Lesnar long game?

So here we are again, with Brock as Champ heading to SummerSlam. Obviously Rollins isn’t getting it back, so… and I’m afraid to type this, but is the horrifyingly obvious answer that this all leads to Roman winning the Rumble and doing Brock/Roman 2,345,165 at Mania(!) 

If not what else? I genuinely thought we were done with Brock as Champ after Mania. But with Roman and Seth already dethroning him, who’s left?

Here’s my choice… turn Daniel Bryan face again and have him build to the Rumble/Mania match with Brock where he counters the F5 to the heel hook and taps the monster clean. You know the crowd would absolutely buy in on another Bryan run. But if not him, who?  An NXT guy? Braun (again)? What’s the Lesnar long game?

I don't even think there is one at this point.  I think it's just:
1.  Get Brock as champion in time for FOX debut
2.  ???
3.  Profit!
And then work out the details from there.  What they should REALLY do is start backing up the damn dump truck of money to Ronda's farm and get her back, because clearly that's the one that broke the show.