WWF February 1st, 1994 – Randy Savage vs. Crush

I thought I’d review this match since it fits along with my timeline. It took place at the 2/1 “Superstars” tapings in White Plains, NY and featured on the “WWE Unreleased Never Before Seen Matches 1986-1995” DVD. These matches do not contain any commentary.


Randy Savage vs. Crush w/ Mr. Fuji

Savage runs out to attack Crush in the aisle then fires away. He rams Crush’s head into the post then into the steps before bringing the action into the ring. Savage barely gets a two count with an elbow smash then heads up top but Fuji pokes him with the flag post so he goes outside and chases him away with the ref stepping in between. Savage returns and gets decked by Crush. Savage fights back but is driven into the mat. Savage accidentally takes a swing at the ref then Crush fires away in the corner before landing several kicks. Crush taunts the crowd then uses a head vice but Savage escapes with an eye rake. Savage takes Crush over with a hip toss then hits a flying double axe handle that sends Crush through the ropes. Savage heads out but is shoved into the post then Crush fires away as we get an obstructed view of the action. Crush rolls Savage back inside after ramming him into the post and gets a two count before applying a bearhug. We get a “USA” chant as an American Flag is waving near ringside opposite of the hard camera. Savage uses another eye rake to escape a hold but Crush knocks him back down then uses a surfboard. Crush stays in control then both men are out on the mat after a collision. Crush tries a suplex but Savage reverses as both men are down once again. Crush now grabs two fistfuls of salt from Fuji but it backfires and Savage knocks it into Crush’s face before going up top and using the flying elbow drop for the win (8:52) **. The crowd pops for the finish.

Thoughts: It was fairly slow-paced but fine to watch and much better than what they did at the 1/14 house show in San Jose, CA. A basic match was better than that convoluted mess. The finish here also protected Crush in defeat as his plan to cheat was thwarted and this feud will continue.


Final Thoughts: While these two did a good bit of gimmick matches it was nice to see a regular match between the two and they should have stuck to this format over what they did at house shows and what we will see at WrestleMania.