Feuds you hate


    What feuds did you hate off the bat because you genuinely liked both wrestlers and hated that one of them was gonna lose the feud and get hurt by the booking, or knew that 50/50 booking would kill both of them?  This Aleister Black / Cesaro mini feud is why I'm asking because I see no good outcome here (Black dominates and Cesaro is still considered one step above the 24/7 belt, or they both split matches and it lowers Black).
That's always kind of the problem with babyface feuds and why you don't see them often.  You're essentially splitting your audience and guaranteeing that someone is going to be disappointed.  For me right now, I wouldn't say I HATE Ricochet v. AJ, but they've already 50/50-d them and I don't think it's the right time for Ric to start doing jobs.