205 Live #138 – 16/07/2019

Hello You!

Back again with some more 205 Live. This week we actually get a rematch of the match that got me interested in watching the show again in the form of Jack Gallagher Vs Chad Gable. The last time these two took to the ring it was an absolute corker, so hopefully we get just as good a match this time out.

Also, last week Mike Kanellis promised doom for the show due to his personal life going to the dogs, so there’s a good chance we’ll see some chicanery from him this week as well.

So without further ado, let’s take to the skies for another week of 205 action!

The event is emanating from Worcester, Mass

Calling the action are “Venerable” Vic Joseph, “Auspicious” Aidan English and “Nebulous” Nigel McGuinness

We open up with clips from the Extreme Rules pre-show (Sorry, “Kick-off”, don’t want to anger up Vince McMahons ancient bones) where Drew Gulak pinned Tony Nese clean as a sheet to retain his Cruiserweight Title, which suggests that Nese will now be out of the Title picture. Following the video package, we cut to a “to camera” promo from Gulak, where he says his grip on the Title just got tighter and he wants to see who will challenge him next.

Show Intro

Opening Match
Akira Tozawa w/ The Brian Kendrick Vs Samir Singh w/ Sunil Singh

Kendrick is here to back up Tozawa after he came out to help him against The Bollywood Boys last week. The Singh’s Panjabi MC styled entrance music is still the best part of their act. We get an inset promo from The Singh’s, where they try to be The Hollywood Blonds and aren’t anywhere near as good. If you’re going to steal from one of the greatest heel teams ever then you kind of need to have the chops to back it up.

Samir stomps away to start and does some dancing, which allows Tozawa to fight back. Samir pulls Tozawa into the corner to stop that however and does some more dancing as the crowd reacts like they’ve just had a heavy meal and a warm glass of milk. Tozawa fights out of a chin lock and gets a sit out fireman’s face buster before getting a front dropkick to send Samir outside, where he follows with a cannonball off the apron. Sunil and Kendrick argue outside, which leads to Tozawa getting a roll up on Samir back inside for the win.


Too short to be anything more, but Tozawa looked good at least.

The Singh’s are sore losers of course and attack the babyfaces post-match, but they rally to send them packing. I’m sure we’ll get a tag match next week.

We now get another Humberto Carrillo video package building on from last week. He says his dream was always to be in the WWE and that he wants to keep the Lucha Libre tradition going. He wants to be Cruiserweight Champion as well.

Match Two
Mike Kanellis without Maria Kanellis Vs Jackson James

A Google search for the name Jackson James brings up Garret Bischoff, but I don’t think this guy is him. We see that Maria is watching the match backstage. Kanellis lays in to Jackson James with big moves, as Maria seems relatively unmoved. Kanellis eventually gets the Roll of the Dice and that’s enough for the win as the crowd goes meh.


Kanellis looked decent there, and Jackson James was a good enhancement talent. It’s kind of jarring to see Kanellis try to be a bad ass here though when he’s such a simpering loser on Raw.

Kanellis calls out Drake Maverick next, to complain about how he has been treated. Kanellis says he stayed in WWE so he could prove to his wife that he could become Cruiserweight Champ and also because he wanted a chance to beat Maverick up. Drake says the reason Kanellis hasn’t had a shot is because he doesn’t deserve one ahead of everyone else. Kanellis brings up Drake’s 24/7 adventures as a way to anger him, but Drake says he’s the General Manager and not a competitor. Kanellis says that Drake has been embarrassing the brand, which causes Drake to try and reason with him, but Kanellis isn’t interested and keeps trying to antagonise Drake. Kanellis says Drake isn’t a real man because he’s trying to be the bigger man and avoid a fight, which is Vince McMahon’s worldview in a nutshell. Kanellis finally goes too far by insulting Drake’s wife, so Drake runs wild with a dropkick and Kanellis bails with a smirk on his face. I guess that’s it for Maverick as the GM then. That was a really great segment, as both men came across naturally on the mic and the crowd was getting into it by the end. I look forward to see where this goes next.

Next up we get a recap of last week’s enjoyable No Holds Barred match between Oney Lorcan and Ariya Daivari, which saw Lorcan win via superplex through a table.

Main Event
Gentleman Jack Gallagher Vs Chad Gable

I repeat my request for some less stern music for Jack now that he’s a babyface. The last match between these two was really good but it ended on a count out, so tonight we get a rematch. We get some excellent chain wrestling to start, which isn’t surprising considering both men have some shoot experience (Gable in the Olympics whilst Gallagher with Roy Walker in the famed Wigan Snakepit).

Both men wrestle to a stalemate, which leads to the crowd clapping along to the action. Gable works the arm with arm drags and an arm bar, but Gallagher uses his wrestling ability to go to an arm scissors. Gable eventually does the old Bob Backlund counter by powering to his feet whilst in the hold and dropping down into a modified electric chair. I love that spot and it’s great to see it. Gable controls things following that, getting a nice overhead belly to belly suplex for two.

Gable is showing a mean streak here, working as defacto heel it would seem. Gable targets the legs of Gallagher, going to a spinning toehold of all things. We just need a helicopter spin now and we’ll have old school wrestling bingo! Gallagher pulls out a back slide for two and then delivers a nice dropkick to buy himself some time. Jack gets a big forearm shot to fell Gable and then follows up with a hanging brain buster for two.

Gable looks to reply with Chaos Theory, but Jack counters to the Double Wristlock, only for Gable to counter that to a pinning hold for two. Jack low bridges Gable outside and the sends him into the barricades out there. Jack tries a suicide dive and Gable tries to catch him but sadly loses his grip. They cover for it though and Gable gets a German Suplex on the floor like he did in their last match. Gable throws Jack in so that he can beat him in the ring, but Jack catches him with a small package as he comes back in to the ring for two.

Great near fall there! Gable gets an under hook powerbomb and then transitions to an ankle lock and then scissors the legs. Normally this would be it, but Gallagher somehow counters out of it and manages to fight his way out to appreciative applause from the crowd. Jack manages to get a big standing head butt, but Gable is able to kick out at two. Both men fight up from their knees, trading strikes in classic Puro fashion.

Jack gets a flurry of strikes on Gable and tries a dropkick in the corner, but Gable catches him and hits a modified face buster of some kind for two. That may have been more of a DDT actually. It looked cool regardless. Gable heads up top and goes for a moonsault, but Jack gets his feet up to block it and then gets a big running dropkick for two when Gable gets his foot on the ropes.

This is great! Jack sets Gable up on the top rope and looks to be going for a super back drop. After a ferocious fight up there, Jack looks like he’s going to get the move, but Gable shifts his weight and lands on top. Chaos Theory comes next and that’s enough for the win.

RATING: ****

So hey, you like professional wrestling? Well then you need to watch this match! What I loved about it was that it felt like a struggle, with both men working for everything and not just a succession of moves or spots being regurgitated in order. For instance, they fought over that super back drop for quite a while before Jack was able to go for it, and even then they threw you a Yorker by having Gable counter it in mid-air. The match played with your expectations and felt like two men actually going out there and trying to outwrestle one another, with Gable just having the edge on this night. I’m biased heavily in favour of both men, so I may like it more than others, but this was absolutely great stuff as far as I’m concerned and well worth a watch!

Gable and Gallagher have a respectful face-off following the bout. Hey, I’m all for seeing this again if they want to go there!

In Conclusion

The good Maverick/Kanellis angle and the excellent main event make this week’s show an easy recommendation. Get it watched!