About Summerslam ’99

I know you've probably answered this a hundred times, and we'll probably never know the real truth, but… Just what was D'Lo forcing Mark to eat to get him to turn like that?! I mean, it's not like diet and exercise is foreign for an Olympian!

But seriously, why did they even put Chyna as the number 1 contender if they didn't think she was good for the spot? Do we know what they were hoping for her besides helping Nose get the belt?

They so completely overthought that Summerslam main event, it was ridiculous. Austin v. HHH v. Rock, bam, done deal.  But then they decided to get Chyna over and then decided Foley ultimately needed to be the one to do the job to Hunter despite barely being able to walk, so we got the one-day title reign there and Chyna turning 17 times every show…god my head hurts just thinking about that buildup.  

Regardless, everything they did was ultimately in service of HHH getting that damn belt and that was always the #1 goal no matter what else.