WWF Superstars – January 22, 1994

January 22, 1994

From the Lowell Auditorium in Lowell, MA

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Stan Lane. Vince is “jacked up” about the Rumble as Stan Lane does a really shitty impression of the “Days of our Lives”  intro in referencing all the drama heading into the PPV in a bit that totally bombed.

This week in action are Ludvig Borga, Doink the Clown, Shawn Michaels, and the featured match of Smoking Gunns vs. Adam Bomb & Rick Martel. Also, an interview with Bret & Owen Hart then a “Royal Rumble Rap” from Men on a Mission.


Ludvig Borga vs. Tim McNeany

McNeany manages to bail before getting attacked prior to the bell ringing. Borga then yells at the ref and that allows McNeany to head up top with a flying double axe handle from behind. McNeany clotheslines Borga but ends up running into a clothesline as Vince talks about the Borga vs. Tatanka match at the Rumble. We hear from Tatanka in an insert promo promising to inflict so much pain he will not be able to make it to the Rumble match as Borga hits a delayed vertical suplex. Borga taunts the crowd before dropping an elbow before using the torture rack for the win (2:18). Vince then reminds us once again how Borga and Tatanka are entering the Rumble after their match.

Thoughts: They are heavily pushing the Borga vs. Tatanka match and the fact that both men are also in the Rumble match. However, since this show was in the can before Borga’s injury they could not tell us about his injury.


WWF Update with Gorilla Monsoon. After plugging the “WWF Merchandise Catalog” featuring the new Royal Rumble match we see how The Quebecers reclaimed the Tag Team Titles at Madison Square Garden. The Quebecers & Polo are shown gloating about the win and say they will retain them tonight at the Rumble. In case you missed RAW now you know that The Quebecers are back to being champions.


Doink the Clown w/ Dink vs. Cory Student

Dink squirts Student with a trick camera then we hear Bam Bam Bigelow in an insert promo saying he will be the only one left standing at the Rumble but did not mention Doink. Match starts with Doink grounding Student then turning him over for a cradle and gets the win (0:36).

Thoughts: Thankfully it was short as adding Dink has made the Doink just awful and oddly enough this was the second time during a Doink match where we heard Bigelow in an insert promo talk about winning the Rumble but not acknowledging this feud.


We go back to the Undertaker’s Workshop. Paul Bearer is outside on a wagon that holds the casket. It leaves then we see The Undertaker telling the Yokozuna he should be terrified and to rest in peace.


The guest ring announcer comes out but my copy of the show as the sound go out.


John Crystal vs. Shawn Michaels w/ Diesel

The sound is back as Vince says he is looking forward to this Rumble more than any other year because of how brothers could go at each other and even friends like Shawn and Diesel. Shawn is shown in an insert promo calling himself the “mailman” because he always delivers and vows to win the Rumble. Crystal surprises Shawn with some offense as Vince plugs how WrestleMania X tickets are on sale this Monday. Shawn catches Crystal with a back suplex then a back breaker before using a flying forearm. Lane says that Shawn could be the Intercontinental Champion then Shawn looks into the camera and calls himself the “undisputed” Intercontinental Champion. Shawn stays in control and hits a super kick then uses a piledriver for the win (2:35).

Thoughts: Corny insert promo aside, Shawn looked good here as he is being billed as a favorite to win the Rumble match. And with how he is still referring to himself as the undisputed Intercontinental Champion its almost a given he will be feuding for the tile post-Rumble.


Royal Rumble Report with Todd Pettengill.


Adam Bomb w/ Harvey Whippleman & “The Model” Rick Martel vs. Smoking Gunns

Vince brings up the conflict between Martel and Whippleman at the Survivor Series Showdown but they are apparently together now and on the same page. He then puts over the Gunns effort but Bomb & Martel attack from behind. The match settles down with Billy putting Bomb in an armbar. Martel tags in but Billy works his arm too. Bart tags then soon after that gets low-bridged by Bomb and rolled back inside. Vince hypes up the Royal Rumble and how it will be broadcasted on Radio WWF. Bomb & Martel work over Bart as Billy tries to rally the crowd behind his partner. Bart catches Martel with a knee smash in the corner then makes the tag as Billy runs wild. The match breaks down now with the Gunns clotheslining Bomb over the top then hitting Martel with a double-team move. Bart covers but Whippleman runs in and attacks him for the DQ (4:20) *1/2. After the match, Martel shoves Whippleman after an argument then Bomb comes to his manager’s defense. Whippleman tries to cool things down then Martel leaves as Vince says he does not believe they will team up again.

Thoughts: So we once again see the problems between Martel and Whippleman although its unclear what its going to lead to and since neither of these characters seem to make good babyfaces at the moment I don’t get this whole storyline needing to take place. Also, Vince puts over the Gunns effort which is a way of saying they are nothing more than a lower card team.


Crush w/ Mr. Fuji vs. Dan Dubiel

Crush takes some direction from Fuji then boots Dubiel. Crush beats him down but misses a corner splash as Dubiel fights back. Dubiel heads up top but gets caught and Crush turns that into a powerslam. Crush then hits a leg drop and we hear from Crush & Fuji in an insert promo saying he will go through all 29 opponents in the Rumble like a “tornado through a trailer park.” Crush beats down Dubiel again while Vince talks about Randy Savage and Lex Luger possibly winning the Rumble match. Crush chokeslams Dubiel then puts on the head vice for the win (2:37).

Thoughts: They are also building up Crush as a favorite to win the Rumble while hyping up his feud against Savage.


Raymond Rougeau welcomes the Hart Brothers to the interview platform. Vince wants Ray to ask them about competing in the Rumble match. Owen is asked about how things are going between Bret and himself. Owen says that tonight will be their night and recalls the five-times Bret came home with a new belt and it made the family proud. Owen is happy for his big break and chance and says they are going straight to the top, with Bret riding on his rocket. Bret says tonight they will prove to be the best team in the WWF and says they are winning the belts for themselves, their family, but most of all for the fans. Typical babyface promo but with Owen saying that Bret is going to ride his rocket to the top and talking about his break he is all about himself here and will stop at nothing to win the titles.


The announcers sell the Rumble then introduce us to the “Royal Rumble Rap” by Men on a Mission. Lane going “yo, yo, yo” needs to be seen to be believed. This is a music video and while the video part is good the music is not but even still its better than most of Oscar’s raps.


Final Thoughts: This show aired the day of the Rumble and did a good enough with the hype. We even got a featured match as next week we will find out about the WrestleMania X main event then build towards that show.


Here is my schedule for the next several days:

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Friday: WWF Monday Night RAW 1/24/94

Saturday: WWF Superstars 1/29/94, WWF Wrestling Challenge 1/30/94

Sunday: WWF Monday Night RAW 1/31/94, Randy Savage vs. Crush from 2/1/94 White Plains, NY (WWE Unreleased 1986-1995 DVD).

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