The beginning of the end

Hi Scott,

In light of the recent Russo question and the general agreement that WCW was already one foot in the grave by that point anyway, two questions for you… 

1) Was there anything that WCW management could have done to turn things around in 1999, or was the decline completely out of their hands by that point in time? 

2) Assuming the latter, what do you think was the point of no return for the company as far as fixing the sinking ship was concerned. 
1.  I think they could have saved it, yeah.  They still had tons of talent, and they still had Goldberg, and they still had money.  Kevin Nash's reign as booker was a major problem and so was TBS interference, but that was all stuff that could be fixed with new people in charge.  
2.  I don't know that there was really one point of no return, but Vince Russo really did a number on the company.