taz talks about shoving barbed wire down Tajiri’s throat and warns parents that they shouldn’t let their kids watch him. Taz says that wrestling is real to him dammit, and then says this isn’t over between him and Tajiri and that there will be future matches between them for the ECW Title. He then says he’s going to get Steve Corino eventually as well. He demands Corino keep bringing guys for him to face and says that no one is going to take the Title from him, not even ECW itself. It’s just begun between him and Tajiri.

In Conclusion

There’s absolutely no reason to watch this other than if you want to know what happened at Heatwave 99 and don’t have the time to watch the Pay Per View show in full. Bring on next week, where we’ll hopefully get some fresh matches at the very least.