WWF Superstars of Wrestling – February 12th, 1994

February 12, 1994

From the Cumberland County Memorial Auditorium in Fayetteville, NC

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Stan Lane

This week’s featured match is Randy Savage vs. Rick Martel. Also in action are The Bushwhackers, Ludvig Borga, and Crush.


Crush w/ Mr. Fuji vs. Jay P. Stryker

That’s how Stryker’s name was spelled on the screen. The announcers talk about the Crush/Savage WrestleMania match and how the action can take place anywhere in the arena. Stryker works the arm for a bit but Crush drops him with a kick. Vince talks about the Crush/Savage contract signing from Mania and how a fight broke out. The crowd chants for Savage as we are promised a highlight of that signing. Crush stays in control then uses the head vice for the win (2:24).

Thoughts: Lots of hype here for the Crush/Savage feud and rules around their match at WrestleMania.


WWF Update with Gorilla Monsoon. After showing us the new denim jackets for sale, we are introduced to still photos of Owen turning on Bret at the Rumble then a video package on all of the titles Bret has won in the WWF. Gorilla proclaims that Bret is not done yet and will make a lot of noise then we get a music video of his accomplishments. However, the video is interrupted by Owen as he talks about Bret’s great past but that he is better


The guest ring announcer is Sgt. Thompson. No idea if he was military or not as that was how its spelled on the screen. He’s wearing t-shirt and jeans.


Bam Bam Bigelow w/Luna Vachon vs. Brad Anderson

Vince says we will soon find out about the guest ring announcer at WrestleMania. Bigelow beats down Anderson then we see him with Luna in an insert promo as they talk about Valentine’s Day. Anderson catches Bigelow with a drop toehold but gets tossed down afterwards then Bigelow uses a moonsault for the win while Luna’s back was turned (1:20). After the match, we listen to Bigelow as he shows his present to Luna on the video wall. Its his finisher that he calls the “Luna-sault.” She was impressed.

Thoughts: So the story here is that Bigelow gave Luna a move named after her for Valentine’s Day. Quite the romantic gesture. That was the focus rather than the Doink/Bigelow feud.


A video package hyping up next week’s Owen Hart vs. Marty Jannetty match.


The Bushwhackers vs. Barry Horowitz & Reno Riggins

Horowitz beats on Butch to start. Butch pokes the eyes then bites Horowitz in the ass before playing up to the crowd. Riggins tags in and hammers away but has some miscommunication with Horowitz then The Bushwhackers toss Horowitz into Riggins before putting him away with a battering ram (1:01).

Thoughts: The Bushwhackers are back on the road now as the company’s depth is poor and would only get worse as the year progresses.


A music video for Alundra Blayze airs.


The WWF Fan Festival ad airs.


Jason Voltaire vs. Ludvig Borga

Vince hypes up the Fan Festival and how you can be in the ring and even call a match. Borga beats on Voltaire but misses an attack in the corner. Voltaire tries to fight back but his caught in a powerslam then the crowd starts up a USA chant. Borga taunts the crowd then hits a flying clothesline and taunts the crowd again. Borga now hits a side slam and keeps taunting the crowd as Vince says we will find out about Borga at WrestleMania next week then Borga uses the torture rack for the win (2:06).

Thoughts: They kept having taunt the fans here and on commentary played it up as if Borga was daring someone in the locker room to stop him. This was actually the final match that aired for Borga here but he would still be pushed as being on the roster for a little while longer as we’ll see in the coming weeks.


We see a clip of the Crush/Savage contract signing from Mania that ended in a brawl.


WrestleMania X Report with Todd Pettengill. We find out that Little Richard will be singing “America, the Beautiful.” Also, Hair Club for Men President Sy Sperling will be in involved. Fantastic, what happened there, did they try to reach Todd Bridges and he forgot to pay his phone bill that month so they used Sperling as an alternate? Also added to the card is Razor Ramon vs. Shawn Michaels in a Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Title. Both belts (Shawn’s “bogus” title included) will be hanging and have to be grabbed for the win.


“The Model” Rick Martel vs. “Macho Man” Randy Savage

We see an article on Savage about being “totally drug free” in the newest edition of WWF Magazine. Martel bails and continues to stall and outsmarts Savage by stomping him inside of the ring. Martel hammers away in the corner but Savage fights back. Martel bails again then returns and gets his head rammed into the turnbuckle. Savage grabs a side headlock then gets a two count with a backslide. Martel rolls back outside after getting clotheslined but returns and is able to toss Savage outside then heads out and slams him on the floor. Martel drags Savage up on the apron and suplexes him inside for a two count. Martel targets the back then applies a reverse chin lock. Savage escapes and gets two with a sunset flip but Martel catches him with a backbreaker after that for two. Savage gets two with a small package then kicks Martel in the head before sending him outside with a high knee. Savage flies outside with a double ax handle then we head back in as Savage maintains control before using the flying elbow drop for the win (8:04) **1/2.

Thoughts: The first few minutes was all boring stalling tactics but this really picked up in the end and turned into a solid match. Vince selling the shit out of this at the end was pretty damn great too and actually enhanced the match in that regard. Anyway, they gave Savage a win over a name opponent to show he still had it despite being a commentator for most of the past year. This match was also included on the Coliseum Home Video “WrestleFest ’94” release.


Next week in action are Earthquake, Alundra Blayze vs. Heidi Lee Morgan for the WWF Women’s Title, and Marty Jannetty vs. Owen Hart. We also have the return of the “Funeral Parlor” with guest Yokozuna as we hear Bearer say that the Undertaker’s spirit might be there too.


Final Thoughts: We had a good featured match this week and learned that a ladder match will be part of WrestleMania. They also announced two matches for next week along with the return of the Funeral Parlor as the company continues to load these February shows for sweeps/WrestleMania.