Impact Wrestling – July 19, 2019

Impact Wrestling
Date: July 19, 2019
Location: Don Kolov Arena, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Commentators: Don Callis, Josh Matthews

For some reason we’re still not back to the regular shows nearly two weeks removed from Slammiversary as it’s another special edition. This time around it’s a Mash Up Tournament, which is basically the old Lethal Lottery. Now the fun thing to do is guess how many of these teams will be having issues or some kind of connection as the tournament starts. I’ll set the over/under at one per match, minimum. Let’s get to it.

Callis and Matthews are in the ring to start and explain the concept. The winning team will get to face off on August 2 for a World Title shot. Certainly better than a trophy.

Sami Callihan is ready to team with Tessa Blanchard but reminds her that he is the leader. She doesn’t seem to agree.

Opening sequence.

Mash-Up Tournament First Round: Moose/Eddie Edwards vs. Rohit Raju/Cody Deaner

Raju starts with Moose and is over for the tag in less than thirty seconds after no contact. Moose isn’t impressed with the fans so Cody hammers him in the jaw for his efforts. Eddie comes in and gets punched as well, followed by Raju hammering away in the corner. Moose has to save Eddie from a double suplex and starts cleaning house on Cody. A double backsplash crushes Raju but Cody is back up with a powerslam on Eddie. Raju and Cody get in an argument so Moose kicks Cody in the face. The Boston Knee Party finishes Raju at 5:20.

Rating: D. This didn’t have time to go anywhere and I have a feeling it’s going to be a preview of everything else tonight: wacky partners not getting along. Eddie and Moose are fine for a mini dream team, though you can imagine them imploding at some point. The Deaners vs. the Hit Squad just needs to go far away though and I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

Post match the Deaners and the Hit Squad get in another fight with the Squad getting the better of it.

Aiden Prince and Ace Austin aren’t worried about Willie Mack and Michael Elgin but Austin tells him to stay out of his way and let the veteran handle things. Prince walks off, suggesting that Austin needs another partner.

Eddie and Moose are happy about their win but Moose wants to win the whole thing.

Mash-Up Tournament First Round: Rich Swann/Mad Man Fulton vs. Zachary Wentz/Jake Crist

By the powers, what a coincidence! Again! Fulton chokes Wentz to start but a hurricanrana sends Fulton over for the tag. It’s quickly off to Crist vs. Swann for an exchange of kicks as we take an early break. Back with Swann in trouble in the corner and Wentz coming in for a front facelock. Swann kicks away to get a breather but Crist breaks up the tag attempt. A Lethal Injection is enough for the tag to Fulton, who won’t hit Crist. Instead Fulton chokeslams Swann and Crist hits a fisherman’s buster for the pin at 9:19.

Rating: C-. This was better than the first match due to the time and the people involved, but it still wasn’t great. The best part here is that the match made more sense with Crist being able to control Fulton and get a win over Swann, which might get him an X-Division Title shot down the line.

Austin hits on Madison Rayne but she says a queen doesn’t align herself with a court jester. Stone Rockwell (the adventurer guy who is basically a mascot) comes up and winds up being Austin’s partner.

Mash-Up Tournament First Round: Stone Rockwell/Ace Austin vs. Michael Elgin/Willie Mack

Elgin breaks up the posing before the bell and sends Austin into the corner for the tag off to Mack. Austin manages a kick to Mack’s head but won’t tag in Rockwell, allowing Mack to hit a spinebuster. The fans are WAY into Mack here and almost equally into Elgin as he comes in to take over. A powerbomb is escaped and Austin bails over to Rockwell, who manages a suplex. Elgin pops right back up and it’s the buckle bomb into the Elgin Bomb for the pin at 3:51.

Rating: D+. It was short but entertaining with the fans being WAY into Elgin and Mack. There’s always room for a fun squash like this one and Mack and Elgin were perfect for something like this. That’s the point of something like this and you could see Elgin and Mack winning the whole thing.

Sami Callihan and OVE are ready to win the tournament so Sami can be World Champion. Since Sami and Dave Crist are in the next match, it’s Fingerpoke of Doom time.

Taya Valkyrie is NOT defending the Knockouts Title tonight because she defended it two weeks ago. John E. Bravo seems interested in her and she might be a bit sick.

Mash-Up Tournament First Round: Trey Miguel/Dave Crist vs. Tessa Blanchard/Sami Callihan

Trey is in OVE gear. Sami wants the Fingerpoke but the fans want Tessa. Trey makes the quick save and everyone comes in for yelling and shoving. Tessa sends Dave outside and Miguel hits a pair of dives. Sami’s spit chop is cut off by a superkick and Trey hits one of his own, continuing to use the Sami mannerisms. Back in and Sami takes over but won’t tag Tessa in.

The fans still want Tessa but have to settle for Trey rolling Sami up for two. Tessa tags herself in and dropkicks Trey into 619 position. That means a running elbow to the back before slamming Callihan onto Trey. It’s back to Sami but Trey fights up and hits a 619 in the corner, allowing the double tag to Tessa and Dave. The Codebreaker out of the corner gives Tessa two but Magnum misses.

A fireman’s carry facebuster drops Tessa but Trey tags himself in and yells at Dave. The Downward Spiral DDT plants Tessa but she is back up with a tornado DDT to Trey. Everything breaks down and Sami backdrops Trey to escape the Cactus Special. Magnum connects but Tessa tweaks her knee, allowing Sami to tag himself in. The Cactus Special finishes Trey at 11:18.

Rating: C+. This felt like the biggest match of them all and a lot of that was due to the extra time. Sami and Tessa are the most likely winners of the whole thing and that’s not the worst thing in the world. Tessa getting her win back and going on to get a title shot is interesting, as is Sami finally winning the World Title.

Post break, Sami and Tessa keep arguing.

Flashback Moment of the Week: OVE vs. Moose/Tommy Dreamer/Eddie Edwards from House of Hardcore.

Havok vs. Taya Valkyrie vs. Madison Rayne

Non-title. Taya and Madison go after Havok to start with Madison being thrown into the corner for her efforts. Taya knocks them into both corners but spends too much time gyrating, allowing Rayne to come back with an enziguri. A clothesline gives Taya two as Havok is back up. John E. Bravo offers a distraction so Taya can rake Havok’s eyes (not the most necessary move in a No DQ match), allowing Madison to grab a guillotine choke.

That’s broken up in a hurry so it’s a three way slugout. Havok is big enough for a fall away slam/Samoan drop at the same time but Bravo pulls Taya away from a running kick in the corner. Madison slugs at Havok as Taya leaves, allowing Havok to come back with a Tombstone for the pin at 5:37.

Rating: D+. Again, not enough time to go anywhere but Havok continues to be built up towards a likely run at the title. That seems to be the case for several people at the moment and Taya’s time as champion seems to be starting to wrap up, though she’ll probably hold it until Bound For Glory, which is fine.

Elgin is going to win the #1 contendership because he has Brian Cage in a street fight next week. What better way to guarantee himself the title?

Mash-Up Tournament Finals: Eddie Edwards/Moose vs. Zachary Wentz/Jake Crist vs. Willie Mack/Michael Elgin vs. Tessa Blanchard/Sami Callihan

The winning team faces off in two weeks for a World Title shot and it’s elimination rules. Tessa and Sami argue over who gets to start with Eddie, allowing Eddie to knock Sami down early on. Sami fights back but Moose tags himself in and slugs away, only to have Sami grab his crotch. It’s already back to Eddie as the other teams are being shut out so far.

The slugout into a chase is on but Elgin tags himself in, allowing Eddie to dive onto Sami. Everything breaks down into a brawl on the floor until Elgin and Eddie wind up back inside. Moose comes back in to powerbomb Eddie onto the pile and we take a break. Back with Elgin suplexing Moose to leave Eddie all alone. Mack remembers that he’s in the match and Pounces Eddie, followed by the big flip dive to everyone else. That leaves Eddie to take the Elgin Bomb for the first elimination.

Wentz goes after Elgin and takes him down with a springboard corkscrew crossbody. Mack comes back in but his standing moonsault hits Jake’s knees. It’s back to Sami for the thumbs to the eyes but Mack runs him over for the standing moonsault. Everything breaks down and Tessa stares Elgin down, which isn’t likely to end well. That’s broken up though and Elgin clotheslines Mack before walking out.

The Cactus Special pins Mack and we’re down to two. The double slugout is on until Wentz hits a springboard cutter on Sami. Crist hits a Death Valley Driver for two on Tessa but it’s time for the Fingerpoke of Doom. Hang on though as Jake rolls Sami up for two, followed by the exchange of kicks to the head. The quick Cactus Special rocks Jake though and Magnum gives Tessa the pin at 15:37.

Rating: C+. Kind of a mess here, but it was a fun mess and that’s what matters. The ending is the right call as Tessa vs. Sami II can feel like a big deal and gives us a pair of options for the title shot. Everyone else save for Elgin and Mack were just kind of there, though the match was chaotic enough that it’s ok in this case.

Tessa and Sami yell at each other to end the show.

Overall Rating: C+. This was a concept show and that’s not something they do very often these days. I can live with it once in awhile, which is what this seems to be, and at least we can get a fresh #1 contender out of the thing. What matters here is getting some more momentum after Slammiversary, which already seems forever ago. It’s a fine show, but not something they could do that often.


Moose/Eddie Edwards b. Cody Deaner/Rohit Raju – Boston Knee Party to Raju

Zachary Wentz/Jake Crist b. Madman Fulton/Rich Swann – Fisherman’s buster to Swann

Willie Mack/Michael Elgin b. Ace Austin/Stone Rockwell – Elgin Bomb to Rockwell

Tessa Blanchard/Sami Callihan b. Trey Miguel/Dave Crist – Cactus Special to Miguel

Havok b. Taya Valkyrie and Madison Rayne – Tombstone to Rayne

Tessa Blanchard/Sami Callihan won the Mash-Up Tournament

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