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Hi Scott, 

In his recent reviews of the NXT UK shows filmed at Download Festival, Thomas noted how good the venue looked on camera and how nice it was to have a change of scenery. I’ve been at the NXT events at Download for the past two years and the atmosphere was brilliant.
The crowd were having a great time too (“He’s got his own face on his arse”

With AEW on the scene trying to bring a different flavour to pro wrestling, and WWE struggling to fill conventional sports venues, do you think there’s an opportunity for them to use smaller venues with more character to bring some originality back to WWE broadcasts
and to help differentiate themselves in the market? What’s the best venue you’ve ever seen used for pro wrestling?

Boy, I really liked that Jacksonville theater they just used.  It was unique looking, but I wouldn't say the BEST.  I've still gotta go with the Manhattan Center from the early RAW shows as the best, though.  The perfect size for a TV taping with a hot crowd every week and great acoustics. They should find a way to do some NXT shows from there and play around with a retro theme because I think guys like the Dream would hit out of the park.  

And yeah, definitely I think AEW is going to use different arenas to make themselves different.  That was clearly the plan with the FFTW show.