What’s good?

My WWE Network subscription is about to run out, and I'm not itching to re-up given how "meh" the current product has been lately. I was a fairly regular viewer of the weekly programming until very recently (and for 2/3rds of my life), but too often I find myself just not caring about anything that happens. Maybe it's Shane, maybe it's 50/50 booking, maybe I'm too old and on the wrong meds… I don't know. For the first time in a long time though, I just plain don't care. So, with everything ever recorded at my fingertips for the next couple hours, I'm going to look for something that will remind me why I fell in love with this pseudo-sport to begin with. I'm thinking Rumble 2000, but we'll see. I can always dig out some RoH DVDs from '07 if I can't find anything else.

When you (and the Blog at large) feel jaded about wrestling, what are some shows/matches/segments you go back to? What makes you say "THIS is all that is good about wrestling?"

What's good?

The two Bash 86 shows!  It's like the peak of Crockett right there on the screen, with all of Dusty's excesses and hubris paying off with a pair of huge stadium shows with jacked crowds, just before the promotion goes completely down the toilet.  

Also, those Superstars shows.  It was like a shot of snark adrenaline right to the heart.