The SmarK Rant for Mid-South Wrestling–04.06.85

The SmarK Rant for Mid-South Wrestling – 04.06.85

Taped from Shreveport, LA

Your hosts are Jim Ross & Joel Watts

Yes, it’s time for the TV title tournament! And just like the initial tournament in 1984, Joel Watts has created a state of the art bracket graphic for it.


Never let it be said that this promotion spared any expense.

Moving on, Kamala’s handler Friday has been ELIMINATED FROM WRESTLING after taking a piledriver on the floor from Terry Taylor, so perhaps take a moment of silence for him. Skandor Akbar heads in with a promo, explaining that now he can’t actually control Kamala, so there might be some damage done, probably like driving backwards over the guard spikes in the parking garage kind of damage. Scary damage.

TV title tournament: Tommy Prichard v. Tim Horner

Tommy controls on the mat with headlocks, but trips on a leapfrog attempt and lands on the floor. Horner shows some good sportsmanship and lets him back in and JR is all “Kumbaya, my lord” about it, so I bet one of these fuckers turns by the end of the match. Horner takes him down with a hammerlock and goes to work on it, then rolls him up for two. Slam gets two. Tommy gets a small package for two, but Horner hooks him in the abdominal stretch and Prichard dumps him to the floor to break. Prichard heads out to show some good sportsmanship and help him in, but then he drops Horner on the railing! I KNEW IT! Prichard heads back in and demands the countout while dancing with glee, and advances to the next round at 4:50. Tom Prichard as a babyface was just too weird and you knew he was going to show his true slimeball colors right away.

Brickhouse Brown v. THOR

Brown works on Thor’s arm, showing some great psychology because then he’ll be unable to lift Mjolnir. Thor pounds him with forearms in the corner, but Brown slugs away and goes up with a headbutt off the middle rope for the pin at 1:53. Kevin Wacholz continues to look greener than the plants on Boyd Pierce’s ugly jacket. That’d probably be funnier with a visual aid, I guess.


Don’t say I never do anything for ya.

Nord the Barbarian v. Richard Dye

Now I’m gonna need Barbarian v. Thor to make my life complete. Random musing: Barbarian was already a thing in the Crockett territories at this point, so how did Watts get away with another guy with the same gimmick? Unless “Barbarian” was too generic of a gimmick to really claim any kind of copyright on. Full nelson finishes at 2:03 after Barbarian hops around the ring a bunch as the setup.

Edcar “Boo” Thomas v. Brad Armstrong

Watts continues trying to make something of Thomas because AMATEUR WRESTLING and all that. Thomas gets a couple of takedowns and looks to Dr. Death for coaching, but Brad hits him with a pair of dropkicks and then sarcastically looks to Doc as well in a cute bit. Brad takes him down with a headlock, but Doc trips him up and Thomas makes a comeback with a pair of slams and a chinlock. Brad manages to extricate himself from that predicament and makes the comeback, but he tries a monkey flip and Doc holds onto Thomas to block it. But then Brad finishes with a sunset flip anyway at 3:10. There’s just nothing there with Thomas.

Dr. Death Steve Williams & Jake Roberts v. Shawn Michaels & Terry Daniels

Huh, cagematch had last week listed as Shawn’s last match in the territory. Plus he got smushed by Kamala so you’d think he’d be gone. I guess they taped this match earlier in the tapings and aired it second, then. Shawn gets a quick two count on Dr. Death, but Jake comes in and beats on Daniels before hitting him with the clothesline out of the corner. Doc pounds him with forearms and drops him on the top rope, and Jake gets a sleeper. Daniels manages to squirm free and makes the tag to Shawn, who actually runs wild on Doc and drops a knee, but Doc just destroys him with elbow drops, then brings in Jake for the DDT to end it at 4:14. And THAT is the end of Shawn Michaels in Mid-South, for real this time.

TV title tournament: Chris Adams v. Steve Casey

They slug it out with forearms and Casey tosses Adams to the floor and works the arm back in the ring. Adams switches him to a headlock but Casey rolls him up for two. OK, question: JR and Joel are talking about being on TBS at this point, which is the ill-fated show that was supposed to replace Vince’s atrocity before Crockett screwed Watts over. So was that these shows? Or another one? And does WWE own the footage of those shows if it was something separate? Casey with a sunset flip, but Adams blocks and punches him in the face to block, then unloads with the superkick to send Casey flying out of the ring. Hell of a bump there. Adams brings him back in with a backdrop suplex and goes up with a flying splash, but that misses and that’s also a DQ at 4:44, so Casey advances in the tournament. The move missed so that really shouldn’t be a DQ, but Adams is a pretty big douchenozzle so I’ll allow it. Really good TV match here, as they meshed well.

Terry Taylor & Kerry Von Erich v. Jack Victory & Paul Brown

We’ve got something like 2:00 of TV time left so this will need to be efficient. Taylor gets a kneelift on Victory and Kerry adds a suplex for two, and then powerslams Brown for two. Suplex gets two and they’re just going like mad, so the babyfaces do their finishers and get the hell off the air at 1:30.

Next week: The TV title tournament continues and the Nightmare debuts! Sadly I’ve only got a couple of episodes left in 1985 before we have to travel back to another year and start over.