New Japan Pro Wrestling G1 Climax 2019 – Night Six (19/07/2019)

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No time for a long intro. This is more G1. Please read it (Cheers to Andy for the plug earlier)

Anyway, let’s get to some more B Block Action!

These matches all took place at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan on 19/07/2019

Calling the action is Kinky Kevin Kelley, Rustic Rocky Romero and Cheerful Chris Charlton

Taichi w/ (2 PTS) Mioh Abe Vs Shingo (2 PTS)

Taichi amazingly beat Tetsuya Naito in the last round of fixtures, whilst Shingo got his first points on the board by defeating Toru Yano. I actually had Taichi’s music stuck in my head all day following Night Four, which was something I wasn’t expecting, but it’s surprisingly catchy. Shingo goes right on the attack, angry over how Taichi treated him in the Night Five tag match. Shingo gets a nice vertical suplex, but doesn’t go for a cover.

Taichi bails outside to gather himself, but Shingo follows him out and continues to lay a whupping on him. Taichi throws Abe in the way to distract Shingo however, which allows him to clock his opponent with his mic stand. We brawl into the crowd now, where Taichi adds a shot from a chair. Taichi would be a good slimy henchman in a movie actually, he just has that look about him. Back inside, Taichi chokes away on Shingo and just generally works him over.

Shingo fires back with some forearms, but Taichi goes to the eyes to stop that. Shingo tries some chops next, but Taichi replies with some Kawada Kicks and then a clothesline. Shingo manages to get a punch to stun Taichi however and then adds a Tenryu like elbow from the top rope for two, which plays into the fact that Taichi and Shingo were mentored by Tenryu and Kawada respectively. Taichi fires back with some stiff kicks and then removes his pleathers. As usual though, this gives his opponent a chance to recover and Shingo throws more chops, only to get caught with an enziguri.

Taichi tries a back suplex next, but Shingo fights it off and gets one of his own, only for Taichi to no sell it and get it on the second attempt. Wow, they’re putting Taichi over strong in this tournament so far. Shingo manages to hit a desperation Gory Bomb though and both men are down. Both men lariat the heck out of each other, with neither going down, but Shingo gets a flurry of strikes and goes for the lariat again. Taichi blocks it and gets one of his own, but he’s unable to capitalise on it and we get another double down.

Taichi throws another stiff kick and goes for Black Mephisto, but Shingo turns it into a backslide for two and then follows up with the Wonder Whirl for two. Shingo keeps hitting lariats, but Taichi keeps coming with kicks and gets a big enziguri before going to the Last Ride for two. Wow, I thought that was it there, really good near fall! Shingo blocks another kick form Taichi, and a foul kick for good measure, before flooring Taichi with two clotheslines for a near fall. Last of the Dragon comes next however and Taichi ain’t getting out of that one, so the match ends with Shingo getting his hand raised.

RATING: ***1/2

Good hart hitting action there, as Shingo weathered the Taichi storm of kicks and and was eventually able to pick up the win. Both men came out of that looking better in my opinion. Taichi looked like a genuine threat, whilst Shingo looked gutsy and resourceful.

Jeff Cobb (0 PTS) Vs Juice Robinson (4 PTS)

Juice has been the surprise package of B Block, beating both Shingo and Hirooki Goto thus far. Cobb has been mostly cannon fodder in the first two matches and got pretty much eaten up and spat out by Jon Moxley in the last round. Let’s see if they let him pick up a bit of steam here by bringing Juice’s streak to an end.

Juice starts out with the jabs right away and throws some chops as well. Juice adds some clotheslines in the corner next, but when he tries the cannonball in the corner, Cobb rolls outside. Juice tries a dive to the outside but Cobb catches him and tries a suplex, only for Juice to slip out and send him into the ring post before adding a cannonball off the apron. Kind of amazing to watch Cobb get so easily walloped like this, as it was not what I was expecting at all going in. Back inside, Juice comes off the top rope with a cross body for two and then adds a senton back splash.

Juice tries a standing moonsault, but Cobb moves out of the way and then gets a big overhead belly to belly suplex. Juice rolls outside, so Cobb teases a dive, but Juice tries the Gargano spear back inside. Cobb catches him however and gets a nice throw before following up with his own standing moonsault for two. Man, this guy is ridiculous! Tour of the Islands looks to be next, but Juice blocks it and then adds a jumping side kick to floor Cobb. Juice goes for the Juice Box, but Cobb slips out and the two men start trading strikes. Cobb gets the better of that and hits the ropes, but finds nothing but spine buster waiting for him. Juice gets the cannonball in the corner and then sets Cobb up for a superplex, but goes to a rana instead for two. Check out Juice bringing Da Movez!

Juice heads up top and goes for a splash, but Cobb rolls away before he can jump off and then baits Juice into coming at him, which allows him to set Juice up on the top rope. Cobb goes for the big superplex out of there, but Juice fights him and gets a sunset flip powerbomb for two. Juice sets up for Pulp Friction, but Cobb fights it off and goes for a suplex and the two counter one another again a couple of times before Cobb finally gets it for a double down. Both men no sell lariats from each other, which ends with Juice going to a right handed punch and a left handed lariat or two.

Juice goes for Pulp Friction again, but Cobb counters it into two rolling German Suplexes and then hits a big super kick before following with a bridging German Suplex for two. This is more the sort of Cobb I was expecting. Tour of the Islands looks to be coming, but Juice counters it to a school boy for two. Cobb dodges the left handed punch and gets the Tour of the Islands to end Juice’s streak.

RATING: ***1/4

Juice taking so much of the match makes a bit more sense now when you consider he was going to be doing the honours at the end. This wasn’t a classic or anything, but it was a good match, just a tad too one sided for my liking. I get that Cobb is still quite new to New Japan so he has to get battered a bit, but it’s not always conducive to a good match.

Jay White (0 PTS) w/ Gedo Vs Toru Yano (2 PTS)

Yano got a big upset of Naito in the first round of fixtures, but I can’t see that happening here considering that White is currently on zero points and really needs to get himself on the board. Still, Yano last year beat both Kota Ibushi and Kenny Omega in the G1, so it’s not out of the question that he could pull off another big upset here.

White bails outside the minute the bell rings and complains that he doesn’t know what Yano is saying. Yano gets distracted by Gedo, which allows White to jump him, drawing boo’s from the crowd. Yano distracts White with a turnbuckle pad though and gets a roll up for two. White blocks a low blow and then gets a roll up following another Gedo distraction for two. Yano tries to throw White into the unprotected buckle, but White blocks it and then hits a low blow whilst Gedo distracts the ref.

Blade Runner looks to end things, but Yano spits in his face to block it. Gedo comes inside the ring next, but Yano shoves the two heels into one another and then low blows White before getting a roll up for another big upset


As a match it was all chicanery, but it was fun stuff whilst it lasted and I was giggling like an idiot when Yano managed to pick up the win.

Tetsuya Naito (0 PTS) Vs Hirooki Goto (2 PTS)

So amazingly Naito has yet to get on the board so far, losing to Yano and Taichi, two people you would expect him to beat. He needs a better performance here against Goto to finally get some points. Goto looked good in downing Jay White in Round 1 and had a very enjoyable match in Round 2 as well but came out on the losing end.

Naito gives Goto crap for wearing an LA Dojo shirt to start, so Goto chokes him with the shirt and then stomps away. Ha, yes, get him Goto! Goto works Naito over for a bit, but Naito gets back in to things with some strikes and then spits on him for good measure. Goto fights back with a kick however and takes the fight outside, where he sends Naito into the railings. Naito responds by ramming Goto’s left leg into the ring apron and then adding a nasty elbow to it. Naito rolls in to take the count out win, but Goto is able to pull himself back in and the match continues.

Naito targets the leg back inside and goes to a modified figure four leg lock. Either that or he just didn’t apply it properly. I’m plumping for the former and just assuming it was  weird varient he learnt during his travels in Mexico. Goto keeps coming however and manages to clothesline Naito for the double down. Goto gets a spin kick and a Saito Suplex for two, but Naito gets a sly kick to the leg to regain control. Naito dropkicks Goto in the back of the head and then adds another to the leg whilst Goto props himself up in the corner.

Goto fights back with a hanging neck breaker out of the corner however and both men are down again. Both men fight up from their knees with strikes, with Naito seeming to have more control of the situation. Naito kicks the leg and goes to a flurry of moves, but when he goes for the Destino Goto is able to counter it into a modified Ushigoroshi. This has the side effect of hurting his leg however, which means he can’t follow up on it right away. Naito goes to pick Goto up, but he gets the Ushigoroshi for the second time, which gets a two from the ref. Goto fights through the pain with some kicks and then gets a big one to floor him.

Goto doesn’t cover however and goes for the GTR, but Naito fights out of it and gets a roll up for two. Destino is tried again, but Goto gets the reverse GTR and a big kick. Goto tries Ushigoroshi again, but Naito turns that into a DDT and gets the DESTINOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…for two. He’ll just hit it again though, and indeed he does and that’s enough for his first win of this year’s G1. Honestly, why not have it end from the first one? We all know the second one is coming at this point.

RATING: ***1/2

This featured some good leg work from Naito and some good selling from Goto, but it didn’t really get past good for me. Still a decent match, but not one I think you’d need to go out of your way to see.

Jon Moxley (4 PTS) Vs Tomohiro Ishii (4 PTS)

Someone’s 0 has to go here, although there’s an outside chance they could go to the draw. My money is on there being a conclusive winner though, and part of me thinks Moxley will win here. I’m pretty certain Juice Robinson will beat him in this G1, but outside of that all the other matches with him are tough to call.

Ishii gets right in Moxley’s face to start and the brawl is on! Moxley actually knocks Ishii down with a shoulder charge and then gets a body slam. Outside we go, where both men fight in the crowd and Moxley throws Ishii face first into a sign a few times. Watching this brawl just makes me want to watch wrestling at this venue. It kind of reminds me of a bigger Broxbourne Civic Hall actually. Something for the bucket list maybe? Moxley is getting the best of this brawl actually, which I guess shows that he’s better at the more hardcore element. I’m sure if it becomes a more traditional strong style strike fest then Ishii will give Moxley his lumps.

The fight finally makes its way back to the ring, where Moxley stomps away. Ishii fires up from that however, so Moxley goes to the eyes and then unloads with some punches before going to a strangle hold. Ishii eventually makes the ropes to break the hold, so Moxley chops away at him in the corner and talks some trash.

Ishii eventually fires up again and floors Moxley with a shoulder barge and then unloads with some strikes of his own in the corner. Moxley tries a suplex in reply, but Ishii gets it instead. Outside we go again, where Moxley brings out some chairs and offers one to Ishii. We have the chair dual, which ends with Moxley getting the better of things and then grabbing a table. Moxley tries to put Ishii through the table from off the apron, but Ishii fights him off and tries it himself.

Moxley fights that off and then gets a big suicide dive out of the ring. Ishii ends up clotheslining a chair into Moxley and then adds a chair shot of his own. Ishii actually lays Moxley on the table and then heads up top with a big splash to put Moxley through it!!This match is absolutely radio rental!! Ishii puts Moxley back inside and then gets a superplex for two. Ishii, out hardcoring Moxley, who’d a thunk it?

Ishii gets a big release German Suplex, but Moxley replies with his own and then hits a big lariat. Ishii blocks the knee trembler and gets the sliding lariat for two before going for the brain buster. Moxley fights that off by biting Ishii, which gets some boos, and then adds a knee trembler for a double down. Both men trade head butts next, and Ishii wins that battle because

Thanks, Cenk.

Anyway, Moxley gets a uranage slam for two though and then adds a knee trembler for another near fall. Wow, this has been a straight up war of attrition. Moxley tries the Death Rider next, but Ishii fights it off and gets a stiff short arm lariat before following up with a more traditional one for two. Both men counter the others’ finishers, which ends with Moxley getting the Dirty Deeds for two. Moxley pulls down his knee covers and gets a knee trembler followed by the Death Rider for the pin.

RATING: ****1/2

Well, that was surely one heckity heck of a brawl wasn’t it boys and girls? Good lord. Amazingly if you let Jon Moxley actually be Jox Moxley and not script him to be an absolute fool then he’s actually very entertaining to watch. Who knew? Credit has to go to Ishii as well, who more than held his own in this kind of environment and the match was lots of fun as consequence.

So following those matches, the standings are as follows;

Jon Moxley leads the way on 6 points, whilst Tomohiro Ishii, Shingo Takagi, Juice Robinson and Toru Yano all have four points, Taichi, Teysuya Naito, Hirooki Goto and Jeff Cobb are on 2 points, and all the way at the bottom by his lonesome is Jay White with 0 points

In Conclusion

The main event is awesome and you should watch it. The rest of the card was fine and featured some decent wrestling, but the main is the must-see match here in my opinion, so give it a watch!

See you all tomorrow for Night Seven.