Hi Scott,

Was watching the '95 Super J Cup tonight (great show for those who haven't seen it), and I was reminded of your burning-white-hot hatred of Gedo during your review of the show. Obviously, he went on to have a notable career inside the ring and a tremendous career behind the scenes as NJPW's booker during these last few years.

Gedo's become quite the internet darling for his booking work, and I presume you've been quite a fan as well. Is there any wrestler who you went from having such disdain for to having a really high regard for their talents as much as you have for Gedo? What do you think of his overall career, both inside and outside of the ring?
I mean, he got significantly better.  It's just that in 1995 he wasn't the guy to be hanging with everyone else in that tournament.  After a few years in the sport I liked Gedo and Jado just fine and it was mostly me doing a bit.  He was never a top tier worker or anything, but obviously as a booker you have to rank him one of the best of all time.  
As for others I've turned around on like that, I think the Rock is the most dramatic turnaround for anyone like myself who has followed his entire career.  Going from overpushed rookie goofball to my favorite wrestler of all time within a few years is an astonishing turnaround.