WWE Name Generator coming back to bite them?

I was watching the G1 the other night, and as Moxley is coming to the ring, Kevin Kelly talks about how the handcuffs are off and Moxley can be who he wants to me. Just a day earlier, Shane Spears looked like a huge star during the 6-man tag at the AEW show.

What struck me is how quickly both guys have been embraced with their names. You look back at the 1990s and so many ex-WWF guys couldn't get over elsewhere because their names were so aligned with WWF (Brutus Beefcake, Earthquake, Big Boss Man, Mr Perfect, etc etc)

So my question – do you think the WWE Name Generator for marketing/trademark purposes is actually a problem for them now? Most AEW/NJPW fans don't watch WWE (based on Meltzer's reporting on who bought Double or Nothing) so these guys can quickly become new characters and develop new personas almost instantly. The WWE names were picked out of a hat, so they mean nothing to nobody. Dean Ambrose was a WWE champion! And people gladly forgot that name in a heartbeat. 

It also helps feed the larger narrative that WWE doesn't know what theyre doing. Not saying Shane Spears is going to light the world on fire, but he's already 100000 times more interesting than he ever was in WWE & has a shot vs Cody in August to potentially get over in a big way. 
Shawn Spears.
Anyway, yeah, I hate the name generator.  You know who's awesome, though?  Velveteen Dream, a throwback to the old way of doing things by coming up with a character name that instantly conveys what he's about and who he is.  They need to do more of "come up with the character first and base the name around it" instead of "Come up with a name for trademark purposes and then work on a character later".