Next Rollins feud


Assuming we get through Extreme Rules without Corbin becoming Universal Breadstick Champion of the Cosmos, Rollins will need a new challenger – so would it liven things up at least a little bit if as he and Lynch are celebrating, Orton comes in and RKOs Lynch and then escapes? We go off the air with Rollins tending to Lynch and Orton hitting his pose at the top of the ramp?

Orton can still go and he still has some name value, as well as having always been a WWE guy – the idea isn't totally insane for a title feud, right? Or has having Baron Corbin in the title picture every week just broken me to the point where ANYTHING else seems good to me?


I don't think Randy Orton really wants to be in that position.  Maybe it'll be the big re-debut of Bray Wyatt?  There's really no logical progression for a challenger unless we get the usual "Throw everyone in a 6 way schmoz match" they go to when they have no other ideas.