New Japan Pro Wrestling G1 Climax 2019 – Night Four – 15/07/2019

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We’re back to the world of G1 with some B Block Action!

First off, congratulations to England’s cricketers for winning perhaps one of the craziest games of sport I’ve ever seen with an amazing last ball victory that had me gripped to the edge of my seat. It was like a Hollywood movie screenplay for “dramatic sporting film” by the end.

I actually didn’t watch any of the weekends wrestling outside of G1, mainly because I didn’t have time and to be honest none of it leapt out at me as “must see”. I may check out this Bryan/Rowan Vs Heavy Machinery Vs New Day match though, as I hear it was a bit of corker.

Anyway, enough chitchat, let’s watch some chuffing Puro!

All of these matches took place at Hokkaido Prefectural Sports Centre in Hokkaido, Japan on the 15th of July 2019

Calling the action are “Krusher” Kevin Kelley and “Razzmatazz” Rocky Romero

Shingo Takagi (0 PTS) Vs Toru Yano (2 PTS)

Yano of course got the big upset over Naito in Round 1, whereas Shingo had Match of the Night with Juice Robinson but ended up going down in defeat after a great effort. I would expect Shingo to get off the mark here, but as he’s technically a Junior Heavyweight I can see them having him lose again just because that’s usually how it works in Japan when a guy from a lighter weight class fights someone in a heavier one.

Shingo demands Yano take his shirt off to start, and Yano complies only to then get jumped by Shingo. Yano replies by going straight for a turnbuckle pad and then using the shirt as part of a roll up for two. Yano rolls outside and tries to bait Shingo outside, but Shingo holds firm and demands he get back in. Eventually Shingo gets annoyed and follows Yano out, only to get drop toe holded onto a chair. Yano then builds a makeshift obstacle course for Shingo to get past in order to beat the count.

Shingo only just makes it back in at 19, and Yano can’t believe it. All of that was just hilarious, what great antics! Yano rolls outside now to grab some tape, but Shingo disarms him and then throws it away before getting a shoulder tackle for two. Yano actually fires up and starts trading strikes with Shingo, and even does quite well until Shingo punches him. Yano tries the low blow next, but Shingo blocks it, only to get rolled up for two.

Shingo fires off some strikes at Yano, but Yano pushes him into the ref to bump him and then flings a chair at him. Shingo catches the chair out of instinct, which allows Yano to hide behind the now awakened ref and act like Shingo used it. You could actually do that in Fire Pro Wrestling Returns and if you timed it just right you’d win by DQ. Shingo and the ref argue, which leads to BUSHI coming down to distract the ref, which allows Shingo to hit Yano with the chair and then hit the Axe Bomb for the win.


As usual with Yano, this was about more than just the star rating, as it was a really funny comedy match with Yano being the most consistently funny comedy wrestler in the world with his wild and wacky antics.

 G1 CLIMAX B BLOCK – Round 2
Hirooki Goto (2 PTS) Vs Juice Robinson (2 PTS)

As previously mentioned, Juice tore it up in Round 1 with Shingo in a great match. Meanwhile, Hirooki Goto saw off the heel antics of everyone’s least favourite Hobo Jesus in the form of Jay White. I personally think Goto will take this one as he could be in contention when we get to the latter stages, where as I think Juice’s main goal in this G1 will be to beat Jon Moxley so that he can get a rematch for the IWGP United States Title.

We get some nice chain wrestling to start, with neither man really getting the better of the other. That leads to some shoulder tackles and finally a jumping side kick from Juice to bump Goto. Juice goes for the cannonball, but it’s far too early for that and Goto heads him off before hitting a big hanging neck breaker out of the corner. Outside the ring we go, where Goto sends Juice into the railings, killing the English commentators’ monitor in the process.

I do love the golf clap from the fans when a wrestler throws another back inside the ring. The crowd would to do it on WCW World Tour for the Nintendo 64 actually and I always thought it was a nice touch that they programmed that in to the game. Goto works Juice over back inside the ring, but Juice fires up and throws some strikes and then gets a flapjack. Juice gets a Full Nelson Suplex next, but Goto is able to kick out at two.

Juice peppers Goto with some jabs, but Goto blocks the left punch and then kicks Juice down. Goto gets a spin kick in the corner and a Saito Suplex for two. Both men throw some more strikes, as sweat quite literally flies, and that ends with a big double clothesline, but Juice can’t get the left handed punch and gets lariated down. Ushigoroshi looks to end it for Goto, but Juice is able to kick out at two.

Goto tries the GTR but Juice fights him off, only to then get head butted down. Goto throws some stiff kicks to Juice’s chest and then goes for one to the head, but Juice collapses before it can happen. Rather than go for a cover, Goto goes for the GTR but this allows Juice to rally with a Jackhammer for two. Juice goes for Pulp Friction, but Goto counters out, only for Juice to counter that with a small package for two.

Juice looks finally to get the illusive punch, but Goto’s catches his hand mid-punch with a head butt, which Juice sells fantastically. Goto tries his own punch now, but Juice blocks that with his head as well and then finally floors Goto with the punch and hits Pulp Friction for the win. BIG win for Juice there!

RATING: ***1/2

More great hard hitting action from both men, as the story of Juice getting the punch was really well told and they smartly went right home the minute he got it, because that’s how you get stuff over. Juice has been one of my favourite people in this G1 so far actually, as he genuinely seems to get better every time he wrestles at this stage.

Jon Moxley (2 PTS) Vs Jeff Cobb (0 PTS)

Moxley beat Taichi in a fun brawl in Round 1, whilst Cobb went down to Tomohiro Ishii in a stiff mean guy match. I think Cobb might just beat Moxley here to get himself into Title contention for Mox’s United States Title. I’m interested in seeing how these two match up stylistically actually, and it should be a test of Moxley’s versatility.

Cobb controls things with some amateur styled stuff to start, so Moxley throws some pro wrestling styled chops, only to run into a dropkick and an overhead belly to belly suplex. Moxley bails from the suplex, which draws Cobb outside, where Moxley targets his left shoulder by throwing it into the post. Back inside the ring, Moxley targets the left arm and shoulder with holds and strikes. Cobb no sells some chops though and fires back with some strikes of his own, so Moxley goes back to the shoulder and then hits a running knee strike.

Suicide dive follows next from Moxley and he then tries for a piledriver out on the ramp, but Cobb fights him off into a double clothesline out there. Both men fight their way back to ringside, with Moxley actually breaking the count and then wrapping Cobb’s shoulder around the railing and throwing Cobb back in, which gets a nice bit of applause from the crowd. Ah, Japan. Moxley comes off the top with an elbow for two and then tries for the Death Rider, but Cobb is too big and fires off a snap German Suplex and a standing moonsault for two.

Moxley replies with a big clothesline and then hits another running knee for two. Moxley has taken the majority of this match actually, which isn’t what I thought would happen before it started. Both men end up fighting on the apron, where Cobb tries to German Suplex Moxley off to the floor, but Moxley desperately fights him off, only to get clotheslined over the top back inside. Moxley catches Cobb with a knee coming back in and then hits a Death Rider off the middle rope for the win.


I’ll be honest, I preferred Cobb as Monster Matanza. He was far more dynamic and interesting in that role than he is as himself. This at times resembled an elongated squash, as it was Moxley in control for the majority, which was strange when you consider how much bigger and more powerful Cobb is. The work was fine and I’m happy they’re making Moxley look strong, but this did very little for Cobb and it looks like he could be looking at the lights a lot this G1 as a result of his shoulder issues. They did something pretty similar with Michael Elgin last year I think, which only really adds to the feeling that they’ve cut and pasted Cobb into Elgin’s spot. Cobb needs something to make him stand out and not just look as a stand in for someone whose left.

Jay White (0 PTS) w/ Gedo Vs Tomohiro Ishii (2 PTS)

White lost to Goto in Round 1, whilst Ishii out manned Cobb in a good win. White essentially cost himself the match with Goto by being overly cocky, and if he does the same here he could be in for a very rude awakening. White gets a serious case of the Zbyzko’s from the minute the bell rings by bailing outside and then trying to tempt Ishii outside. White leaves Gedo unprotected though, which means Ishii accosts him until White comes over to rescue, which allows Ishii to throw White back inside.

Gedo trips Ishii back inside, but Ishii shrugs it off and then no sells some shoulder blocks from White and then floors him with one of his own. The fight heads outside, where Ishii sends him into the railings and then actually grabs a chair. White of course begs off like the good heel he is and then scampers out of the way of the chair. Gedo gets involved again, and that allows White to shove Ishii head first into the ring post with a sickening crack. That was either exceptionally well worked or Ishii just literally went head first into the post. I could believe either to be honest.

White controls things back inside, as it’s amazing how some facial hair really made him look way more like a star, mainly due to making him look older and more of a threat. Ishii gets back in to things with a vertical suplex, as I wonder what Ishii Vs prime 90’s Taz would have been like, before adding some chops in the corner. White actually talks smack whilst Ishii beats him up, which is pretty awesome, so Ishii gets ultra-nasty and starts chopping him in the THROAT. Well, that’ll certainly shut someone up!

White keeps coming however and spikes Ishii with a vicious DDT and a half-hatch suplex into the corner. Blade Buster gets two for White, as the crowd tries to rally Ishii with a chant. White tries to keep aggravating the head and neck area with the Kiwi Krusher, but Ishii fights him off and then manages to get a powerslam for a double down. White throws some strikes and Ishii keeps demanding more, because he’s tougher than the proverbial $2 steak in that mythical waffle house JR always seems to eat at, but White manages a Complete Shot and release German Suplex to finally put him down, but he doesn’t cover and instead throws strikes to the downed Ishii.

White stomps away at the back of Ishii’s neck, which prompts the referee to consider stopping it, but he decides against it and White throws some disrespectful kicks to Ishii like he did to Goto in the last match. Ishii no sells some forearms from White and then pops right up from a Saito Suplex to floor White with one big elbow smash. That was fantastic toughness from Ishii there. Ishii sets White up top and brings him down with a stalling superplex for two. Ishii tries a powerbomb next, but White fights it for all he’s worth, so Ishii has to settle with a Saito Suplex instead.

Ishii goes for the lariat, but White blocks it twice and manages to get the Muso and the Kiwi Krusher for two. White tries the Blade Runner, but Ishii blocks it, so White viciously stomps away at him, only for Ishii to keep coming. White gets the sleeper suplex and tries the Blade Runner, but Ishii manages to quickly counter to a desperation German Suplex. This has been one heck of a fight! Ishii just keeps coming despite a flurry for White and floors him with a lariat before getting the powerbomb for two. Wow, I genuinely thought that was it actually.

White once again shows his heel smarts by collapsing so he can’t be sliding lariated, and Gedo helps with the scheme also by causing a distraction. White tries the Blade Runner, but Ishii slips out and hits one heck of a graceful enziguri and preps for the lariat. White sits down again to dodge it, but Ishii is one step ahead of him this time and hits the other ropes to get the sliding lariat for two. I loved that, what a great bit of psychology. Both men reverse the others finishers, which leads to Ishii getting his own Blade Runner and lariat for the closest near fall I’ve ever seen. Brain buster comes next however and that’s enough for the win.

RATING: ****1/2

What. A. Match! That was fantastic, with the heel antics from White, the manliness of Ishii and both men constantly countering the other until Ishii ended up being just that extra step ahead of White to foil his schemes. That match had about 5 or 6 times it could have ended but they kept everyone guessing and took it home at just the right moment. Watch this match! Both men were excellent in it! Its way past the point that the Jay White haters accepted that the dude has come on leaps and bounds and really is a damn fine worker now.

Taichi (0 PTS) w/ Mioh Abe Vs Tetsuya Naito (0 PTS)

Naito keeps looking up the ramp during the entrance in case Taichi has a sneak attack planned. Naito lost in a huge upset to Toru Yano in round 1, whilst Taichi gave a good showing in coming up short to Jon Moxley in a fun brawl. Taichi is one of those guys who just looks slimy, just in his general demeanour and the way he carries himself. Taichi stalls to start, which causes Naito to flail around on the floor to tempt him in to a small package for two.

Naito now stalls for a bit, as its clear both men are trying to win the psychological battle before it starts getting physical. Eventually Naito lures Taichi into getting dropkicked and then takes him outside where he throws him into the railings. Taichi uses Abe as a human shield, but Naito doesn’t hit her and instead heads in, where Taichi is able to foul kick him whilst the referee is preoccupied with Abe outside.

Back outside we go, where Taichi whips Naito into the railings and darn near sends him flipping over it, before adding some shots with a chair for good measure. Back inside, Taichi makes a cover, but the referee won’t count due to the chair shots, so Taichi has to go back to working Naito over. It sounds like Rocky got hurt on commentary when Naito got thrown into the railings. I swear they do that to the English commentators as a rib sometimes.

Taichi gives Naito a chance to recover and throw some strikes, but he goes to the eyes to stop that and then throws some Kawada kicks. Naito finally manages to get a front dropkick, as this match has had a bit of subdued feeling to it in all honesty.  Naito makes the full comeback on Taichi, getting a neck breaker and a lax cover for two. Naito ties Taichi up in a head scissors styled submission move, but Taichi refuses to tap and instead drags himself to the ropes to break the hold.

Taichi blocks Gloria and then enziguri’s Naito in the back of the head and then gets him from the front as well. Taichi decides now would be a good time to rip off his pleathers to reveal his short shorts and then goes for a powerbomb, but Naito turns it into a rana. Taichi gets a back suplex instead though, which nets him a count of two from the ref. Taichi decides to grab the back he brought down to the ring with him earlier and then calls to the back.

However, he decides to use the metal fingers himself, only for Naito to low dropkick him and then hit a Tornado DDT. Naito gets a rana from the top turnbuckle and then hits Gloria for two. I’m sure he stole that from British Indy worker Nick Riley you know. Taichi fights back and goes for a powerbomb, which ends up becoming a Ganso Bomb, as Naito seems determined to kill himself in a G1 at some point.

Taichi gets a lariat and then an enziguri, but Naito is able to kick out at two. Taichi goes for Black Mephisto, but Naito slips out and hits a foul kick before following up with a reverse rana and the DESTINOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…for two. Wow, they’re really trying to give Taichi a rub here aren’t they? Naito tries another Destino, but Taichi counters it into Black Mephisto and both men are down. The crowd are getting properly in to this now, which is good to see as it was a bit slow in parts.

Taichi tries for a thrust kick, but Naito catches it and gets a release German Suplex, only for Taichi to no sell it and then pull the referee in the way of a Naito flying forearm. Yoshinobu Kanemaru tries to interfere whilst the referee is down, but Naito stops that. Taichi tries the metal fingers again, but Naito once again dodges it and hits the Emerald Frosion, but the referee is still down and can’t count.

Naito revives the referee and goes for the Destino again, but Taichi slips out and gets a super kick for two. I’m kind of wanting Taichi to win this one now considering all the effort they’ve gone to. Taichi grabs the iron fingers and finally manages to get Naito this time, which sets up the Last Ride for the three count!

RATING: ***1/2

I was not feeling that one at all in the early stages but they just kept working and working until I finally got in to it. I’m glad they had Taichi win as well, as it was reaching the point where it really felt like it was his “time” and it would have been a missed opportunity to just have Naito foil him. I’m not an especially big Taichi fan, but they need to make new stars and he seems to be accepted by fans in this role so they might as well give him some wins to justify it now and then.

So after the second round of fixtures, the table looks as follows;

Juice Robinson, Jon Moxley and Tomohiro Ishii on 4 points, Taichi, Shingo Takagi, Hirooki Goto and Toru Yano have 2 points, and Jay White, Jeff Cobb and Teysuya Naito are bring up the rear on 0 points.

In Conclusion

So yeah, get ALL of that White Vs Ishii match, as it was blinking brilliant! Nothing was actively bad on this one, with the Yano match being a lot of fun even if it wasn’t a technical classic, but White Vs Ishii is going to end up being one of the better matches in the whole tournament I think so you owe it to yourself to give it a watch.

Right, I think the next one is Thursday or Friday, so I’ll see you then! Please stay tuned as well for ECW Hardcore TV on 17/07/2019 and ECW Heatwave 99 on 18/07/2019.