Extreme Rules

Hey Scott, what do you think of the card for Extreme Rules? I know the Main Event is lame, but, I think Cesaro vs Black has potential. Joe vs Kingston can be good. Uso's vs Revival, and Balor vs Nakamura could be quite good. I haven't had any interest in a WWE card in awhile.

Meh…I'm all about the main event on shows like this, and the problem is that even if the undercard is good, it's building up to a Becky/Becky's Man v. Lacey/Lacey's Waiter main event that no one wants to see.  It's like getting excited for the breadsticks at Olive Garden, where Baron Corbin works, and then having a cockroach served in your Taste of Italy, which actually happened at an Olive Garden in Edmonton and resulted in them getting shut down.  Perhaps that's why Corbin had to transition into being a wrestler. 

Anyway, they're not helping their case by having to follow what will probably be an excellent EVOLVE show on their own Network on Saturday, plus Fight for the Fallen.  I just can't see people caring by Sunday.