WWF Superstars – February 5th, 1994

February 5, 1994

From the Cumberland County Memorial Auditorium in Fayetteville, NC

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Stan Lane

The show starts off with a “Saturday Night’s Main Event” style promo, right down to the same music, to hype up tonight’s ten minute challenge between The Quebecers and the Steiner Brothers where the Steiners get a title match for next week if they win.

Also in action are Kwang, Doink the Clown, and Marty Jannetty & 1-2-3 Kid. Also, we will hear from Lex Luger and more.


Shawn Michaels w/ Diesel vs. Gary Sabaugh

Sabaugh, better known as the Italian Stallion of NWA/WCW fame, catches Shawn with a pair of arm drags but does not get any crowd reaction. He even tries to get the crowd behind him as the announcers joke about “Italy” being written on his tights with Vince saying its wear they were made. Sabaugh works the arm but gets caught with a dropkick then Shawn uses a slam as he takes full control of the match. Shawn comes back with a flying forearm then soon after that catches Sabaugh with a super kick then uses a jackknife cover for the win (2:16).

Thoughts: The announcers talked about Shawn getting back into the Intercontinental Title picture as its clear he will be feuding with Razor going forward.


Another video hyping the return of Earthquake airs. They are still doing these even though he already had his return match on RAW.


1-2-3 Kid & Marty Jannetty vs. Fidel Sierra & Barry Horowitz

Vince notes how two weeks at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center we will see Luger & Tatanka team up as Sierra beats on Kid. Sierra gets dumped outside and taken out with a pescado then Horowitz tags in as Lane makes a horrible jokey pun with the Fiero car and Fidel Sierra. Horowitz and Marty are now in the ring as Marty drops an elbow for a two count. Sierra tags back into the match then Kid lands a few kicks. Marty tags in but gets tossed outside then lands on his feet and uses a super kick for the win (3:20).

Thoughts: Oddly enough, they made no mention at all about Kid’s ankle injury. He came out on crutches on the 1/31 edition of RAW but Kid injured his ankle on the 1/17 MSG show so you think they could have made some mention about that, even in the form of a graphic, during the match. And, this was their last appearance as a team becauseMarty wound up getting fired in Germany during the European tour a day after this aired. Too bad as they had promise as a duo.


A video package hyping up the IRS vs. Marty Jannetty match for this week on “Monday Night RAW.” That edition of RAW was taped on 1/31.


WrestleMania X Report with Todd Pettengill. We also learn that Randy Savage vs. Crush in a “Falls Count Anywhere”match with the rules stating you have sixty seconds to get back into the ring. And we saw how well that concept worked out at the 1/14 house show in San Jose, CA. They also stressed how there will be special guest referees in the World Title matches.


Kwang w/ Harvey Whippleman vs. John Paul

Kwang hammers away before spitting out his mist. Whippleman tells us that Kwang is the most awesome force in the WWF as Kwang now chokes out Paul on the mat. Kwang hits a spinning heel kick in the corner then lands on his feet on the outside. Kwang returns to cover for two as he pulls up Paul then inflicts more punishment. Paul fights back but Kwang catches him with a thrust kick for the win (2:00). After the match, Kwang tosses Paul outside as Vince plugs a benefit in Liberty, NY.

Thoughts: After a terrible TV debut on “Wrestling Challenge” last week we now see Kwang as the guy in the match where the announcers talk about everything else going on in the promotion.


We see the same Paul Bearer vignette that aired on the 1/31 edition of “Monday Night RAW.”


10 Minute Challenge Match: The Quebecers w/ Johnny Polo vs. Steiner Brothers

Vince was handed a note that reads Rick Martel vs. Randy Savage will take place next week. Pierre cheap shots Scott while on the ropes but ends up getting caught in a double underhook powerbomb that gets two after Jacques tried to make the save but ended up hitting his partner. The Quebecers bail after some miscommunication then Scott heads out to use a double noggin knocker. Rick tags in but soon after that gets hit with a missile dropkick courtesy of Pierre. Polo wants him to go up again but he gets slammed off then Jacques runs in to save his partner as they once again kill time on the outside. Jacques is now the legal man and he hammers away on Rick until getting caught with a press slam. We get more miscommunication between The Quebecers then Scott clotheslines Pierre over the top rope. The ref is distracted as Scott had Jacques in a reverse rollup and that allows Pierre time to break up the pin. The ref orders Rick back to the apron as The Quebecers illegally double-team Scott before hitting him with a hotshot. We get some rapid-fire double-team moves from The Quebecers but Scott manages to stay alive. Scott then dumps Pierre and crawls over to his partner but is stopped by Jacques, who then hits Scott with a piledriver. Jacques runs interference but The Quebecers miss the assisted senton and this time Scott makes the tag. Rick runs wild on both of The Quebecers and Scott comes in as the match breaks down. Rick his Pierre with a belly-to-belly but does not cover then Scott uses the Frankensteiner but Polo rings the bell and the ref stops counting. The ref yells at Polo then is not sure if time ran out. We are alerted the match must continue because the timekeeper did not ring the bell then Rick hits the flying bulldog but Polo runs in and it becomes a mess. The Steiners hit Polo with a Doomsday Bulldog then the time runs out and match ruled a draw with The Quebecers not having to defend the titles (10:28) **1/2.

Thoughts: The match was decent and the story of The Quebecers trying to kill as much time as possible made sense but man did everything that happened after Polo rang the bell suck. It fell apart and became a disorganized mess. I guess the company was nice enough to protect The Steiners on the way out. The Steiners would not appear again until doing a few TV matches in April then they left the company for good. After the European Tour that wrapped up a few days after this aired, they did a few dates in the USWA and in New Japan.


We hear from Owen Hart, telling his brother Bret he has done everything possible in the WWF but now has to face him and those past accolades mean nothing when they go at it in WrestleMania. Owen says everyone knows he will win at WrestleMania and that makes him better as he will surpass everything Bret has done and there is nothing that will ever stop the rocket….brother. Good stuff here was Owen is vowing to do everything possible not just to beat his brother but ruin his chances of winning the World Heavyweight Title while not caring what happens to the rest of his family.


Guest ring announcer Dana Zielker, sporting a new Luger hat, introduces the competitors in the next match. He was about 50 years old.


Doink the Clown w/ Dink vs. George South

Lane talks about the last match and how the Steiners lack of focus cost them a chance at the titles. Wonder if that was some sort of shot at the team. South chases around Dink after being hit with a squirting flower then Doink takes control before using a bridging German suplex for the win (0:37). After the match, Dink squirts South with the flower some more.

Thoughts: Brief match just to showcase the Doink & Dink act as Doink is facing Bigelow this weekend on Challenge.


Next week in action are Crush, The Bushwhackers, Ludvig Borga, and the featured match of Rick Martel vs. Randy Savage. Also, more on the Bret/Owen saga. We close out with Martel promising to finish off Savage once and for all…and with style.


Final Thoughts: Seeing how they are building towards WrestleMania we are getting much better shows than usual. We had a title match here and saw a really strong Owen Hart promo too. Plus, there is another featured match ready for next week as we will likely get new matches announced for the PPV as well with WrestleMania approaching.