WWF Monday Night RAW – January 31st, 1994

January 31, 1994

From the Fernwood Resort in Bushkill, PA

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and IRS


We open with a video package hyping tonight’s coin toss between Bret Hart and Lex Luger to determine who will get the first match shot at WrestleMania X.


The announcers run down the show with IRS boring us about knocking on the door of some couple that won $10 million.


Marty Jannetty w/ 1-2-3 Kid vs. Johnny Polo

Kid comes out on crutches in street clothes. Before the match, Polo asks for the mic then says that Kid is afraid to step in the ring and not really hurt. Kid, now on commentary, says Polo is lying and wants to be in the ring so bad he can taste it while IRS calls him out for lying. Marty then takes the mic but uses it to whack Polo. Marty ties the microphone cord around Polo’s legs as Vince laughs like an idiot. Polo rakes the eyes but Marty pulls him down by the cord then sends him outside. Polo tries to leave but Marty follows after and tosses him back into the ring. Marty gets tossed out but stays on his feet and comes back in to surprise Polo with a crossbody. Marty then uses a super kick but after that gets dumped outside as we go to break. The match returns with Polo using a chin lock. Marty escapes but they completely fuck up a back drop then Polo heads out to hit a double axe handle. Even Vince shit on that botch. IRS keeps ragging on Kid as Polo hammers away before taunting the crowd. Polo uses another chin lock as Vince plugs The Quebecers vs. Steiners match on “Superstars” this weekend. Marty escapes and knocks Polo down a few times while clutching his side then they collide with Polo spilling outside. Marty tries a sunset flip that gets two then we get a mini pinfall reversal sequence that ends with Polo grabbing a side headlock. Vince plugs the coin toss as Polo heads up top but eats boot on the way down. Vince reads hotline results that state 57% thought Bret Hart won the Rumble match but IRS says they both looked like losers. Marty fights back then sets up for a superplex but gets shoved down. Marty then shakes the ropes as Polo gets crotched and after that hits an inverted atomic drop. Marty misses a charge in the corner then clutches his elbow but Polo drops his head and Marty hits the Rocker Dropper for the win (9:37 shown) *1/2. After the match, Kid calls out IRS for being a cheat that stole Razor’s gold but ends up getting decked. Marty comes for the save then we see Kid limping up the aisle with the briefcase as IRS is distracted with Marty.

Thoughts: This match was all over the place with some really ugly sequences. Polo in particular had a bad showing. However, the post-match angle came off well and sets up for future matches.


Back from break as IRS is ordered back to the announcers table by Pat Patterson. IRS now wants to know what happened to his briefcase then accuses Marty of stealing it so he heads backstage to try and get it back. However, we hear Razor Ramon’s theme then Razor comes out with Marty with his gold chains back around his neck. Vince says that Kid found the gold by opening the briefcase then Razor gives the briefcase back as Vince jokes that it is lighter than before. And now Razor has his chains while IRS blames Marty for this happening.


We return from another break as IRS is irate over what happened to his briefcase then accuses Razor, Marty, Kid, and Tunney of being thieves.


WWF President Jack Tunney’s comments from this weekend about his ruling on the Rumble match ending are shown.


Bam Bam Bigelow w/ Luna Vachon vs. Miguel Rosado

IRS challenges Marty to a match for next week. Bigelow shoves Rosado down as IRS says he will pull strings in Washington in order to make this match happen. Bigelow stays in control as Vince plugs Bigelow vs. Doink this weekend on “Wrestling Challenge.” Rosado fights back but ends up getting tossed then Bigelow yells about wanting Doink then hits three straight falling headbutts and follows with a back drop then hits another falling headbutt for the win (2:11). Vince then says “no doubt” that Bigelow is headed to WrestleMania.

Thoughts: Hype for Bigelow vs. Doink this weekend on Challenge and we learn of IRS challenging Marty to a match.


The coin toss is up next.


Vince is in the ring with Tunney and several others in the background such as Arnold Skaaland, Tony Garea, Billy Red Lyons, Jack Lanza, and I believe one of the Hebners. Vince wants to know if Tunney is using a Canadian coin but in fact its a U.S. Silver Dollar. Both Bret and Luger are introduced to the ring, with Bret getting the bigger reaction. It lands on heads as Luger wins so he will face Yokozuna first while Bret will have to face his brother. Luger says he plans on being in the last match at WrestleMania and cannot think of a tougher opponent than Bret as he wishes him luck. Bret says this inevitable confrontation with his brother Owen is something he would have preferred to avoid but that is not going to happen then says he considers Luger a worthy opponent and it would be an honor and a pleasure to face Luger for the title. The two shake hands with Vince saying they are both headed to WrestleMania X. I think this was predictable but also good storytelling as now Bret has to face his brother Owen after vowing never to do so because he did not want to create family problems as Bret has two solid storylines heading into WrestleMania as not only does he have to face his brother but has to do so before getting a chance to win back the title he got screwed out of last year on the same show. And, for Luger, it takes him back to where his journey began after slamming Yokozuna aboard the USS Intrepid then overcoming the odds to get another title shot despite of a contract clause added by Cornette.


The “WWF Unbelievable” ad airs with the goof blowing off his hot wife in order to watch RAW.


Kwang w/ Harvey Whippleman vs. Rich Myers

Vince says they are attempting to reach Owen on the phone as Kwang beats on Myers. Kwang hits a spinning heel kick in the corner then we hear from Owen, who says he is the big winner and not Luger, because he gets the dream chance to face Bret and show how he is better. Vince then brings up Owen’s comments on “All-American Wrestling” where he said it felt great to attack Bret then says that Bret’s leg will hurt so bad he’ll not be able to make it to the title match. IRS congratulates Owen then Vince asks what his family thinks of the attack but Owen says it has nothing to do with them and its just between Bret and himself and it will be resolved at WrestleMania. Kwang stays in control as Owen calls out Bret for a lifetime of abuse then he hangs up as Vince says Bret will be on All-American this weekend. Kwang then catches Myers with a thrust kick for the win (3:13).

Thoughts: The match was just a backdrop for the Owen call but Owen came off well on commentary and again, the Bret/Owen storyline is really going to heat up as we head closer to the PPV.


WrestleMania X Report with Todd Pettengill. After showing off the new WrestleMania X merch he talks about the show being sold out but we can see it closed captioned at the Paramount Theater. He then recaps the coin toss and hypes up the celebrities that will be appearing and how we will hear about them in the coming weeks.


Now we get a tribute for the Undertaker. We see Bearer in a graveyard talk about the spirit of The Undertaker as we see the Undertaker’s shadow on a tomb in the background. Bearer said to mark his words and Undertaker will return while we see an outline of Undertaker appear after some lightning. Another campy Undertaker based segment as he await his return.


Corey Student vs. Earthquake

Earthquake slaps hands with the fans and smiles down the aisle to show that he is still a babyface. Student tries a sneak attack but gets caught in a belly-to-belly suplex. Vince then confirms that Marty has accepted IRS’s challenge as IRS wants that in writing. Earthquake stretches out Student after a backbreaker then hammers away. Earthquake drops Student after a bodybreaker submission and follows with a clothesline before yelling into the camera that we are in trouble because the “Quake” is back. Earthquake then hits a powerslam before using the sit-down splash for the win (3:20).

Thoughts: They’ve established that Earthquake is still a face in his return as we will see how he is used going forward. And just how long he lasts in his second run.


We cut backstage to Marty and Razor. IRS calls them thieves. Razor then tells “Tax Mang” that he has Marty then Marty says its typical of the IRS to kick a man while they are down then says he is going to kick his butt for every person screwed over by the government. Marty Jannetty, man of the people.


Next week in action are Owen Hart, Smoking Gunns, and IRS vs. Marty.


The show closes with a replay of Kid stealing IRS’s briefcase as IRS now knows how it got stolen.


Final Thoughts: Big show this week as Luger vs. Yokozuna for the title and Bret vs. Owen are confirmed for WrestleMania. They also did an angle where Razor got his gold back setting up Marty vs. IRS for next week. And now we will see how the rest of the WrestleMania card will shape up as the PPV is just several weeks away.