Samoa Jobber living up to Scott Steiner’s Percentages Theorem?

Hey Scott,

Any word on why Samoa Joe is jobbing like there's no tomorrow? His U.S. Title reign was a complete joke in which he lost to Rey Mysterio in embarrassing fashion. Then, after jobbing the title to Ricochet, he jobs to Kofi in under 10 minutes. Yes, I know he pinned Balor last night but Balor still got his heat back at Joe's expense immediately after the match.  For a while, Joe was over for being a badass and cutting cool promos but now, he's treated like a joke. Did someone remind Vince he was a TNA original or was Steiner right about him all along? 

I dunno, are we counting on 40-something Joe to suddenly carry the company?  It would have been nice for him to win of his numerous main event feuds, but really they put him in there with top guys and he hangs just fine, and then puts them over and moves on.  He's doing OK for himself and god knows no one ever expected SAMOA JOE to turn up in WWE and get a main event run anyway.