WrestleKingdom main event.

Have you been following/watching the G1 thus far. I honestly don’t know what direction they’re going for a final yet, so how about this: 

NJPW and AEW wake up and smell the money and work out a friendly working relationship.

Okada runs the G1 and wins as IWGP Champion. He gets to choose his WrestleKingdom opponent and he chooses the guy who ended his last reign as Champ, KENNY OMEGA.

Obviously AEW’s top guy losing a main event match to a NJPW guy isn’t pristine but an 8+ match and global exposure has to be worth it right?

New Japan is still being very stubborn about the AEW thing and there's no deal forthcoming as best anyone can tell. 
I have no idea where they're going with the G1, although I can also see them pulling the trigger on Ospreay this year and doing Okada v. Ospreay at WrestleKingdom.  I think Naito is due again pretty soon but he's cooled off a lot from where he was a couple of years back and this probably isn't the year for it.