Impact Wrestling – July 12, 2019

Impact Wrestling
Date: July 12, 2019
Hosts: Don Callis, Josh Matthews

This is a different kind of show as it is a fallout show from Slammiversary, meaning it’s going to be similar to a post Takeover show in NXT. Just like those shows, there was a match taped to fit in here, but the majority of the show is going to be about the pay per view. It was a good show so the extra attention is a good thing. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Don and Josh talk about how awesome Slammiversary was and how many people loved it. Fair enough as it was quite good.

Video on Moose vs. Rob Van Dam, which didn’t do Van Dam many favors.

Van Dam says he underestimated Moose. He wants another shot though.

Moose says he used to think Van Dam was the best in the world but the better legend won tonight.

Video on Eddie Edwards vs. Killer Kross. Eddie has gone near the edge and Kross keeps pushing him, setting up their First Blood match at Slammiversary.

Eddie loves the feeling of not knowing what he’s going to do next.

Kross likes Eddie changing and wants to know what he’s going to turn into. Now Eddie is just like him.

Josh and Don are in an office called the Impact War Room where they’re going to talk to some dignitaries throughout the night. First up is Jimmy Jacobs, who liked the chaos in the women’s Monster’s Ball match. Don thought it was the best Monster’s Ball ever and Taya Valkyrie impressed him with her surprise win.

Video on Monster’s Ball with James Mitchell narrating about how the plan was to have Havok win the title. It would have been ok if Su Yung won, but it’s not ok that Taya retained.

Taya says it wasn’t fair that she had to defend against so many people but she did it anyway.

Mitchell snaps about how crazy Su is and wants to know where she is.

D’Lo Brown is now with Impact full time and talks about the Tag Team Title match, which was changed just two days before Slammiversary when the North won the titles. Brown isn’t sure how anyone can deal with the North.

Video on the title match with the North retaining in what might have been LAX’s farewell from the company.

The Rascalz are tired of losing.

The North says LAX has lost the titles four times but they’ve never lost them once.

Santana is injured and had to be helped out. Konnan threatens the North.

From A Night You Can’t Mist.

Tommy Dreamer/Great Muta vs. Johnny Impact/Michael Elgin

Muta and Impact start things off with Josh declaring this to be a moment. Muta isn’t about to be taken down by the leg so he easily reverses on the mat, setting up an early chinlock. Dreamer comes in and gets to do his own power drive elbow, because Tommy Dreamer needs to get to do all of his wrestling wish list things and we have to watch him for some reason.

Impact gets in a shot from behind on Dreamer and it’s off to Elgin to take over. The delayed vertical suplex looks to set up a twisting Swanton but Dreamer moves. Ignore that Elgin would have missed him but three feet even if Dreamer hadn’t moved. Muta comes in and dropkicks Elgin, meaning it’s already back to Dreamer. Tommy has to take out John E. Bravo and we take a break.

Back with Dreamer in trouble in the corner but Muta comes in as everything breaks down. Dreamer grabs the table (of course) but Elgin and Impact beat him up and set the table up himself (it’s a pride thing). Elgin is laid on the table and Dreamer hits an AA (not a Death Valley Driver) to send Impact through him.

Back in and Taya Valkyrie breaks up the Death Valley Driver to Impact but Muta mists Impact. Elgin gets misted as well and there’s the Shining Wizard for a big reaction. Elgin gets one as well, followed by Dreamer misting Taya and giving her a cutter. Another Shining Wizard to Impact is good for the double pin at 16:11 shown (the full match runs 20:10).

Rating: C-. This wasn’t bad with Muta feeling like something special and Dreamer being the guy who just won’t go away and has to get in all of his time with the legends. Impact and Elgin were good foils here and beating them feels important, though this was all about Muta, which is perfectly fine. He isn’t going to be around much longer so enjoy his legendary stuff while you can.

Post match Dreamer talks about how much he loved Muta as a kid (WELL OF COURSE HE DID) and it was an honor to be here tonight.

And now, Dreamer is here with Josh and Don. He wanted to he a Sting/Great Muta hybrid (so he completely failed in that area) and still feels 25 when he walks through the curtain. They switch to talking about Sami Callihan, who is the closest person to an ECW name that they have on their roster (save for ALL THE ECW PEOPLE that is).

Video on Sami Callihan vs. Tessa Blanchard, which main evented the show for reasons I’m still not clear on. Tessa gave it her all but got caught with the Cactus Special, though Sami did show her some respect to end the show.

Tessa says they changed wrestling. How? By having an intergender match main event the show? I’m not entirely sure how much of a game changer that is.

Sami says let’s do it again.

Bound For Glory is in Chicago on October 20.

Petey Williams (YAY CANADA) was impressed by the X-Division Title match. Swann is ready to challenge for the World Title.

Video on Swann vs. Impact, which was a huge milestone for Swann.

Taya blames Bravo for the loss.

Scott D’Amore was worried about Michael Elgin winning the World Title because he doesn’t care about anything but himself. Callis brings up smart marks being worried about the match and laughs, because this is the kind of company that brings up smart marks.

Video on Cage vs. Elgin with Cage retaining the title in a war.

Cage says he told you so.

Elgin says he didn’t fail because he sent Cage to the hospital. Now he wants to hurt Don Callis because Callis sent the masked man after him.

Jordynne Grace vs. Kiera Hogan vs. Madison Rayne

They all take turns missing kicks to the face until grace clotheslines them both down. Rayne’s enziguri hits Kiera but Grace suplexes her right back down. Grace’s suplex to Hogan is broken up so she goes with shoulders in the corner. Rayne breaks up the Grace Driver and everyone is down as we take a break. Back with Rayne hitting a high crossbody for a delayed two on Grace but Kiera breaks it up and yells at her.

That earns Kiera a sliding lariat but Kiera is right back with something close to Zack Ryder’s old Zack Attack. More shouting in the corner ensues as Kiera chokes and forearms Madison in the back. Kiera tries a suicide dive on Grace and gets stopped in a hurry, though Madison kicks them both down. That’s good for two each back inside, followed by a Stunner to Grace.

Kiera kicks Madison down for the same before going back to Grace, who isn’t having any of this. An O’Connor roll gets two on Madison but Grace German suplexes Kiera at the same time for a pretty cool spot. They head into the corner with Grace getting caught in the Tree of Woe for the Alberto top rope stomp from Madison. Grace is back up and sends Madison outside before glaring down at Kiera. The Grace Driver finishes Hogan at 15:58.

Rating: C. Kiera is getting better at being a heel and I want to see someone shut her up so well done on the first front. Madison is still the same perfectly acceptable wrestler that she always has been. Grace on the other hand feels like someone who could be something special and seeing her win the title before the end of the year wouldn’t surprise me whatsoever.

Post match Grace offers Madison a handshake but Madison turns on her and beats her down. Kiera gets up and helps Madison to leave Grace laying to end the show.

Overall Rating: C-. I didn’t hate this concept and it’s something that can work well, though less Dreamer getting to act out his childhood fantasies would be an improvement. This would have worked better as an hour long show but the idea is sold and a good way to make people want to see what you have coming soon. Doing it after Bound For Glory wouldn’t be the worst idea either and what we got here was done well enough. Nice little change of pace here.


Jordynne Grace b. Kiera Hogan and Madison Rayne – Grace Driver to Hogan

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