Jeff Hardy/Sting

Scott – I’m not an impact watcher and wasn’t a TNA watcher but I was recently watching

A YouTube video that broke down the Jeff Hardy/Sting fiasco from one of the ppv’s in 2011.  Hardy shows up for the match wasted and Sting shoot pins him after like 30 seconds. 

Here’s my question………what in the world??!!   Has there ever been someone who completely ruined the main event of a Ppv like this before?   Why would he not be immediately fired?   I know the fan base was always pretty small – but surely there was huge backlash against the company from those who bought the show?

Yeah, I believe it was a bit of a PR nightmare and they even offered refunds if I'm not mistaken.  I'd say it was unique but really Jake Roberts did more of a number on the Heroes of Wrestling main event years before.