TNA Invasion

Hi Scott,

In case you wondered which idiot yes-man was pushing to bring in Bischoff, this is a line from a recent observer:

"(Bruce) Prichard will be the one who acclimates Bischoff and is believed to be the person who pushed hardest for Bischoff."

With Jarrett and Prichard already there, and Bischoff on his way, can we expect that these geniuses will bring WWE the same kind of success that they brought to TNA?

It's clear that Vince has been out of touch for a while, but to bring in three stooges that were at the helm for the unmitigated disaster that was TNA is almost groundbreaking in its stupidity, even for Vince in 2019. 

On the bright side, it's not like ratings for Smackdown could get much WORSE…

But hey, maybe Eric is just overflowing with fresh ideas, like a stable of outsiders who invade the company and mysteriously get revealed a week at a time.  Haven't seen that in a while!